CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit Review by Dan Willis

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CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit

The Mage Mech Tricker Kit from Chinese manufacturers CoilART is a kit featuring the Mage Mech hybrid mechanical mod and the Mage RDA, designed to offer a top notch cloud chasing vaping experience at a very affordable price.

Available in an all black finish with a billet red copper construction, or a billet brass construction with five different multicoloured resin finishes, the CoilART Mage Mech Tricker kit features a 24mm width, adjustable magnetic fire button, hybrid 510 connection with a self adjusting battery contact, 24k gold plated build deck featuring a large juice well and a two post configuration, and there's also generous adjustable bottom airflow present too. On paper, it ticks all of the boxes for a mechanical cloud chasing kit!


  • CoilART Mage Mech and Mage RDA included
  • 24mm width
  • 125mm height
  • Magnetic fire button
  • Black frost finish coating or multicoloured resin finishes available
  • Billet red copper construction (with black frost finish coating) or billet brass construction (with multicoloured resin finish)
  • Internal insulation protection
  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • Self adjusting battery contact
  • 24K Gold plated build deck
  • Deep juice well
  • Adjustable bottom airflow

What's in the box?

The CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit comes in a smart black presentation box, inside this you will find the CoilART Mage Mech, CoilART Mage RDA, screwdriver, vape band, spare o-rings and spare post screws. I received the CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit with the black frost finish and billet red copper construction, however you can also purchase a version manufactured from billet brass with five different multicoloured resin finishes, with the multicoloured resin costing slightly more than the black frost finish version.


CoilART Mage Mech

Sporting a 24mm width, the CoilART Mage Mech feels fairly light in hand compared to a fair few other 24mm mechs I've owned and used, but it is pretty nice to hold. My CoilART Mage Mech featured the black frost finish, with a red copper construction. The CoilART logo is engraved prominently on the side of the tube, and around the hybrid 510 connector 'Designed by CoilART in California' and 'Mage' has been laser engraved on.

At the base, the magnetic switch is lockable and you can lock this by tightening it fully. You can unlock it by twisting the switch clockwise, which also enables you to adjust the throw and contact with your battery. Installing a battery is as easy as unscrewing the switch unit, and popping a battery into the tube.

CoilART Mage RDA

The CoilART Mage RDA is a 24mm width RDA, featuring a brass construction with a 24k gold plated build deck. The build deck features a fairly deep juice well, and two posts with four post holes in total featuring cross head grub screws. Large adjustable airflow slots are found at the base of the deck, and you can close off one side of the airflow entirely should you wish to use a single coil build. 


The top cap features a wide bore Delrin drip tip, which can be removed and replaced with a different drip tip should you wish. It doesn't feature a 510 drip tip connection, so you would need to source a suitably sized drip tip. You can easily drip juice down to the deck through the drip tip, or remove the top cap to drip juice by twisting it and pulling upwards. The base of the deck features the Mage logo as well as 'designed in California', and an adjustable gold plated 510 connector. 

CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit Performance

You get a good sized build deck with the Mage RDA, and this is capable of accommodating large coils pretty easily. I could get a 4mm width clapton coil to fit in here with room to spare! However installing thick coils was a bit of a pain, even though the post holes are of a good size the tiny grub screws needed to be tightened down hard in order to get them to secure my coil legs, and on a couple of occasions I did snap a leg or two.

With this being a hybrid mechanical mod kit, you get the full force from your battery, and this hits extremely well indeed. The Mage RDA is configured so that the 510 protrudes safely enough for a hybrid connection, if you do use other RDAs with the Mage Mech then please ensure that the 510 pin on your RDA is configured correctly.

Flavour from the Mage RDA was surprisingly pretty good, I didn't expect a whole lot from it, but I got a pretty flavoursome vape out of it with a pair of fused claptons at 0.2ohm. It's not world beating flavour by any standards, but its very pleasing even with the airflow wide open.

Cue Vapor

Airflow is excellent, and on par with some of the more well known RDA's I have tried such as the Kennedy and the Goon 1.5. With low ohm builds, the CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit produces some huge clouds of thick vapour, which is what I would imagine most who purchase this kit would be looking to achieve. It absolutely doesn't disappoint on that front!

I did encounter a few issues with the CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit during use. The threading was very crunchy, even after greasing the threads up generously, I particularly had an issue with this around the switch. The switch also had a strange wobble to it, almost like it doesn't thread correctly, which was a little off putting at times during use. The top cap on the Mage RDA is very stiff and difficult to get off, even after using this for an extended period of time, I've actually manage to snap two o-rings on the base over time! You need to twist the cap on and off, however more often than not my top cap seems to get caught on the top o-ring, and I keep the o-rings lubed up with pure VG.

As a word of warning, please do ensure that you use an 18650 battery sourced from a reputable supplier, that is capable of safely handling the amp draw from your build. Regularly check your battery wraps for any tears or nicks in the wrap, and if any are present either rewrap them or safely dispose of them. This is an unregulated mechanical mod kit, so there are no in built safety protections present if anything does go wrong!


Performance wise, the CoilART Mage Mech Tricker Kit punches well above its weight, and it's available for a very competitive price of £50 and under with most retailers, which I think is an excellent price point considering you get both the Mage RDA and Mage Mech included for what you pay!

However, the issues I have encountered such as the crunchy threading, stiff top cap and weak grub screws did sour the experience for me somewhat, and even though this is available for a budget friendly price I personally would happily pay more for a more reliable mechanical mod set up with better build quality. That being said, I've not seen a whole lot of people grumbling about issues with this kit around the internet, meaning the issues I have encountered may not be so widespread, so if you are looking for a new mech set up on a budget this might well be worth a look! 

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