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VGOD Baklava

For those of you out there who have never heard of it Baklava consists of a sweet pastry which is made up of layers of filo dough that have been filled with chopped nuts. After baking a syrup which may include honey, rosewater or orange flower water is poured over the cooked Baklava. The exact origins of this recipe are not well documented but it is believed that it probably originated in Istanbul.

Now VGOD who are a British manufacturer brings to you this very unique Eastern recipe in E-Liquid format! For some reason VGOD don't tend to disclose their mix ratios but I would honestly say it looks to be mixed to 70VG/30PG because it does not seem thick enough to be 80VG. At present this juice is only available in 60ml squeezable plastic bottles which feature child proof top caps. The label is attractive and features a stylish Arabian design. All of the information is shown including clear warnings. You can purchase this juice in either 6mg, 3mg or 0mg strength.

I vaped this juice in my Hadaly RDA which is fitted with a 0.9ohm coil and also in my Taifun GT III RTA which is fitted with a 0.8ohm coil.


For a rich, decadent taste of the Middle East, this Vape Juice is the smooth tonic of intoxication. The sweet, crisp aroma of filo pastry soaked in honey, follows the initial hit of buttery nutty delight. Subtle hints of caramel, lemon and cinnamon tickle the senses, and enhance the intensity of the honey flavour. This E-Juice is perfect for losing yourself in a Middle Eastern sweet dream!

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I first tried this juice in my Taifun GT III and it was a fabulous experience! On the inhale you get a sweet and sticky honey flavour and this develops revealing distinct pastry notes combined with a rich caramel and buttery nut. A slight hint of rosewater vies for centre stage fading away as quickly as it appeared before culminating in a subtle taste of cinnamon on the exhale! The honey is incredible and really stands out and quite often leaves its sweet taste lingering on the lips!

When vaping this in my Hadaly RDA it was a similar experience but I did find that the honey became even more prominent to the point where it did start to overwhelm the other flavours. The pastry was still very distinct but the subtle cinnamon, nuts and caramel seemed lost which was a shame. Nevertheless in terms of sheer flavour you quite obviously get a massive contrast between an RDA and a RTA when using this juice but to be honest I actually preferred it in the GT III becomes all of the notes were present at all times and the Taifun seems at its best when dealing with complex flavours.

The only problem I had with this flavour is knowing when to stop vaping it because I found myself refilling the tank often and before I knew it I had very quickly got through 20ml. Vapour production was seriously good which is quite typical of VGOD E-Liquids. I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.


I personally think that this is an incredible E-Liquid and well worth checking out if you are on the lookout for a dessert flavour that tastes absolutely delicious but is also very unique! It is just as enjoyable in an RTA as it is in a RDA so would definitely make a great all day vape!

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A 60ml bottle of Baklava is currently priced at £19.99 and as such represents very good value for money. If you would like to purchase a bottle you can get it directly from Grey Haze. Remember to use code POTV10 for 10% off your order.

Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent this juice to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.



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