Cool Fire IV Plus by Innokin review by VapeMaster

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Cool Fire IV Plus by Innokin

The Cool Fire IV Plus is the successor of the Cool Fire IV that dw1986 reviewed not so long ago. It now features 70 Watts output along with a long lasting 3300mAh battery while keeping its excellent small form factor.

Cool Fire IV Plus features

  • 6-70W output, adjustable in 0.5W increments
  • 2-7.5V output, adjustable in 0.1V increments
  • Long lasting 3300mAh Battery
  • Big, Bright OLED Screen
  • Beautiful Case with a durable finish
  • Large Ergonomic Power button
  • Tri-Colour LED Battery Level Indicator
  • Convenient Micro USB Charging
  • Advanced on board safety features
  • Overheat and Over discharge Protections
  • High Quality Stainless Steel 510 Thread
  • Spring loaded, gold plated positive pin
  • Fires coil resistances from 0.1 - 3.5ohm

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Cool Fire IV Plus
  • 1x Apex iSub tank pre-fitted with 0.5ohm coil
  • 1x spare 0.5ohm coil
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User Manual
  • A couple of product stickers

The whole package is very well presented and the box provides excellent protection.

Cool Fire IV Plus looks and build quality

This device made a good first impression on me. It has an excellent small form factor and the way the device is curved means it fits perfectly in my hand. The build quality is excellent and the Cool Fire IV Plus has a really nice weight to it. It is a little heavier than some other devices but not uncomfortably so. Instead it gives a certain amount of reassurance that it will be durable and I suspect it could happily take a few knocks.

The device features three buttons and all of them are completely rattle free. The fire button feels especially solid and has a good feel to it. The 510 pin is spring loaded and all of my atomizers sat flush on this device. In addition there are three small channels cut to provide bottom airflow if needed.

The Cool Fire IV Plus is available in a range of colours, I was sent the blue version to review. The painted finish is nicely done and does not appear to tarnish. The internal battery is 3300mAh so this device will easily last all day if you are a moderate vaper and running your atomizers at lower wattages. One side of the device has excellent venting for the battery featuring forty four air holes in two sets of twenty two.

The OLED screen is superb being both large and bright. All of the typical information is displayed: coil resistance, wattage, and voltage. In addition it also displays the battery charge. The front of the device features the Micro USB port so you can conveniently charge the battery while it is stood upright. The included pass-through technology also allows you to vape while your charge. The Cool Fire IV is loaded with safety features to give you complete piece of mind.

The package includes the latest iSub Apex tank making this an ideal set up for new vapers. For full information concerning the iSub Apex please check out dw1986’s excellent review. The Apex is a decent tank, uncomplicated to use and is hassle free due to being top filling.

In summing up I cannot fault the construction of this device and it screams quality!

Operating procedure

The Cool Fire IV is very easy to use making it ideal for new and experienced vapers alike. The manual is thorough with everything clearly explained so I will only cover the basics here.

  • Three clicks of the fire button switches the device on/off.
  • To swap between Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage mode hold the fire button and the plus button down together for one second.
  • To adjust Variable Wattage or Voltage press and hold the plus or minus button for one second and then use the plus or minus buttons to adjust to your liking.
  • Hold the plus and minus buttons down together for three seconds to flip the OLED display.

I will be honest and say it took me a few minutes to get used to having to hold one of the adjustment buttons down to change the wattage but this is only due to me being used to other devices. In many ways it makes perfect sense since you won’t accidentally change your power setting while the device is in your pocket. Essentially it doubles as a locking feature but Innokin do advise that you switch the device off when not in use.

One other great feature is that the device has an LED light behind the fire button and it changes colour alerting you to the current charge of the battery. At full charge it lights up green, at 50% charge yellow and finally red when the device needs charging.

Cool Fire IV Plus performance

Offering up to 70W of power means that this device will suit most typical users and the resistance range means you will have no issues using any atomizer. I have used the Cool Fire with the included iSub Apex tank, my Tilemahos V2 Plus and also my Rose V2-S. I have had absolutely no problems at all and this device has been a real pleasure to try out!

Bear in mind that the Cool Fire IV Plus does not include temperature control but let’s be honest here not everyone requires that feature so I don’t feel the device is less appealing without it.

Battery life has been very good but I have only been using it at 16-35W, it goes without saying that if you use it at higher wattage the battery will drain much faster.

This device was great to use while out walking due to its excellent size and the fact that it is so comfortable to hold.


The Cool Fire IV Plus is a fantastic device with excellent build quality and reliable performance! The larger capacity battery means you can vape for a good amount of time before recharging. When you also factor in the awesome form factor, great finish and included safety features this is a brilliant mod to own!

Let’s also not forget that you also get a decent tank included as part of the package so this makes it a very attractive purchase for anyone wanting a starter set. This is truly superb work by Innokin!