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Odyssey 18650M Mechanical Mod by Totally Wicked

Recently there has been a noticeable decline in demand for mechanical mods, coinciding with the rise of the high power box mods. Gone are the days when you needed a trusty mechanical mod if you wanted to achieve a high power vaping experience. However the demand is definitely still out there for mechanical mods...

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For £50 this is an absolute steal for a genuine, precision built UK made mechanical mod. In terms of build quality, this is right up there with the Super T mods, the machining is faultless, it has performed fantastically well in the time I have spent with it using builds in my atties as low as 0.18 ohm, and the switch has to be one of the best I have used on any mod. The floating 510 pin ensures any 22mm atty sits flush and the risk of battery compression (a common cause of hard shorts) is vastly reduced.

The Odyssey 18650M has single handedly rekindled my love of mechanical mods due to the excellent switch and machining quality of the highest standard. The switch has not failed me once during rigorous testing. It is extremely simple and reliable which is what you need with a mechanical mod, you do not want one with a switch that could let you down. It is clear to me that Totally Wicked have definitely done their research, poured plenty of time and effort into this, and it has paid off with an excellent mod at a very affordable price.

From the image above we can see that the device will also be available with the branding of the Odyssey range as well...  Will update this article when that is released.  Pre-order of the Odyssey can be made here - you can use our discount code PLANET for a 20% reduction too - taking the price down to just over £40.

You can check out the dedicated pages for the Odyssey here:

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