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Wisp Eliquid Signature range

It would be our pleasure to introduce you to two ranges of liquids from newcomers to this wonderful industry of ours….a company founded this year none the less…who like to call themselves simply…Wisp.

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Welcome once again my fluffy little cloud monkeys, back again with more of the same, except, well….not really ‘the same’ per se. You see, I’m in my fourth year of reviewing now….I know right….I bet it feels like a decade to you unfortunate folk who feel the necessity to read my codswallop. Seriously…what’s wrong with you! Anyway, throughout my meagre reviewing existence I have been sent, from time to time, the odd range of e-liquids from various manufacturers claiming to be groups of super talented ‘Gandalf’ level wizards in the art of mixology. Now I mix myself, and as my close knit group of mixologists that I like to call my friends will attest to…I’m no ‘Merlin’!

Apparently I struggle taking…..well…anything seriously. But even with my child-like approach to all things in life, I know the difference between a well-balanced and crafted liquid, and something that was knocked together by ‘Dave’ on a Saturday night during a twisted drink and drug induced bender in his mother’s basement whilst listening to German techno in his underpant (absolutely ’not’ based on a personal experience).

I have though, even more so lately, been sent some liquids that, after reading the label and description on the manufacturers website, I've sat down with a fresh build and a mild excitement about tasting a "gourmet popcorn roasted in butter to perfection, then drizzled with a succulent sweet salted caramel sauce and perched precariously in the middle of a soft scoop of Devonshire vanilla bean Ice-cream and served on the bosom of Beyonce"

Yet after tasting, I am only left with one question front and foremost burning in my mind, that in most cases I just can’t help myself from contacting the manufacturer and asking if they have lost the plot?

You’ll never read those reviews because, well, they don’t exist! I never get past the first gut wrenching taste test and, more often than not, I am pleaded with not to write it by the charlatans that sent it in the first place. So the fact that you are reading this should give you some indication as to where this is going. Seeing as I have, as per usual, droned on for far too long already, it would be my pleasure to introduce you to two ranges of liquids from newcomers to this wonderful industry of ours, a company founded this year none the less, who like to call themselves simply…Wisp!

Wisp Eliquid Signature range logo

Wisp Eliquid Signature range full range

Now, you only have to read the ‘About us’ page on their website https://www.wispeliq.com/about-us to realise that these guys are for real, and after lengthy conversations with them myself, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that they absolutely are a top notch, really nice group of knowledgeable folk who are genuine ex-smokers, and who’s mission in life is to get people off the stinkies by supplying a high quality liquid that just might help with that endeavour, which is a pleasant change from the douche baguettes I sometimes have to converse with, let me tell you!

So Wisp were kind enough to send me their entire range of liquids for me to pick apart and give my unbiased and usually ‘brutal’ opinion on…brave Wisp…very brave….orjust super confident…let’s find out.

Before I start however…..

Shusht…this is important…because most of the liquids here are max VG, and some of those that aren’t, are actually available in max VG. Now those that mix themselves will know that mixing max VG is not without its problems, VG doesn’t carry the flavour as well as PG. It also takes ninety twelve years to steep, but for those that are PG intolerant, which is more people than you’d think, a max VG liquid that doesn’t taste like dish water is something worth its weight in gold and also worthy of mention is that none of these liquids are laced with sweetener either, much to the relief of your coils, so now let’s get into it….really though this time…tut.

Wisp Eliquid Signature range white labels

We’ll start with their White label range. No I don’t know if that’s what they call it, but it’s what I’m calling it so….


Max VG only

Strawberry and Lime

Wisp Eliquid Signature range sublime

This was the first liquid I tasted out of the whole bunch, and it really gave me a sense of what I was in store for, real fruit flavours, very authentic tasting, absolutely no chemical back notes at all…..man I love that!

On the inhale it's obviously the lime that hits you first because it’s such a unique and strong flavour, but it’s by no means overpowering. The strawberry is carried in alongside which almost has a calming effect on the lime, making it superbly balanced all the way through. Super smooth with a really refreshing mouth feel, and there’s something else in there too which I can’t put my finger on, possibly kiwi? I really wanted to figure out this mystery fruit but it’s all just so well blended I found it impossible.

