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Asolo 200W by iJoy

The Asolo by iJoy is a dual 18650 battery 200W box mod that features temperature control. In addition to Ni200 and Titanium support it can make use of Kanthal for temperature controlled vaping but it is important to note that this is more of an innovative workaround rather than true temperature control. Nevertheless any kind of innovation is always welcome so let’s see what’s interesting about this device.

iJOY Asolo 200W features

  • Input Current:1A~60A
  • Input Voltage(Dual-batteries):6.6Volts~8.5Volts
  • Temperature Range:300°F~600°F
  • Temperature Resistance Range:0.15ohm~2.5ohm
  • Atomizer Resistance Range:0.08ohm~3.0ohm
  • Output Current:1.0A~35A
  • Output Voltage:1.0Volts~7.5Volts
  • Output Power:5watts~200watts
  • 510 spring loaded connection
  • Chip Model No: IW 200TC-V01
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • Short-Circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • PCB temperature overheat protection
  • Parameter lock-out protection
  • Single battery independent protection
  • Requires 2x 18650 batteries (not included)

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Asolo 200W Box Mod.
  • User tips card.
  • 1x Ego thread adapter.
  • Warranty Card.
  • 1x User Manual.
  • Cyan coloured silicon wrap.
  • Textured stickers to change the way the devices side panels look.

The manual does feature quite a bit of detail but in my opinion it has suffered a little in translation from the original Chinese. This means it doesn’t always make perfect sense and you might have to reread it a few times and try things out.

iJOY Asolo 200W styling and build quality

For a dual 18650 mod the Asolo is surprisingly compact. It feels very good in the hand with one side being curved where you grip it which makes it comfortable to hold. The build quality is rather good and it does feel quite durable so it should certainly be able to take a few knocks. The 510 pin looks to be made out of brass and is spring loaded so all of your atomizers should sit flush. There is a recessed area around the 510 fitting and this seems to be designed to provide airflow and also to stop any juice that may leak from pouring into the mod. If like me you are a messy dripper at times then this feature is certainly useful.

The overall finish of the device sent for review is silver with black side panels. One panel features the manufacturer logo and the other has the device name on it. What is nice is that included in the box are two beige panels with a gold pattern on them so you can vary the styling if you want to.

The front of the mod features the main fire button and a “T” shaped button. There was a slight bit of rattle from the “T” button but it certainly isn’t loose and won’t bother most people. The buttons feel nice and have a satisfying click to them.

The display is large enough for a mod of this size and conveys all the typical information you might expect, such as wattage, voltage, temperature when in that mode, battery charge, coil resistance.

The Asolo feels very light and even when you have two 18650 batteries fitted it is certainly not as heavy as some of my other mods so this might appeal to someone who prefers lighter mods. The smaller form factor is definitely desirable.

At the base of the device you will find the battery compartment. It is a press down and slide out affair and it works well making for a good fit. The fact that there are three raised notches means it is easy to grip. When inserting batteries you do need to press down on the lid and this makes it a little awkward until you get used to it. The interior of the battery compartment lid clearly displays the correct way to insert the batteries. The battery lid features the venting holes but I am not 100% comfortable with the amount of them. There are five very small holes in a single row down one side. Maybe it isn’t an issue because the manufacturer clearly feel that it is fine but for a dual 18650 device and compared to other devices of this type I own it seems a bit inadequate. I would advise you to look at the photos in the review and decide for yourself if it is sufficient.

Overall in my opinion the Asolo seems to be a very well put together device. It is certainly decent enough in terms of styling and it is light, compact and comfortable in the hand.

Operating procedure

  • Click the fire button five times to switch on and off.
  • When fitting an atomizer the device will ask you the typical “New coil up. Same down” message we are all used to by now.
  • The plus and minus function are the left and right parts of the “T” shape button.
  • Pressing the bottom part of the “T” shape button three times allows you to choose Nickel or Titanium functionality.
  • Hold the bottom part of the “T” shape button down to switch into temperature control mode.
  • The device does feature a password system so if you have children it’s a very useful feature so they won’t risk accidentally firing your mod. This feature is fully detailed in the manual.
  • The difference with the Asolo compared to other devices is that when using the temperature control feature it displays a percentage. 100% is the default setting but this can be changed any value between 80% and 110%. This allows you to achieve a “Hard” or “Soft” vape like other devices such as the XCube II. To achieve the desired wattage you have to first set this in regular mode before swapping into temperature control.
  • To change the desired temperature when using Ni200 or Titanium coils simply use the plus and minus buttons.
  • When adjusting the wattage or temperature if you hold down the plus or minus button the setting will move extremely quickly so be aware of that. Click slowly to adjust by small increments.

