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Foodfighter E-Juice

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Foodfighter E-Juice

Foodfighter appear to be an American E-Liquid company. I say appear to be as I can't find a website for them or any details online, I even reluctantly logged in to Facebook to have a butchers but nothing. Zilch. Zero.  Mysterious...

There are two juices in the range that we were sent in to review by Grey Haze.  Both juices have a high VG content so are ideal for cloud chasers: 80VG/20PG. The juice comes in 60ml size glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. All the relevant warnings are stated as is the mix ratio. The juice is available in the following nicotine strengths: 6mg, 3mg, 1.5mg and 0mg.

Both juices were vaped in my Snapdragon RDA which is the most flavoursome dripper that I own. I used a 1.0ohm dual coil set up which was wicked with cotton bacon. My chosen device was iPV4S.

The Raging Donut

A delicious glazed doughnut topped with sweet strawberry frosting and sprinkles of fruity pebbles.

This juice is quite unusual because the combination of flavours shouldn’t really work but remarkably it does. I don’t find that I can really pick out individual flavours because no ingredient dominates the mix.

There is a hint of doughnut blended with strawberry icing but you also get citrus notes that remind me a little of jelly. This juice is quite sweet but not sickly at all and it is also extremely smooth. In some ways the doughnut doesn’t really taste like the typical jam doughnut but that could be entirely down to the way everything is blended together so well. As I said, it is difficult to pick out individual flavour notes and the liquid kind of takes on a flavour all of its own. I really like the way I get hints of citrus - at times I have tasted orange, lime and lemon which makes this juice a great one to keep coming back to.

If you are after a good dessert flavoured juice that is different to most then this one might really appeal!

Throat hit was mild in 6mg strength and the juice had excellent vapour production.

Pound It

A rich lemon Pound Cake with zests of lemon and sweet frosted icing.

If you have no idea what a Pound Cake is let me take this opportunity to enlighten you. It is a cake that is easy to make from memory as it requires a pound in weight of each of its four main ingredients. As the picture on the bottle shows, they are often baked in a loaf tin and then glazed or iced.

On opening the bottle the main aroma is that of cake batter, sweet and heavy - topped off with a hint of lemon.  To me this smells just like a Lemon drizzle cake crossed with a Madeira cake with some frosted icing added in for good measure.  It is most enjoyable to vape with the lemon having a nice sharpness to it which is complimented by the mellow flavour of the cake base. There is also a distinct creaminess to the mix which makes for a very smooth flavour. In addition you get hints of frosted icing and this really makes for a delicious dessert type vape.

This juice does tend to give off a little bit of an aroma but it is a rather pleasant one and is like a typical bakery smell.

If you love cake or dessert vapes then you will likely really enjoy this one!

I found the vapour production to be excellent which is typical for a juice with a high VG content. The throat hit was mild.


I really enjoyed both of these juices and they will certainly appeal to anyone who enjoys dessert vapes!

If there is one slight negative it’s the fact that the juice is only available in 60ml bottles and when you aren’t entirely sure if you’ll enjoy it or not it would be nice if there were smaller sizes available.

Having said that the juice is very well priced at only £24.99 for 60ml. Currently Grey Haze are selling these juices at £19.99 a bottle so if you fancy either of these flavours get them quick while the sale and stock lasts.



Many thanks to Grey Haze who sent these e-liquids to Planet of the Vapes for us to review.

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