A truly, well balanced fruit mix that would be perfect on a summer's day. 

Wisp Eliquid Signature range sublime ice

Sublime Ice

Exactly the same as Sublime, only with an added dash of ice. It doesn’t really have the taste of Koolada and it's definitely not menthol. If I had to guess I’d say Flavorart’s Polar ice but it’s hard to tell. It's not too much, but enough to give you that little throat hit blast you only get with cold mixes.

Just as well-balanced as Sublime, with added cold, a real summer refresher.

Forbidden Fruit 

Max VG only

Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange & ‘Others’

Wisp Eliquid Signature range forbidden fruits

Huge fan of this one, a real berry lover’s dream. On the inhale you get the strawberry and raspberry perfectly balanced and blended together, very authentic flavours. But as soon as you exhale, the whole flavour is enveloped in a subtle fresh orange which gives it a really nice body and mouth feel, almost warming, and there are definitely other berries in there, possibly blackberry and a hint of blackcurrant.

A perfectly balanced ADV, not overly sweet, just bursting with ‘fruits of the forest’ flavours yet remains smooth and perfectly blended.

After Late

Max VG Only

Dark Chocolate & Mint

Wisp Eliquid Signature range after late

I was once sent a liquid called ‘B4-9’. At first I just thought it had a weird cool code name and I was vaping it for a week before I realised it meant ‘before nine’ because it tasted like After eight mints….sharp as a marble me! This is another take on that infamous wafer thin dark chocolate treat, at least they’re a bit more obvious about it this time with the name.

I’ve never had that much luck mixing with chocolate, it’s a tricky one to get right. Too much and it tastes bitter, too little and it tastes wishy washy. Thankfully however, the team over at Wisp have way more skill than I do, and the result is a liquid that tastes identical to After eight mints.

A really smooth mint flavour that’s covered in a subtle authentic chocolate, one for Christmas I think.

Now time for the ‘Red Label’ range, no they probably don’t call it that either, but seriously you’re just gonna have to live with it…

Wisp Eliquid Signature range red labels

Red Wisp

Max VG or 50/50

Berry & Menthol

Wisp Eliquid Signature range red wisp

Whereas the Sublime Ice was cold but not menthol, this one is definitely menthol. It's not too strong though and really kept in check by a well-balanced blend of strawberries, raspberries, and possibly redcurrant. It’s not super sweet but it’s a very genuine flavour, no artificial fruit flavours at all, but enough of a throat hit to make you aware that the menthol is very much there. A very nicely balanced liquid for those who like menthol liquids that don’t burn your face off. 

I tested this on a dripper as it was max VG, but it’s also available in 50/50 for MTL and pod lovers, and it’s a strong enough flavour to be well carried in either.

Crystal Menth

50/50 only


Wisp Eliquid Signature range crystal menth

I swear I was doing all my testing on a dripper, and I tested this on a dual coil, low ohm, high watt set up…..DO NOT DO THAT IF YOU LIKE THE INSIDE OF YOUR FACE! Jesus Christ, I was wiping my sinuses off the wall behind me. There’s a very good reason this is 50/50 only, it is made for MTL and pod systems, and is by far the strongest menthol e-liquid I have ever vaped on a dripper….my word….I’m traumatised! But if you’re not a knob like me and vape this as intended, and happen to be a big fan of menthol liquids that don’t so much give your taste buds and sinuses a pleasant ‘kick’ but rather ’weigh them in’ then you’ll love this stuff. It’s definitely not a slow burner, as soon as you take a hit on Crystal Menth you’ll know about it.

Can’t really call it ‘balanced’ because it’s utterly psychotic, but if you have a cold, or are suffering from the dreaded ‘vapers tongue’ then get a bottle in, you’ll be glad you did, however your mouth and nose won’t.