How does the Asolo 200W perform?

Firstly I have to state that this device isn’t truly 200W capable. It will deliver a maximum wattage based on the resistance of your coil so claiming that you can vape at 200W like a DNA 200 or an upgraded ipV3 Li is a bit of a fib.

Using my Gus Phenomenon Lite with a 0.96ohm coil the maximum wattage achievable on this device is 68.4W. If I fit my Raptor RDA which currently has a dual 0.45ohm build in there I can get a maximum of 145.9W. You would need to have an extremely low build in your atomizer to actually get 200W and even then as it runs your batteries down the wattage will not remain achievable.

Now I can imagine this might be a real deal breaker for some of you but to others who will never need that much power it’s not as big a deal. If you only ever vape at 15-20W then battery life will last a considerable amount of time.

In terms of performance for regular wattage the device works fine even though there are the above mentioned constraints on what wattage you can achieve. I have tested the Asolo with my Phenomenon Lite, a Raptor RDA, a Prometey III and a Tilemahos V2 Plus. All of those atomizers have regular Kanthal builds and all of them work without issues.

When it comes to temperature control this device works very similarly to others on the market. I used my Freemax Starre Pro and after first setting the wattage to 45W I clicked the bottom button three times to select Ni200 mode. Just like other devices you can adjust the temperature to suit. I typically set it to 240°C which gives me a very flavoursome and warm vape. When vaping my tank on the Asolo the vape was comparable to everything else I use and I certainly didn’t notice any weird issues.

Dry hit prevention rather than Temperature Controlled Kanthal

The one boast this device makes is that it allows you to use Kanthal builds in temperature control. Let me just make this clear and state that it isn’t true temperature control because even Evolv haven’t figured that one out. To be honest I don’t even know if it is actually possible. However to be fair to iJoy what they have done is create an interesting workaround that detects when you are running low on juice and are in danger of getting a dry hit. To some people this might be incredibly useful but be warned it doesn’t always work and it depends greatly on what build you use.

To use this feature you first have to take some regular hits in standard mode and you do this so the device learns how long you inhale for and what wattage you use. You only need to do this about five or six times and then you press down on the “T” shape button to switch into Temperature Mode which I am now going to call Dry Hit Prevention Mode because that is technically what it is.

My Gus Phenomen Lite features juice control and if I close that down then the Asolo definitely notices the wicking is drying out and the display will show a flashing droplet which prevents you from taking a vape. If I open up the juice flow it lets me take a vape as usual. The results seem to vary a lot depending on what tank I use and what coil is in there. I watch a lot of MikeVapes on YouTube and he said pretty much the same thing but he did actually get the best result from spaced coils. I have had some success with micro coils but it can be quite hit or miss depending on the tank. Certainly tanks with juice flow control seem to work better.

At no point have I got this to work at all with an RDA. I have tried the Royal Hunter, the Twisted Messes and my Raptor and many a time it looks like it is working only for you to then fill up the well and have the Asolo prevent you from taking a vape.

It is certainly a shame that the device has these quirks but even so I think iJoy are very brave to take a risk and try to do something innovative because let’s face it if there was no innovation we would all still be using eVod batteries.

At the end of the day if the idea intrigues you and you fancy buying one of these devices to try out various methods then all credit to you.


In terms of build quality, standard performance and form factor this is decent enough device. If you are someone who really needs high wattage then this device isn’t really suited to you because of the power restrictions and to be honest I don’t think iJoy should have ever claimed this is 200W capable.

If you are someone who only needs low wattage then this compact dual 18650 mod might be worthwhile but bear in mind there is a great deal of choice out there.

As far as temperature controlled Kanthal vaping goes, as mentioned it is somewhat hit and miss and is only a form of dry hit prevention. Even so it is a nice feature to have and I think we can give iJoy a break for trying to do something different. As I mentioned once before not all innovation works but we should always show respect for the companies who at least attempt it.

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