Dovpo Odin 100 Box Mod Review by Si Davies

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Dovpo Odin 100

Dovpo Odin 100 Mod 

Retail model provided by Dovpo for review purpose.

The new Dovpo Odin 100 is the latest in the Odin line but with one major difference, Dovpo have gone with the DOVPO Chipset and screen instead of the DNA75c and have tweaked the colour/design a little.

A collaboration with that Aussie c**t Vaping Bogan, the well respected Vaperz Cloud and Dovpo. The Odin 100 is equipped with the DOVPO Chipset, an intelligent and dynamic chipset that allows for better battery efficiency and easy to go interface. Able to fire at wattages between 1-100W, the Odin 100 is powered by a single 18650, 20700 or a 21700 battery, sold separately. In addition, the Odin 100 is built with a modernized update to the original, implementing rounded edges for ergonomic handling and more colour options.

Vaping Bogan is an Australian reviewer and vape designer, a quick search in YouTube will educate you to his style. Love him or hate him, he knows his stuff.

Premier Ecigs

I don’t know much about Vaperz Cloud but I am aware of their sought after products which are pretty exclusive and well designed but just a little out of my price range.

Now I have no clue who is responsible for what with the design. Obviously Dovpo manufacture it, but the rest is a mystery to me. All that I can tell you is that they make a great team.

 Dovpo Odin 100 Colours


  • Size: 36.3 x 32 x 90.5mm
  • Material: Aluminum/Alloy+Zinc Alloy
  • Display: 0.96"TFT Color Screen
  • Battery: 1 x 18650/20700/21700(not included)
  • Output Wattage: 1-100W
  • Output Voltage: 3.2~4.2V
  • Resistance Range: 0.06-3.5Ω
  • Charging Time: Type-C 5V/1A


The Odin 100 comes in a nice compact box. The outer sleeve has only the logos, with an introduction and contents on the back. Once you’ve removed the outer sleeve, there is a plain black box with an Odin 100 embossed logo, two notches help to ease opening, and inside the loose documents are on top. The mod is held in place with foam and another box which holds the very classy, decent length usb-C cable and the battery wraps.

Dovpo Odin 100 packaging


Now I prefer my shiny bling mods so I was delighted to see that Dovpo had sent me the polished silver option, but to be honest I don’t think there is a bad colour choice. I quite fancy the satin red or the gunmetal too, but it’s when you get it out and hold it in your hand that you really appreciate it (that’s what she said), it feels so damn good (that’s what she also said) and lightweight. Normally I get the photography done before I use a mod but I really couldn’t wait to lob another shrimp on the barbie…… oooops I meant lob a 21700 battery in it.

Dovpo Odin 100 contents

  • 1 x Odin 100 box mod
  • 1 x pack of extra replacement battery wraps
  • 1 x usb Type-C Cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x battery usage warning card
  • 1 x social media card
  • 1 x QC certificate

First Impressions

For my first impression I will be Vaping Bogan…….
“G’day dickheads, A cold one, vape, beer, f**kin c**ts, bloody oath mate, tie me kangaroo down sport, drongos, hey bruce where’s me koala, who nabbed me Fosters? Jeez me Wallaby is cactus mate! Maaate why are the Brits so much better than us?”

Right! I have (almost) got that out of my system now, hopefully Bogan won’t ‘crack the sh*ts’ if he sees my banter. If that all went right over your head then you obviously haven’t come across Vaping Bogan, I’ve mentioned him before in my Blotto Mini review. To say he’s a colourful character is putting it mildly, he’s a star in my eyes.

Bit of trivia for us non Aussies:
Bogan – This word is used for people who are Aussie rednecks.

Aaaand I’m back in the room, my first impressions were simply perfect. The mod looks and feels great, and little touches like the battery wraps and quality usb-C cable set you off in a good mood.

Being 100% honest with you, I was actually disappointed that Dovpo didn’t send me the DNA75c version and I was a little closed minded about what to expect. I thought the Odin 100 would just be a poor mans DNA75c, but in reality it’s a superb little mod and a viable option with its 100 Watts output and the superb Dovpo menu system.

Looks and ergonomics

In pictures the Odin didn’t look very interesting to me, I liked the natty vents but the rest all seemed a bit generic and designed around the DNA board. It’s only when you hold it and turn it around in the light that you see the Odin's simple beauty. I’m a professional photographer but I could only do it justice in a 360 degree video. Whichever angle you look at just looks right.

