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Vsavi Shortfill Range

We love to try new E-liquids here at POTV towers so were delighted to check out the brand new range from Vsavi courtesy of Pure Eliquids

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Thank you to Pure-eliquids for sending these to us for review.

I have to say I had never heard of Vsavi before so, of course, I did some research.

All their juices are manufactured in the EU under strict TPD rules. All ingredients used in manufacturing those e-liquids are of EU origin and are not just cheap ingredients. All flavour concentrates comply with TPD, CLP, REACH and other regulations, and there are no forbidden substances. It is also important to know that each e-liquid batch goes through a thorough lab analysis to make sure that the final product is only of the highest quality.

  • Laboratory complies with ISO/IEC 1705:2017
  • Production facility complies with ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental management system complies with ISO 14001
  • Health & Safety management complies with OHSAS 18001
  • Energy management system complies with ISO 50001

When checking on their website, they seem to do a lot in the CBD market, and I believe the 50/50 shortfills range is a new addition to their portfolio. VSAVI Shortfills are 50ml of 0mg e-liquid in a 60ml bottle with space for a nicotine shot.

As usual with most juice reviews, I was sent seven bottles, three of which were either mint, aniseed or cooling, so I drafted in the “Spiffing” Forest Magpie to help me out, wot wot!! Thank you Mr FM

So what did the Lovely Mr FM have to say, here are his thoughts on the three I sent to him…….

Dark Fruit Mint

"Blackcurrant and dark berries, eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol - a combination of black magic"

(Tanks used - GTX18 1.2 wire coil and Ares 2.1Ohm coil 12.5 watts)
This one has a juicy blackcurrant blended with eucalyptus and just a hint of aniseed on the inhale which is nice and smooth. There are definitely other dark berries in there, but I would struggle pick them out individually. The eucalyptus and berries combine well on the exhale and leave a nice aftertaste of blackcurrant and aniseed. It's a good combination and it works well, but it's all slightly under flavoured.

Vsavi Dark Fruit Mint

Cool strawberry 

"A perfect match of strawberry and Absinthe mint giving you a sweet but fresh taste"

(Tanks used - GTX18 1.2 wire coil & Ares 2.1Ohm coil, 12.5 watts)
This one has more going on than the name suggests. I was expecting just another strawberry menthol liquid, but how wrong I was. On the inhale, there's a delightful balance of sweet juicy strawberry and absinthe mint which has a lovely icy coolness to it, but which isn't overpowering. On the exhale, there's a beautiful dance of the absinthe and the strawberry which combine perfectly. A really fresh, cool, flavourful vape which I can't put down, and will definitely be buying. This was my favourite by far.

Vsavi Cool Strawberry

Spicy Mint 

"Aromatic mint anise taste, strong and pleasant on inhale, and spicy but sweet on exhale"

(Tanks used - GTX18 1.2 wire coil and Ares 2.1Ohm coil 12.5 watts)
This one is a strong anise with a hint of mint on the inhale with a slight touch of coolness. The sweetness blends with an almost peppery taste on the exhale, and you're left with a mild anise aftertaste with just a small hint of mint. This wasn't really to my taste and I can't help thinking that it needs more mint as the anise totally overpowers it rather than them complimenting each other.

Vsavi Spicy Mint

Now for my feedback on the remaining four juices...

Fruity Mix

"A harmonious mix of tropical fruity notes. So refreshing!"

(Kit used – Uwell KoKo 1.2Ohm and Valyrian Pod Kit 1.0Ohm) 

Ok so I normally vape fruity and candy type flavours, but I tend to stick to red or dark fruits. When I opened the bottle and had a sniff I thought “mmm fruity!” It reminded me of Orange, Pineapple and Mango Squash. I filled up the KoKo pod and off I went. I really am enjoying it, I cannot tell you the exact flavours, but I can say it’s a lovely mix of tropical fruits, not overly sweet but a nice flavour. It's kind of refreshing but without having any cooling in it…. weird but nice!

Vsavi Fruity Mix

Double Bubble

"Aromatic wine, blackberry and blackcurrant flavours all together make a divine combination"

(Kit used – Valyrian Pod Kit 1.0Ohm and KoKo pod)

I had my usual sniff and I have to say it didn’t really smell of much. I then had a vape and was still not really getting a distinct flavour from it. It is so subtle with a hint dark fruits but honestly not I'm sure what else. It leaves a weird sensation after in the mouth, that could be whatever they are using for the wine? Have to say not a juice I would vape, it’s very MEH.

Vsavi Shortfill Double Bubble

Blueberry Harmony

"A luscious and refreshing all day vape that consists of blueberry, apple and blackcurrant"

(kit used Joyetech eGo pod)

This one was ok, it does have a little cooling, refreshing kick to it, but not overbearing. It compliments the fruits a bit like a blue slush type flavour. I didn’t just get one flavour from this, it is definitely a clever combination with no prominent fruit shouting out. This is not for me due to the cooling feel, but if you like the flavours and you want a refreshing all day vape, I would recommend this.

Vsavi Blueberry Harmony

Green Mango

"This fresh mango and green tea extract combination is refreshing, cool, sweet and fruity. The perfect blend for the summer"

(Kit used – GV Wenax 1.2Ohm coil)

Now I love eating mango but am not a big lover of mango E-juices, but of course I had to try it. From the smell test, you could tell straight away it was going to be a strong mango flavour. I filled the wenax pod and off I went. At first I wasn’t sure, obviously I could taste the mango and it was nice, you then get a after taste with it that you cannot put your finger on, I assume its the green tea! Combined, it delivers a beautiful flavour with mango being the more prominent. If you like mango, this is definitely a good choice. My friend also tried it and she loved it. It's refreshing but not cooling which I really like. They have done a good job with this one.

Thanks again to Pure-eliquids for sending these in.

Prices for a shortfill are £14.49 50ml 0mg

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