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YGRT E-Liquid

Three juices that combine fruit flavours with Greek yoghurt.

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YGRT E-Liquid

The latest craze for American vapers is yoghurt e-juice and like you’d expect it’s started to migrate over here. Enter the aptly named YGRTeliquid with three yoghurt based juices on offer!

The juice comes in 15ml glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. The nicotine strength is clearly marked and there is a warning label is also present.

The following ingredients are stated on the bottle: Flavourings, PG, and VG. May contain Nicotine.

Grey Haze state the mix ratio as being 60VG/40PG.

So on to the juices then. I vaped the three juices in this range in a Snapdragon RDA with a single 0.8ohm coil wicked with cotton bacon and used it on my iPV3 Li.

YGRT Apollo

Perfect for the summer months. An incredible blend of fresh peaches and Greek yoghurt.

Essentially this is peaches and cream with Greek yoghurt - a very straightforward juice and I quite enjoyed the flavour. To me it tasted a lot like Space Jam Omega blended with yoghurt!

The peach has a sharp taste to it and the yoghurt really rounds it off.  Adding Greek yoghurt into this mix benefits it and the yoghurt adds a nice twist to the usual peaches and cream varieties.  If you like sharper tastes you will love this. The peach flavour is nice and natural tasting - the Greek yoghurt is quite potent in this juice, but this is a range of yoghurt eliquids so is to be expected!

This is a pleasant vape and if you like yoghurt and haven’t tried any peaches and cream e-liquid this is worth a try. It certainly has a good fruity flavour!

Vapour production was very good and this juice had an extremely mild throat hit in 3mg strength.


A smooth, creamy Greek yoghurt topped with fresh ripe strawberries. 

This juice strikes a better balance between the fruit and the yoghurt - in the Apollo the yoghurt was a touch too strong for me.

It has a very nice strawberry taste to it that seems very natural and not artificial. In my opinion though the strawberry could do with being just a tad stronger.

Personally I find this tastes far more like a strawberries and cream e-juice than a strawberry yoghurt. All in all this one is a nice juice. Vapour production was good and the throat hit was extremely mild.


If you adore mixed berries, you will love this. Fresh creamy Greek yoghurt infused with your favourite selection of mixed berries. The perfect mix. 

This one is combined with a selection of mixed berries. Vaping this in my Snapdragon I found this juice to be very pleasant but at lower wattage levels you don’t really get much of a berry taste.

It seems up to 30 Watts with a 0.8ohm coil the yoghurt tends to dominate but there is a definite sweetness to it that wasn’t present with the other two juices and I found it made the yoghurt much nicer.

Once you hit 35 Watts it becomes a very hot vape with this particular coil but the mixed berry flavour really started to come through and was delicious!

It is entirely possible that this particular bottle needed to steep a little longer but despite that the overall flavour I got from it is probably the best in the range, in my opinion.

Vapour production is very good and this juice has a mild throat hit.


If you are a fan of Greek yoghurt then it is entirely possible you will really love this range of juice!  Well worth a try.

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