Dovpo Odin 100 shiny!

As you can see from the above photo, the Blotto Mini looks great on top as the black contrast makes it a well suited atty to do the Odin justice. I reviewed the Blotto Mini RTA here:


The feel of it doesn’t disappoint either, the weight with a tank and 21700 battery in it feels weighty but not excessively so. The mod without tank and battery feels really light, and it also feels high quality and substantial. In fact, it feels like you have something high end. As you can probably tell, I was smitten with it. Let’s just hope it performs as good as it looks.

Dovpo Odin 100 full glory

Battery Options

One of the major appeals of the Odin 100 is the 21700 battery capacity, but you can also fit a 20700 or an 18650 using the included battery adaptor. Using a Molicel 21700 P42A (30A, 4200mAh), it can more comfortably handle the power with a longer battery life.

It’s a wrap

A really nice touch are the included battery wraps which will fit either the 21700 or the 20700 at a push, but they are too wide to fit an 18650.

Dovpo Odin 100 wraps


With the machined slots of the Odin, your battery is visible so a plain wrap was very welcome. If you don’t know which colour to go for, you can slide in the wraps to preview how it will look. I opted to go for the clear which will appear silver once you strip your battery skin.

Dovpo Odin 100 wrap tutorial

If you need help or advice on rewrapping your batteries, you should be able to find it in the POTV forums or just ask. It’s pretty easy, but you need to do it safely.

I was really pleased with the clear wrap as it was a little touch that improved the looks of the mod.

Performance and operation

The first thing that strikes you when you pop a battery in is the speed that it starts up, this thing is lightning fast. Five clicks of the fire button turn it off/on, and from off to on is instant! This is one of the highlights of the Dovpo chipset, similar to the Topside range which are also FAST.

We Vape

Since the Odin 100 shares the same button layout as the DNA75c, Dovpo have utilised the middle button for the menu and confirm which makes an easy system even easier. As much as I love the DNA colour chipset, you don’t really get the most of it without plugging it into a PC and the options can seem pretty daunting to a new user, but the Dovpo menu is ideal for new and experienced users alike. It’s really quick to dial in your settings and get back to vaping.

Dovpo have also introduced a colour screen for the Odin 100 with graphics and icons, but they have kept the information on the screen uncluttered and pretty easy to see. The brightness is pretty good out of the box set to 75%, I have since bumped it up to 100% to see if I could view it outdoors in sunlight but it was not enough to view it. This is the same for the DNAc screen, so you will need to get in the shade or indoors to adjust it.

I’ve been lazy as I’ve copied and pasted from the manual but to be fair I would have probably been more confusing explaining it.

"Working mode switch

Long press the menu button 1.5S to display the menu options, press the + and - button to select the mode, and press the menu button to confirm the selected mode.

UFA Marketplace

The options in the menu include:

  • POWER - BYPASS - TEMP - NI - TEMP - TI - TEMP - SS - TCR - PUFFS - BRIGHT - EXIT options, which can be cycled. Long press the + or - button to quickly select.
  • Under POWER: the wattage set under POWER, now set to 90.0W
  • Under BYPASS: the battery voltage, such as 3.85V
  • Under TEMP-NI/TI/SS is the set temperature
  • Under TCR is also the set temperature
  • Under PUFFS is the current vaping times. In addition, there are two submenus RESET--EXIT in PUFFS.
  • Press RESET to clear the vaping times; when pressing EXIT, then return to the previous menu.
  • BRIGHT: brightness adjustment
  • EXIT is exit

Press the menu button and the minus button at the same time for 1S, will display “KEY LOCKED" and the function is locked, but you can vape normally (Turn Off and screen off operation separately). Pressing the menu button and the minus button at the same time for 1S displays “KEY UNLOCKED" and the system is unlocked.

When locked, pressing the + and - button will display "KEY LOCKED, HOLD SET AND-TO UNLOCK"

You can read up more in the PDF manual on Dovpo’s support section:

Enough of the technical bumf, you can pretty much work it all out by playing around in the menu as it all makes sense, and even if you stuff up a setting, you always have the reset option.

Pure Eliquids

The only two options I tested were the POWER (Wattage) and BYPASS which applies the correct Voltage according to the oHms of the coil – oHms law for cheats. I have used the Dovpo Topside range in TC mode and found it to be excellent, so I expect the Odin 100 to be as good.

