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American Muscle V2 by Gearspek

Personally, a dual 18650 unregulated box mod is what I go for when looking to blow some seriously big clouds with sub 0.2ohm builds. There is just something about the raw power of these beauties that captivates me and I never seem to get the same experience with regulated box mods. I have to say, being an RDA user mainly, that unregulated box mods are what I kick back with when I get home and just fancy letting off some clouds.

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Personally, a dual 18650 unregulated box mod is what I go for when looking to blow some seriously big clouds with sub 0.2ohm builds. There is just something about the raw power of these beauties that captivates me and I never seem to get the same experience with regulated box mods. I have to say, being an RDA user mainly, that unregulated box mods are what I kick back with when I get home and just fancy letting off some clouds. I am always on the lookout for an unregulated box mod that offers me excellent performance, great build quality, cheap price and most importantly for me - low voltage drop to maximise the hit. Enter the American Muscle from Gearspek. Not a true unregulated 18650 box mod, as there are safety features built in here, but like an unregulated box mod the American Muscle sets out to deliver true power and performance.

The American Muscle from Gearspek took me by surprise, purely because it had flown totally under my radar. According to the website, Gearspek are a company based out of Southern California, priding themselves on making quality and powerful mods for vapers. Not much else is given away by Gearspek! The American Muscle mod itself is an interesting prospect, at heart it is a dual parallel 18650 box mod, but with a few safety features built in. Gearspek themselves call it an evolution of the dual 18650 box mod, and let’s see if they can back up their words!


As you would expect from purchasing a similar mod, there is not too much in the box. You get the American Muscle by Gearspek mod itself, a USB charging cable, some replacement Phillips head battery door screws, and another blue screwdriver. Top marks for the packaging though, it looks excellent!


  • Minimum resistance: 0.08ohm
  • Maximum working current: 50A
  • Working voltage: 2.5V-4.2
  • Auto power off when resistance below 0.08ohm
  • Overheating protection
  • 4 stage battery indicator
  • Max input current: 1A
  • Ultra fast micro USB charging
  • 4.3V overcharge protection
  • 2.5V overdischarge protection
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Takes two 18650 batteries in parallel configuration


The American Muscle by Gearspek is absolutely stunning. It’s not small, not by any stretch of the imagination, it is slightly larger than my hand, not that I have particularly large hands in the first place, but the edges are well rounded, the switch is shiny enough to see your own reflection in and the finish is fantastic. Carrying the American Muscle around it has not picked up a single scratch, the brushed finish remaining intact. The 510 threads are absolutely solid to boot. I have not had a single connection issue with any atty I have used with the American Muscle.

Looking under the hood, the wiring is absolutely top notch, better than most unregulated box mods I have seen before, and the battery sled contains warnings reminding you that inserting your batteries the wrong way round (reverse polarizing) may well cause a short circuit. The battery door is held in with two solid Phillips head screws, which is the only issue I have, purely because personally I much prefer the battery door to be held in by magnets. You have a battery indicator at the top of the mod which is comprised of four LED’s, pressing the small silver button next to it will give you an indication of how much battery life you have left. USB charging is included too, there is a small micro USB charging port on the opposite side to the switch.

Pop a Mutation X V4 or a Twisted Messes on top and just stand back and admire how good it looks. Not to mention how well it performs, which I will go into more detail about below….


Ford Mustang springs to mind straight away. Power, performance, looks. All of the boxes are ticked here, and in style.

This is a pure, unrestrained beast of a mod. Popping my Mutation X V4 with a 0.2ohm dual coil Anarchist Wire build (please don’t try this unless you know what you are doing) on top and hitting the fire button provided me with an unparalleled cloud chasing experience. The American Muscle hits hard. Really hard. So hard in fact, I needed a lie down after the first 5 minutes, and a quick switch over to 0mg nicotine juice whilst I let my body recover from the initial assault it had just received. My neighbour actually knocked on my door, such was the voluminous amount of vapour escaping from my windows he thought my flat was on fire…

The American Muscle will fire builds down as low as 0.08ohm before the protection kicks in and stops the mod from firing. You do also have short circuit protection so you do have safety features to fall back on here.

This is a dream match for cloud chasers, the heavy hit provided exacting the best performance from your RDA’s. After I had adapted to it, you will find that the American Muscle is also a hell of a lot of fun. Putting some max VG Cloud Company juice into the Mutation X V4 gives you some ridiculous cumulonimbus, the cloud chasing fun was never ending. Voltage drop is completely minimal, meaning that pure power is transferred from your mod to your atty.

American Muscle by name and all that, this is the Phil Heath (Google him) of unregulated box mods.

Obligatory safety warning- please do make sure you use batteries from a trusted supplier, that are matched manufacturer pairs, charged as a pair and rotated in position in the battery sled. Also do ensure that your builds are within the safe amp limits of your batteries, but at heart this is a high performance mod so things can go wrong fast in the wrong hands.


Now the first thing that amazed me about the American Muscle was the price. I could not believe that this was available for sub 50 pounds. I genuinely would have paid three times as much for this, and have done for lesser mods in the past, such is the amazing quality and performance of the American Muscle. This is one of my favourite mods of 2015, if not ever. It just delivers time and time again, and has to be the sexiest mod I own.

If you are looking for an incredibly hard hitting dual 18650 box mod that looks great, performs amazingly well and is cheap yet reliable then the American Muscle by Gearspek is for you! This is absolutely top notch work from Gearspek, highly, highly recommended.

This unit was kindly provided for review by the excellent Angelfiremods - American Muscle V2 - they do have units currently in stock so grab them while you can.

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