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Apollo Reliant 60W TC

The Apollo Reliant is a 60W device that features temperature control functionality. This compact mod has an excellent form factor and is superbly constructed. Check out our review to find out more!

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Introduction to the Apollo Reliant

Designed in California and manufactured to Apollo’s high standard of excellence in China, the Reliant is a compact 60W device that is extremely well put together. In addition the Reliant also features Temperature Control Functionality. It certainly looks good but how well does this device perform? Let’s take a look and find out!


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Temperature Control Mode, Wattage Mode and Mechanical Mode.
  • Wattage Range: 5-60W.
  • Temperature Control Range: 200-600°F (100-300°C).
  • Real Power Display.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connector.
  • USB Charging.
  • Firing and adjustment lock.
  • Built in short circuit protection. Low voltage protection.
  • Wide battery vent channels.
  • Adjustable display orientation.
  • Requires a single 18650 battery.
  • Stealth Mode.
  • Available in black or red.

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Apollo Reliant 60W Temperature Control Mod.
  • 1x Micro USB Cable.
  • User Manual.

Apollo Reliant Looks

Much like the Wotofo Freakshow Tiny and Pioneer4you’s IPV D2, the Apollo Reliant is a highly compact device which should be very desirable for anyone who prefers smaller mods.

In terms of build quality this device is very well put together. The Reliant feels very sturdy and it has a nice weight to it. A lot of smaller devices can often seem a bit too lightweight in their construction but the Reliant feels solid. The 510 pin is spring loaded so you will have no problems getting your atomizers to sit flush. In addition the 510 pin feels very resilient and I see no reason as to why it shouldn’t last a considerable amount of time.

The device features three buttons and all of them feel extremely good with no rattling present. The Reliant has a large, very bright and easy to read display that shows all the typical information you would expect such as coil resistance, voltage, and wattage. In addition it also shows the battery life and temperature (when using temperature control). The display does have a plastic cover on it that will eventually peel off but it does ensure that it is protected from scratching in the meantime.

Beneath the display is the Micro USB port and its location means that you can stand the device upright while charging. At the base you will find the battery compartment. The compartment uses a coin slot type lid which is very much like the one on the SX Mini M Class. Personally I don’t really like these type of lids very much but in the Reliant’s defence it is well made with very good threads and I found after using the device a lot I quickly got used to it. Always remember to take care when screwing this type of lid on that you don’t cross thread it. The battery compartment lid features two holes for venting. The Reliant requires one 18650 battery.

I do like the overall look of this device and it feels very comfortable to hold in the hand. When you factor in how well put together this device is it seems a very worthwhile product.

Operating the Apollo Reliant

  • Firstly insert an 18650 battery with the positive contact facing up into the battery compartment then screw down the compartment lid.
  • The device will power on and it is important that you realise that the Reliant is another one of those mods that never truly switches off and will default to standby mode when you are not using it.
  • The device can be locked and unlocked by hitting the fire button five times.
  • To change modes you must hold down the fire button and the minus button together. Once the menu is displayed release the fire button and you can then cycle through the options by pressing the minus button. There are three options, wattage mode, temperature control mode and mechanical mode.
  • When in wattage or temperature control mode the power/temperature can be locked by holding down the plus and minus buttons.
  • To adjust the wattage when using temperature control mode you will need to hold down the fire button and the plus button to access the menu. You then can adjust the wattage using the plus and minus buttons before confirming the setting with the fire button.
  • The Reliant’s display can be flipped between right handed and left handed mode by firstly locking the device and then holding down the fire button and plus button.
  • When the device is locked hold down the fire button and the minus button to switch between Normal and Stealth mode.
  • When first screwing on a new atomizer the device will display “New Coil Up, Same Down”. Press the plus button for a new atomizer and the minus button if it is the same atomizer you have previously used.
  • Please note that when the device has gone into standby it will ask you to confirm if the atomizer has been changed. It does this to make sure the resistance reading is accurate.
  • Remember when using temperature control to only ever screw on cold atomizers. If they are warm the device will not be able to make accurate readings.
  • If you are carrying this device around in your pocket do remember to lock it so as to prevent accidental firing.

How does the Apollo Reliant perform?

I have been using this device every day since I received it for review and it is an awesome little mod! The size factor is great and I really do like the weight and durability - it has excellent build quality that you don't always find elsewhere.

The display is probably one of the best things about it and I love the fact it is so clear and easy to read. I have used a variety of tanks on this mod ranging from my Rose V2-S and SQuape R[s] to my Freemax Starre Pro as well as the Sense Hydra that was sent for review.

It works extremely well with all of them and I have not run into any issues at all. The resistance reading always seems to be very accurate and I have had no problems with the temperature control functionality.

I will say that it is a little more cumbersome to adjust the wattage when using temperature control than some of my devices. However it’s not exactly hard it just requires a few more button presses.

Battery life is typical for a single 18650 device and will entirely depend on your wattage and how often you vape. For most of my tanks 14W was sufficient and I would say I was getting at least a full day out of one battery but that was due to vaping quite a lot.

Replacing the battery is perhaps just a little tedious but no more so than any other device that features a coin slot type battery lid. I found that after using this mod since it was sent for review I have grown used to it and it really does bother me less now.


The Apollo Reliant is a well put together device with an excellent form factor. It functions equally well whether you run it in wattage or temperature control mode. It is certainly a little more expensive than some other comparable devices but if you were to purchase it I am sure you will appreciate its durability and great performance. I have certainly enjoyed using it a great deal!

You can purchase the Reliant here direct from Apollo. Remember to use the POTV discount code when visiting the Apollo website. Use the code “FUTURE“ for 20% off your purchase.

Many thanks to Apollo ECigs UK who kindly sent this item to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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