Using the Blotto Mini RTA, I find BYPASS mode to be one of my favourite ways to vape as long as you’re not using some weird and wonderful wire then it behaves pretty much the same as a mech but with all the safety features of a regulated mod.

So what’s so special about the Odin 100?

To be clear, though it is very up to date with its chipset and usb-C, I found nothing innovative with the Odin 100. There’s no new-fangled features or gimmicks to be found and, to be fair, I don’t see Dovpo claiming anything to the contrary, but that doesn’t mean that the Odin 100 doesn’t deserve a top spot in the market place. This collaboration has produced something rather special which only becomes apparent when you get your grubby paws on it.

Vaping isn’t just a means to an end, for me it’s also a hobby and a passion so I enjoy the whole vaping experience, whether it’s trying out new gear, DIY coils and tanks etc. And a big part of the appeal is the looks and aesthetics. The Odin 100 is one of the very best I’ve owned.

Dovpo Odin 100 serious bit of kit

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Which one should I buy, DNA75c or Dovpo 100 chipset?

The obvious difference is the price as the DNA75c is around £50 more, so you can see why Dovpo decided to release a more mainstream and less expensive model of the Odin. So which one is right for you?

The Evolv DNA75c chipset is probably the best out there for customisation and fine tuning when it comes to DIY tanks and attys, however you will need to plug it into a PC and use the Evolv software to get the most from it. It’s not the most user friendly option and requires some knowledge of DIY vaping to fine tune your vape, but once you’ve cracked it, then all the functions and features are mind blowing. That said, I think the DNA75c is a waste if you intend to use a stock coil tank or basic wattage only setups, TC (Temp Control) is where the DNA really comes into its own.

The Dovpo 100 chipset is already one of my favourites, efficient, fast, easy to navigate and has all the features most vapers need or in fact use. With the price difference, I would say this option is more than good enough for most users, especially if you intend to use Variable Wattage or Bypass mode. Thats not to say that the TC mode isn’t good, in fact on my Topsides, TC mode is all I use and it performs perfectly.

If you intend to use stock coil tanks or won’t be using TC mode, then it’s a no brainer as the DNA option will be a wasted, it’s like driving a sports car in first gear only.


I’ve pretty much summed up my feelings above but for those who’ve skipped to the end then to put it simply, if you like the look of the Odin 100 then I’m sure you are going to love it when you get your hands on it. If I was handed one to look at in a shop, then it would be an instant sale. If I didn’t have the dosh, I would go away obsessed with raising the funds, it’s one of those mods.

Vape Club

Don’t expect any game changing new features, but you can expect an excellent Dovpo chipset that performs all the main functions you can and should expect from a current generation mod. Not only that, but it performs so fast! From off to start-up or from sleep to vape is near instant, and the menu and navigation is ideal for new and experienced users.

Being a DNA snob, I was honestly not enthusiastic about reviewing the Odin 100, but I was quickly won over and instantly loved this beautiful mod. As much as I like the DNA75c chipset, I honestly don’t miss it. The Dovpo chipset does all that I need, and I have other DNA mods which I mostly use for squonking.


  • A thing of beauty
  • Sooo good in the hand
  • Fastest gun in the west
  • Navigation
  • High end at an affordable price
  • Bonus battery wraps
  • USB-C
  • Perfect marriage for the Blotto RTA


  • Battery door could be better

I sat here for a good ten minutes trying to nitpick some cons, and all I could come up with was the battery door which isn’t as secure as I would like. The lack of DNA simply isn’t a con as this is a more budget friendly option, it’s NOT a poor man’s DAN75c as it stands up very well on its own as solid performing, gorgeous mod.

Score: A solid 9/10
My preciousssssss

A huge THANK YOU to Dovpo for this privilege, reviewing this was no chore at all

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Dovpo Odin 100 screen

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 Si Davies
Article by Si Davies
Now into my 50's I smoked ciggies for most of my life, I used to smoke tailor mades for 20+ years then onto rollups for 15+ years, as much as I enjoyed smoking I was forced to quit after an operation, started vaping in 2017, managed to quit the ciggies in 4 days, plodded along vaping using local shop naff vape gear until I discovered POTV then learned so much and enjoy vaping far more than smoking.
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