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Vapour Freaks E-Liquids

Vapour Freaks E-liquids are made in the UK and use gourmet ingredients sourced from the USA. The juice is mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you will get plenty of cloud production. The price is good too at £24.99 for 100ml!

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Vapour Freaks E-Liquid

Vapour Freaks E-liquids are made in the UK and use gourmet ingredients sourced from the USA. The juice is mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you will get plenty of cloud production!

The juice is currently only sold in 100ml bottles but the price is very reasonable at £24.99. At present the juice is only available in 3mg nicotine strength.

The bottles feature child proof screw on nozzle tops that can be opened or closed by twisting the top. The bottles are the squeezable plastic kind so you will have no issues getting the juice into your dripper (sometimes a problem with high VG). The labels are nicely done and eye-catching each of them featuring a design relevant to the name of the juice. All of the typical information you would expect is shown including warnings.

Keep in mind that due to the thickness of these liquids it is recommended you only use them in Sub Tanks or Drippers. I vaped all four flavours in my Hellfire Raptor RDA using a 0.5ohm dual coil that was wicked with Japanese cotton.


Beautiful ripe fruit undertone finishing with a cooling crystal blue after-effect which leaves you wanting more and more. Voodoo? YOU DO!

The flavour of this juice will be very familiar to anyone who has ever tried Blue Slush. What you get on the inhale is a mixed fruit flavour that I am sure includes raspberry. It tastes very natural and is quite delicious! On the exhale you get a cooling menthol but rest assured it is only mild in nature and not the face freezing variety. As you might expect from a 70VG mix this is a very smooth vape and there is plenty of cloud production. I found the throat hit to be medium.


Black grape, blended with oozing red berries, glazed with a frosty menthol.

Now this one is quite special and reminds me a lot of Ribena which I happen to love. On the inhale you are greeted by the taste of black grape and red berries. The flavour is really delicious and tastes very natural. On the exhale you get a nice cooling menthol which delivers just the right amount of throat hit without being too overpowering. I could happily vape this juice all day long because I thought it was great!

Cloud production is spot on and you will be fogging up your room nicely in no time! I found the throat hit to be mainly medium in strength but it might border on strong if you take long inhales on account of the menthol.


Scrumptious blueberries grown in the fields of ancient Kings and Queens, delicately drizzled with the yoghurt made for modern royalty, this one is not to be missed!

With a name like Medusa you might think that this juice would be really horrible and that you are running the risk of turning to stone by simply looking at the bottle. Rest assured that despite the things said about here in Greek Mythology this particular Medusa is the seriously gorgeous kind! What you get on the inhale is an absolutely delicious blueberry taste and that is coming from someone who doesn’t typically like blueberry (this juice has converted me). The taste is very natural with a really nice amount of sweetness. Working mainly as a background note but still noticeable is a very realistic creamy yoghurt. On the exhale there is a subtle cooling effect that compliments the overall mix really well!

Vapour production was great and I found the throat hit to be medium in strength.


Irresistible handpicked strawberries infused with zesty kiwi, topped with a divine homemade yoghurt.

Phantom is yet another extremely nice juice and would make a very pleasant all day vape. On the inhale you get a delicious strawberry followed by kiwi and finally just a dash of yoghurt on the exhale. The mix is extremely enjoyable and each of the ingredients taste very natural. All the ingredients work so well together in combination and this makes for a really superb vape that I am sure won’t disappoint!

Vapour production was seriously good but quite typical of this mix ratio. I found the throat hit to be medium in strength.


This is an excellent range of E-Liquid that is definitely well worth trying out! In my opinion the £24.99 price tag is something of a bargain for 100ml of well mixed juice. The flavours are seriously good and the juice is great for cloud chasers!  You can get these juices direct from Alectrofag here https://www.alectrofag.co.uk/E-Liquid/Vapour-Freaks where you can get a 20% discount using the code POTV20 - which makes this range exceptionally well priced!

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