Ohm My Custard

Max VG or 50/50

Vanilla Custard

Wisp Eliquid Signature range ohm my custard

Now if it wasn’t for this particular liquid then this review would have been completed weeks ago, but it would appear that this particular flavour has been, unsurprisingly, popular. So the bottle I managed to prise from Wisp’s iron like unyielding grip was fresh from the pot, and also max VG, so it took a while to settle down. If you’ve maybe delved into the dark arts of mixing custards yourselves, then you will be well aware that this holy grail of e-liquid flavours is a stubborn little minx. It takes what feels like a lifetime to come to maturity, couple that with the max VG, and you my dear boy…or girl….or animal (?)…are in for a wait, so wait I did.

Now custards are very much slap bang in the middle of my personal flavour profile, I always have a handful of different variations of the stuff in my daily rotation, and they’re always AT LEAST a month old, 6 weeks if I can manage it. The wait pays off, believe me, but even I would not attempt a max VG custard. I don’t want any of my custards to fade under the mask of vegetable glycerine, so I was intrigued to say the least when I heard of Wisp's max VG wizardry and I still don’t know what method they used, but they absolutely nailed it.

Ohm My Custard is a strong custard flavour, you would not know that this was max VG at all, it’s creamy, rich and full bodied without being sickly sweet, so it’s coil friendly too, big fan, and a huge ‘Well done’ from me on that score (seriously….how??).

Now, last but by no means least, we have a small selection for all you tobacco lovers out there of which I’m very much not one of them.

Wisp Eliquid Signature range tobacco

It’s nothing personal, wait what am I saying, of course it’s personal, in fact it’s entirely personal. I personally dislike tobacco flavours, it really doesn’t become much more personal than that, but that being said, I have friends that live for NET (Naturally extracted tobacco) tobacco e-liquids, it’s a whole sub-sector of vapers, and it has to be said that Tobacco flavours in most cases are very good at bridging the gap between smokers and vapers. People still want the taste without the dangers, I get that, and some just love a nice tobacco. What can I say, each to their own, but fortunately for me and this particular exercise, being tobacco flavours doesn’t necessarily mean they taste like cigarettes.

Also both are available in max VG as well as 50/50, so pretty much everyone is covered.

Nowt But Tobacco

Max VG or 50/50

Tobacco (obv)

Wisp Eliquid Signature range nowt but tobacco

Off the bat I have to admit this wasn’t terrible, and I can see the appeal. It’s not super harsh and actually quite pleasant, it’s incredible smooth and very authentic, although my brain was all geared towards experiencing licking a dirty ashtray, what I actually found was something almost aromatic, ever so slightly caramel with a very warm and full bodied mouth feel. No, I’m still not a fan, but if I really dug tobacco liquids then I’d probably love it.

Tobacco Bueno

Max VG or 50/50

Tobacco and Nut

Wisp Eliquid Signature range tobacco bueno

Simply means ‘Good Tobacco’, it has the same aromatic flavour as Nowt But Tobacco, but with a very slight nutty back note which is more prominent on the exhale. I slightly prefer this one, purely because I dig nut juice….wait…that sounds all kinds of wrong, but you get what I mean….filthy minded lot you are.

Nice full bodied liquid once again, very smooth with a mild nutty aftertaste.

Final Thoughts

I have to say, I have nothing but good things to say about the Wisp line of e-liquids. They do exactly what they proclaim to do, the flavour concentrates they use are clearly top shelf, and so are their base liquids, believe me, it’s very noticeable, especially when you have spent years being fleeced by your local vape shop by buying liquids that claim to taste like something you would happily eat or drink only for them to leave you feeling like you’ve just inhaled a dirty old bag of sweets that was found to be stuck down the back of a sofa since 1987…

No, Wisp take great care in what they release, whoever these wizards of mixology are they certainly know their trade, real authentic tasting liquids, and you’d be surprised given just how many liquids are actually out there at just how few can be labelled as ‘authentic’.

The Price

Bog-standard for a 50ml these days at £9.99, but given the quality of these liquids I’d still have to call that a bargain, and the full range can found on their own and, might I say, good quality website, here https://www.wispeliq.com/

I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend this range to any vaper out there as they have something for everyone as well as a choice to cater for all styles of vaping, and I am big fan of the direction that they are going in. Also I'm very much looking forward to what they have in store for the future.

Until next time.


Wisp Eliquid Signature range tobacco money shot

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