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Beard Vape Company Juices

The Beard Vape Company are based in California. Originally they were just a group of enthusiastic juice makers who started up their own vaping stores in America before expanding out to sell to a wider market. They have become very popular in the States and their juice has now started to find its way over to the UK and Europe.

There are currently five flavours available which come in glass dropper bottles with child proof caps. These juices tend to vary in their mix ratio of vegetable glycerine and polypropylene glycol.

Beard Juices are available in the following nicotine strengths, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and there is also a zero nicotine option. So far in the UK they can be purchased in 15ml or 30ml bottles but in America even larger bottles are available up to 120ml.


Mint chocolate cookie.

If you enjoy After Eight mints then you're going to love this one. A tasty mint blended with chocolate cookie. No.88 is a very interesting juice in that sometimes you get mint on the inhale and other times you get cookie. The flavour you tend to get on the exhale also alternates between the two. It really is quite a treat to vape this one and while it might not be the sort of juice you'd want to use all day long it certainly is one of those that is ideal for a after dinner vape or with a nice cup of coffee. The mix ratio of this juice is 80VG/20PG and as you'd expect being higher in VG it does put out quite a lot of vapour. I find the throat hit mild but since it includes mint some people may find it medium.



New York style cheesecake with strawberries on top. 

This juice seriously impressed me. Upon first vaping it you get this delicious taste of fresh strawberries which is a very natural flavour and not artificial at all combined with a lovely light taste of cheesecake. It is really excellent and to be honest I could not put it down before I knew it the bottle was empty.

This is a juice you seriously have to try since it is just like eating the real thing without any of the calories. The mix ratio of this particular juice is 60VG/40PG, very smooth with good cloud production. Throat hit is very mild as you'd expect from a dessert type of vape.



A delicious cinnamon funnel cake.

What exactly is cinnamon funnel cake then? I must admit it was something I have certainly never heard of, apparently it is the fusion of a doughnut and a cake. This one is another delicious vape. No. 32 is highly unusual and while you do get a doughnut/cake taste I find it also reminds me of lot of scones. The cinnamon is not overly strong but it is sweet and spicy and makes for a lovely combination with the cake base. I like this one a lot because it is very different to a lot of other juices.

The mix ratio of No.32 is 60VG/40PG. Throat hit is certainly stronger in this one probably due to the cinnamon. I would say for me it is a medium throat hit but I do vape a lot of potent flavours so it may possibly border on a strong throat hit for some. Vapour production is very good and typical of this mix ratio.


Custard with a dash of custard.

This one is a no nonsense custard. It certainly is not as interesting as some of the other flavour combinations on offer but that does not mean that it isn't enjoyable. What you get with this one is a standard vanilla custard mixed in with another type of vanilla. The two flavours blend together but at times you can pick out one over the other but it varies as to which one you actually taste. One is quite neutral and the other more sweet.

Personally I feel that the vanilla taste could do with being much stronger but that is purely subjective and I am rather used to Capella type custard vapes. As a light custard vape it should appeal to a few people and I feel it is certainly more of a cake type custard than a pudding based one, but it isn't at all artificial. Throat hit is very mild with great cloud production. The mix ratio is 85%VG/15%PG.


A unique blue raspberry hibiscus twist.

This one is apparently based on American cotton candy or candy floss as it is more commonly known to us all in the UK. I have never been a fan of candy floss but personally that is not the taste I get from this juice. I certainly get a raspberry flavour which reminds me a lot of blue slush and I most definitely get the creamy hibiscus taste which I really like.

The hibiscus helps to balance the mix nicely and at no point did I ever feel that this was too sweet to vape. No.64 is very enjoyable if you fancy something a little different. This juice is mixed at a ratio of 70VG/30PG. Throat hit is very mild but there is good cloud production.


A very interesting range of juices offering some interesting flavours. Certainly if you only wanted one to try then I would have to point you at No.05 and its amazing strawberry cheesecake flavour. No.32 and its highly unusual cinnamon funnel cake is definitely worth considering given that it is very different to a lot of juices.

I am left feeling quite impressed with this range and while I did find No.51 a little ordinary it was still a pleasant enough juice to vape.

Being American made juices these are obviously more expensive than a lot of UK e-liquids and you can expect to pay about £8.50 for 15ml but for those wanting something new, then a bottle or two of this range might make a nice luxury.

Possible Health Concern

Due to the recent Five Pawns news concerning their overly high levels of Diacetyl. I contacted Beard Vape via email since I knew they were also a California based juice company.

I asked them respectfully if they used completely vape safe ingredients since the information they displayed on their website was very limited. They neglected to reply to me.

Looking at the Vaporshark test results that have been published of late it seems Beard juice has some detectable levels of Diacetyl and 2.3-Pentanedione (Acetyl Propionyl) so be mindful of that and it is entirely at your own decision and responsibility as to whether you choose to vape this juice.

The results of the Vaporshark test are below:


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