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Arms Race 200W LMC Box Mod by Limitless

The Arms Race Limitless Box Mod is the newest edition to the LMC product line. The Arms Race Limitless Box Mod is a unique 200 Watt Variable Voltage device which also features Temperature Control and supports all major wire types.

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Arms Race 200W LMC Box Mod by Limitless

The Arms Race Limitless Box Mod is the newest edition to the LMC product line. The Arms Race Limitless Box Mod is a unique 200 Watt Variable Voltage device which also features Temperature Control and supports all major wire types.

The device features a unique magazine style clip to insert two 18650 batteries and is fitted new custom chip that can fire down to .1 ohms, along a menu system that is very user-friendly, and simple to navigate. The top of the Arms Race Limitless Box Mod fits most 25mm atomizers, and has a built in side airflow access port. In addition the device is firmware upgradeable.

Arms Race 200W LMC Box Mod features

  • 200 Watt custom chip Developed Exclusively for Limitless Mod Co.
  • 25mm maximum atomizer with vent holes.
  • 0.1 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range.
  • 200 - 600 Deg. F Temperature Control Range.
  • 0.91" OLED Display Screen Two Row Three Column.
  • Temperature Control Output Ni200 Nickel Support.
  • Titanium Support.
  • Stainless Steel Support.
  • TCR Mode.
  • Variable Voltage.
  • Dual 18650 Series Setup (Batteries Not Included).
  • Individual Battery Life Indicator.
  • Firmware Upgradable.
  • Temperature Control.
  • Micro USB Port / 1A Max Charging.
  • Stealth mode – Flip screen option.
  • Firm grip in the hard.
  • Pass-through Technology. Vape While Charging
  • Square Adjustment Buttons.
  • Rugged, sturdy design.
  • Interchangeable Clip Sleeves.
  • Magazine style battery clip.
  • Unique Look and Feel Rubberized Top Chassis.
  • Zinc Alloy Bottom Chassis.
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threading.
  • Gold Plated Spring Loaded 510 Contact.
  • Available in Black, Blue Camo, Green (sand) camo.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Limitless Arms Race 200W LMC Box Mod.

Sadly no manual is included and even though you can find the information online I do think it is something of a misstep.

Limitless Arms Race 200W LMC Box Mod and build quality

In many ways I think the design of the Arms Race Box Mod will be a bit divisive. Anyone who likes military themed products is more than likely to love this because the device does have a seriously tactical style to it, and it might be just the thing to use whilst playing Call of Duty! Even the top of the mod features a semi-circle guard rail. I did wonder initially if this would cause any issues when fitting larger tanks and drippers but there was plenty of space for both 24mm and 25mm atomizers.

The top of the device has a picatinny rail design which reminds me a great deal of modern assault rifles. The military styling continues throughout and the high density polymer construction has a rubberised feel to it which makes for a good grip. Military styling also extends to the paint scheme which features a two tone black and digital camo design (green sand or blue). You can also purchase the device entirely in black with a skull logo on one side if you prefer.

One thing you should note about this device is that it is quite bulky compared to a lot of devices but on the plus side of things it is very light. In some respects the overall lightness does come across as feeling a bit cheap but the device is durable enough, I just think that considering the price it is sold at I expected it to be weightier than it is. However once you have batteries fitted that cheap feeling goes away.

The 510 pin is spring-loaded and for the most part works well but depending on which atomisers you use they don’t always sit completely flush and there can be a small gap on occasion.

The device features three buttons and thankfully all of them are rattle free. The buttons have a satisfying click to them and are extremely responsive but the two adjustment buttons are very small so might be a little annoying if you have larger fingers.

The OLED screen consists of a strip on one side of the mod and it isn’t overly bright due to a fitted screen protector and kind of on the small side. On the plus side of things the display is nicely set out and quite legible with the typical information shown including Volts, Wattage, Resistance and the current life of both batteries.

The battery compartment also features a very military feel and works very much like a magazine ammunition clip. There is a button at the base which you slide to one side and this then releases the clip. The correct orientation for the batteries is marked on the device beneath the removable clip. When you fit batteries and lock the clip into place it does result in a very satisfying click so you know everything is in place. One slight issue is that there is a noticeable 2-3mm gap between the clip and the device itself so be careful you don’t have any leaky atomizers since juice could run in there. Adequate venting is provided by eight decent sized holes in the base.

In my opinion this device does have one very noticeable flaw and just how serious you find that really depends on how messy a vaper you are. Due to the design of the guard rail and how it is fitted at the top of the device there is a slight gap on both sides so if you are a messy dripper there is the potential for juice to run down there and get into the battery compartment. Personally I wouldn’t trust myself since I have a frequent bad habit of over dripping but you may not have an issue with it.

Ease of use

The device is very straightforward to use so you are unlikely to run into problems but one thing I did notice is that it is very slow to scroll through Wattages.

  • To power on and off the Limitless Arms Race Box Mod, click the fire button 5 times in rapid succession. Turn power off the Limitless Arms Race Box Mod, click the fire button 5 times in rapid succession.
  • Hold the bottom wattage adjustment button down then click the fire button to go into Stealth Mode and to change the screen view.
  • To access temperature control mode, click the up button on the wattage adjustment button then click the fire button to enter into the temperature control mode. From here you can select Nickel, stainless steel, or Titanium coil settings based on your coil setup.


In Wattage mode I had no issues at all when using this device. I used my Kayfun 5 and also my CSMNT RDA and got a solid vape from both. The device is quick to fire with no delay or misfires.

Temperature Control Mode worked well when using my Achilles II RDA fitted with a Stainless Steel coil and I felt it compared well to my other devices. The only thing I have noticed with this box mod is that it does seem to drain my Sony VTC5 batteries a little faster but you still get a decent amount of vape

One really good thing about this device is that due to the rubberised coating the amount of heat transfer is kept to a minimum when vaping at higher Wattages. The only thing that continued to trouble me when vaping was the possibility of any juice leaking down the gaps at the top so for that reason I kept the amount of use to a minimum since I knew this device was also going into a competition.

On the whole the performance is very good and I think you are unlikely to be disappointed from that point of view.


While I am not completely blown away by the design I can see how it might really appeal to some folks, so the question of this device’s aesthetics is down to personal preference. I do like the fact that Limitless have stuck to the whole entire military theme throughout so from that point of view it does offer something unique to customers.

What does bother me is some of the Arms Race mods design flaws, such as the dark screen, the gap between the battery compartment clip and the gaps near the guard rail which means there is a high potential for juice to leak down and ruin the device. The lack of a manual is also another concern even though you can find it online. Given the additional fact that not all atomizers fit flush, the typical asking price of £64.99 does seem somewhat excessive to me since you could get potentially better designed devices for the same price or less. In many ways I think what you are paying a premium price for here is its altogether different styling.

In fairness and despite its faults, the device works well enough in both Wattage and Temperature Control Mode so I can’t fault the performance. The question really is whether you can live with its design flaws but that might be less of a concern to you if you are overly in love with its styling. The choice is entirely yours to make.

If you would actually like to purchase this device you can get one from Grey Haze where it is currently priced at £47.50. Remember to use code POTV10 at the checkout for 10% off any items!

Many thanks to Grey Haze who kindly sent this device to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. For your chance to win the review item please see our competition.

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