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Wick Liquor

You may have heard of the UK vendor ifancyone based in Tamworth, Staffordshire who sell a great deal of vaping gear. Wick Liquor is ifancyone’s new E-Liquid range and it offers some quite unusual but very appealing flavours.

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Wick Liquor Premium Quality Boutique E-Juice

Way out west, where the arid sands crash against the vice and vandalism of the big city, a passionate group of mavericks are rolling into town. Weighed down with stories of a sumptuous ‎desert oasis that they encountered during their journey, carrying a fistful of contraband potions, messengers from the wild dunes, delivering their precious cargo to the eager taste buds of the city-dwellers. Their gift to the skyscrapers carries the hallmarks of a midnight moonshine run through these desolate badlands. They are the brave pilgrims, they carry the Wick Liquor.

You may have heard of the UK vendor ifancyone based in Tamworth, Staffordshire who sell a great deal of vaping gear. I have certainly used them before when getting my hands of some high end atomizers. Wick Liquor is ifancyone’s new E-Liquid range and it offers some quite unusual but very appealing flavours. There are currently four flavours in this range and they are available in either 30ml of 15ml glass bottles with child proof dropper caps. The labels are neat and well-presented with all of the typical information you would expect clearly shown along with warnings.

The juice is available in several nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg, 1.5mg and 0mg. All of the juice in this range is mixed to 80VG/20PG so you can expect excellent cloud production!  I vaped all of these juices in my Achilles II RDA and I also tried a couple in my GP Heron 1.5. My device of choice was the iPV3-Li.


Mardi-Gras fruit punch and fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp.

This juice is a delicious mixed fruit punch. I would describe the taste as being somewhat similar to a fruit cocktail. In addition there is another flavour present in the background which I assume is the Loganberry. As a complete whole this E-Liquid is fruity, light and very refreshing. All of the ingredients work well together and the nice thing about this juice is that there is a good degree of variation in sweetness when vaping it.

If you love fruity vapes and you want something very different then this will be ideal! Vapour production was excellent as you would expect from 80VG/20PG. I found the throat hit to be mild.


Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote.

Contra is a very unique mix and I must admit I am not familiar with the ingredients used. The juice also tends to vary a great deal depending what you choose to vape it in. When tried in my GP Heron 1.5 the main flavour on the inhale was definitely citrus but I am certain that there was also a hint of grape present. This juice also has a fizzy quality that tends to linger on your tongue but the flavour is a very natural one and not at all like a sherbet taste. On the exhale you get a sweet mixed jam flavour which is very tasty!

However if I vape this juice in my Achilles II RDA the citrus is still present but not as distinct and the jam takes centre stage being highly flavoursome and most enjoyable. I think that if you bored of standard fruity vapes such as strawberry ones then this would be a great choice since it does taste very different but in a good way and it would make a great all day vape!

Vapour production was excellent. Throat hit in 1.5mg strength was extremely mild for me.


Santa Monica glazed dough rings and Cholo sugar skull cake.

Carnival is based on a Latin recipe that I am unfamiliar with. On the inhale you get a sweet dough taste that is skilfully balanced with a very sugary cake. You can certainly pick out the flavour of the icing which is really well done and very realistic. If you a fan of doughnut or cake vapes then this will suit you especially well!

Vapour production was great and I found the throat hit to be mild.

Déjà Voodoo

Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane.

I have never tried Chula Vista sugar cane so this juice was certainly a new experience. The main flavour is very sweet but since it is so unique it is extremely difficult to describe. It comes across as a naturally sweet and rich flavour on the inhale but it is very difficult to compare it with anything so I would say it really is something you have to try for yourself.  The coconut is certainly present but it is nothing like your standard coconut vape and it is also quite unlike desiccated coconut. In fact I would say it is more of a slightly subdued creamy coconut with a slight sugar quality. It is very natural in taste and adds further interest to this unique mix.

Vapour production was excellent and the throat hit was very mild.


The juices in this range feature rather complex mixes with some unusual flavours that you will certainly have not come across before. I must admit I enjoyed every one of these juices and found the overall quality to be superb! I think that if you have become a little bored with typical mainstream mixes then these juices offer a very appealing alternative due to their unique mixes and are definitely well worth trying out!

These juices can be purchased directly from Wick Liquor. A 15ml bottle is priced at £7.00 and a 30ml bottle is priced at £13.00.

Many thanks to Wick Liquor who kindly sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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