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Tasty Cloud Vape Company are based in California and like a lot of American vendors they have one thought in mind "To make the best E-liquid we possibly can". As long-time e-cigarette users they already had in mind which flavours would appeal to themselves, their friends and above all their customers.

All of their juice is hand made in small batches in Southern California. Every bottle is mixed to a 50/50 ratio of PG/VG. The bottles themselves have vintage style labels but all the relevant warning information is clearly marked. The glass dropper bottles have child proof caps and are darkened to protect the juice from sunlight.

This juice is available in a variety of nicotine strengths, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg. There is also a zero nicotine option.

All juice was vaped in a 13 Heavens, 9 Hells RDA with a 26 AWG (0.4mm) dual coil which had a final resistance of 0.8 ohm and the coils were wicked with Japanese cotton. I also tested it in a Ghost V2 RDA with a dual coil, once again using 26 AWG with a final resistance of 0.5 ohm. My mod of choice was my Sigelei 100w+  and all of these flavours were vaped at various wattages from 25-80 watts.


The Goods

A true to life fresh strawberry and banana smoothie. Creamy, refreshing and delicious.

This liquid offers a very smooth vape that is exactly as described. You can certainly notice the nice fresh strawberry taste when you inhale. The banana is quite natural complimenting the strawberry well and balancing the juice. When vaped at 30 watts you tend to get more of the overall strawberry taste with the banana only being really noticeable as you approach 40+ watts.

I think 60 watts is my sweet spot with this juice with everything becoming so well balanced. At this point the taste really tends to linger in the mouth and is quite delicious. I also found that this juice was still quite good at 80 watts so certainly would appeal to users who enjoy high wattage vapes.

I find that this flavour has a lovely creamy quality that is very enjoyable. This would make a very pleasant all day vape for someone who is a strawberry and banana fan.

Vapour production is very good and I found the throat hit to be extremely mild.


Stay Gold

A remarkably complex and robust flavour. It starts out with a sweet candy apple on the inhale, followed by hints of vanilla. A masculine tobacco body taste follows throughout, leaving a pleasantly smoky note on the palate even after the exhale. All of this is seamlessly accompanied by luscious caramel undertones throughout. It is a must try even for vapers who are not accustomed to tobacco flavours.

This juice is a little bit strange but not unpleasantly so. Upon the initial inhale you get the candy apple taste but there is also a smooth and very mild tobacco mixed in there.   The flavours are a little hard to define if vaping under 50 watts, at least they seem that way to me but once vaping higher than that wattage everything in this juice starts to work very well.

The vanilla tends to come through more at higher wattage and you can notice the slight hint of caramel in there but it really is more of a background note.

It's something of a oddity in terms of flavour because it's never really a fruit vape or a tobacco vape and even has elements of a dessert. What I have noticed is that if you vape it for a while the tobacco flavour becomes more noticeable and lingers in your mouth even after you have stopped vaping. It is quite a good tobacco in all honesty but for me personally the sweetness of the candy apple is a little too much. However it is very dependant on what wattage you apply and I find if I ramp up the watts I can lessen the apple and increase the tobacco/vanilla taste.

I have found that if exhaling through your nose instead of your mouth the juice is even more noticeable as a tobacco and I actually prefer vaping this one that way.

Pure Eliquids

Vapour production is very good and depending on your device you can put out quite some clouds. Throat hit is somewhere between mild to medium.


An incredibly lively and powerful flavour. It starts with a combination of juicy cantaloupe and dragon fruit notes on the initial inhale. A Menthol flavour leaves a chilly feeling on the exhale along with a sweet taste of watermelon. The Menthol and fruit flavours are paired to give a great sensation.

This one is a very different menthol vape. It has a very strange mix and like the description you get cantaloupe and dragon fruit as you inhale along with the menthol. The watermelon comes later and it really is a most bizarre concoction. The surprise is that the combination actually works really well and makes this one unique.

The menthol is nice and cooling but not unbearably so and it certainly isn't that face freezing chill you get with some menthol based juices.

I like this juice in terms of its unusual recipe and the fruity menthol vape is actually pleasant. It wouldn't be a all day vape for me but I could happily enjoy it when I needed something totally different to break up my vaping routine. I really do love the watermelon taste but since I am not a huge fan of dragon fruit my preference would be for it not to be in there. Subjective of course and tastes among vapers vary greatly so anyone who enjoys dragon fruit will really appreciate this.

We Vape

Vapour production is very good and in terms of throat hit this one is mild but some may find the menthol makes it more of a medium hit.


An exceptional alliance of sweet and smooth notes. It starts with a top note of pineapple on the first inhale to generously pair with an upside down cake and then finishes off with hints of coconut and hazelnut. This juice will leave you with a melting quality on the exhale every time.

The first flavour you notice with this juice is a really tasty pineapple. Blended in there is a sweet coconut. How much of the coconut you actually get when vaping is quite dependant on wattage.

At 35 watts the coconut is quite noticeable and you also get the nutty taste from the hazelnut. I wouldn't say the hazelnut is overdone at all, certainly it's a unusual choice but it adds a unique quality to the juice. If you ramp up the watts to 45+ you get quite a creamy vape with a good hint of pineapple, a little coconut and the hazelnut tends to be more in the background.

On the whole this is a very interesting juice and quite different to a lot of typical flavours you find on offer. Personally I don't think it would be a all day vape for me since it is quite sweet but it is still quite delicious in short sessions.


Vapour production is very good and the throat hit is mild.


A sweet and creamy blueberry vanilla crumb cake with a dash of cinnamon.

Now when it comes to blueberry I am not a fan but I approached vaping this juice with a open mind since many things I do not enjoy eating or drinking can often make for pleasant vapes.

This one is a real surprise. The blueberry is not overly sweet and adds a nice fruity yet mellow quality to the vape. This is really well balanced with the accompanying vanilla but what really makes this juice delicious is the added cinnamon.

I find the blueberry tends to come back to you later  and after short breaks I find I can still taste blueberry. I can't say I have managed to notice the cake in this mix but I am sure it is there balancing the juice as a whole.


For someone who typically does not enjoy blueberry this one has certainly changed my opinion and the real irony is it is probably my favourite juice in this range.

I found 40-50 watts to be ideal for this juice. Vapour production is very good and it has a mild throat hit.

Final Thoughts

A very good range of juices that offer a interesting variety of flavours. Certainly for me the MVP was quite surprising in that I never expected to enjoy it but it turned out to be my favourite. Overall I feel that these juices offer some quite unique mixes with very good vapour production and are well worth trying.

I would like to thank Amar from Vape Emporium who kindly offered this juice to Planet of the Vapes for review.

The complete Tasty Cloud range is available to buy at Vape Emporium and is priced at £8.99 for 15ml:


What's more Vape Emporium have also generously donated the entire Tasty Cloud range as a prize for one lucky vaper. For your chance to win all five flavours please see our competition for details.

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 Dave Junglist
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