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Apollo Liquid Vapor and Fa-Q/dripTonic E-liquids

Apollo is a vaping company that is very well known in America and in recent years has expanded its influence to include a UK site and warehouse to enable fast shipping within the EU.

They sell all kinds of products ranging from basic starter kits to more advanced mods and tanks. They also sell their own range of Californian made e-liquid.

Apollo sell two ranges, their main “Liquid Vapor” brand and also another brand that was originally called “dripTonic” but that has now been renamed to Fa-Q.

  • All Apollo E-Liquid contains USP Grade Propylene Glycol and USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin.
  • Their nicotine is 99% Pure Laboratory Grade.
  • All flavours are 100% Food Grade and Kosher.
  • No artificial colours, alcohol or water is added.
  • All e-Liquid formulas are developed and test in the USA.
  • All e-Liquids are 100% mixed and packaged in the USA.
  • Apollo tobacco e-liquids do not contain any actual tobacco since the flavours are created by blending natural extracts and tinctures.

Liquid Vapor

This range of juices is mixed to a ratio of 60PG/40VG and is available in the following nicotine strengths: 24mg, 18mg, 12mg and 6mg. There is also a zero nicotine option available. Bottles can be purchased in 30ml and 10ml sizes. A 5ml sample size bottle is also available.


We received five bottles from this range for the purposes of review. The bottles are very well presented with clear information and warnings. They are squeeze plastic bottles and come with child proof caps.

I vaped this juice in a variety of atomizers. Firstly in my Taifun GT-II with a 0.8ohm coil which was wicked with Japanese cotton which I used on my Sigelei 100W+. I also tried it in my Origen V3 RDA with a 0.5ohm dual coil that was wicked with cotton bacon and vaped it on my GP Paps V4 mechanical mod.

Classic Tobacco

If you smoke (or did smoke) tobacco products, you probably developed a brand preference. For those looking to replicate – and enhance – favourite smoking experience without the carcinogens, tobacco-flavoured e-liquid is the answer.

We pattern our Classic Tobacco e-liquid after popular American tobacco blends to closely mimic the bright flavour, medium throat hit, and velvety consistency cigarette smokers are used to.

This juice is a very impressive tobacco vape. In many ways it is extremely close to a real cigarette and I was surprised with just how familiar it seemed to me. When vaping this you also get that dry quality from the tobacco.


I think if you really enjoy tobacco flavoured vapes or if you have recently quit and are looking for something that will help your transition from smoking to vaping then you should definitely try this.

Vapour production is good but very typical of this mix ratio. It has a very good throat hit that is medium to strong but it suits me very well because I like more potent flavours.


This tobacco-flavoured e-liquid is one of the most popular in the world. It combines a bright American tobacco blend with rich caramel and the barest hints of vanilla for an experience that’s halfway between classic tobacco pipe and fine cigar (but without all the toxins in either). Some RY4 e-liquid can pack quite a punch, but we blend ours for a smoother, mellower vape with a satisfyingly familiar throat hit.

Most people will be familiar with RY4 I know I am since this particular tobacco blend was what originally helped me to quit smoking although at the time it was one from a different manufacturer. What you get with this juice is a nice light tobacco with a luxurious richness of caramel. I find the caramel to be very well balanced and it doesn’t overwhelm the tobacco.

Vapour production is good and typical of this mix ratio and I found the throat hit to be mild.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Classic Tobacco Menthol

Start with a traditional blend of American tobacco flavours, and add just the right zest of cool menthol – it's a classic for a reason; a flavour enjoyed by tobacco users and menthol lovers alike. This e-liquid provides a familiar throat hit; full, bright flavour; and lightens up the vape with a clean, refreshing menthol finish.

This e-liquid is almost exactly the same as the Classic tobacco but with added menthol. The menthol is very well balanced with the tobacco. It’s quite a tasty menthol flavour but not face freezing like some of them tend to be. I would say it was mild to medium and while it is slightly sweet it is not sickly or overpowering.

By adding the menthol this does make for a much smoother vape than the Classic Tobacco. Vapour production is good and I would say this has a medium to strong throat hit. If you are someone who currently smokes menthol cigarettes and wants to quit and switch to vaping then you should definitely try this.

American Cigar

A spicy, aromatic flavour not unlike many American cigars. With subtle notes of caramel and a long, bold finish and solid throat hit, this E-Liquid vapes equally well after dinner, with drinks, or as an all-day vape for tobacco fans.

If you enjoy your tobacco vapes then you will really like this one. It is a very smooth and makes for a very pleasant vape. There is a hint of caramel in this but it is subtle and there is also an ever so slight spiciness.  I really do like the tobacco that is used in this mix because it tastes very realistic. This juice does have a decent throat hit but I found it to be medium on account of the overall smoothness of the juice.  Vapour production was good and typical of this mix ratio.

Vape Club

Triple Nickel

This E-Liquid is a light-but-rich, complex take on the English cigarette brand, “555”. It’s bright, fresh, and grassy with buttery hazelnut undertones and a robust, mature tobacco finish. Fans of traditional tobacco products looking to change or enhance their smoking experience can’t go wrong starting here.

Just like the description states this juice has a nice buttery quality to it. The tobacco is very light and there is an element of hazelnut mixed in there but it is very well balanced. I really do love the buttery taste this juice has because it makes for a very smooth and enjoyable vape.

Vapour production is typical of the mix just like all the others in this range. I found the throat hit to be mild.


While Apollo do offer a large amount of juice the Fa-Q range has been specifically designed for use on drippers but they can also be used in Sub-Ohm tanks. The mix ratio of the Fa-Q liquids is typically anywhere between 72%-80% VG.

Fa-Q e-liquid is available in four different nicotine strengths: 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and zero nicotine. The bottles contain 16ml of juice but are also available in 30ml size.

Premier Ecigs

Please Note: Fa-Q/dripTonic liquids do not work in all clearomisers, especially CE4s and other plastic clearomisers.

I vaped the two juices that were submitted from this range in my Mini Freakshow RDA built with a 0.8ohm single coil and wicked with cotton bacon.

Green Party

Apple Kiwi. In a time where a two party system is the norm, you feel compelled to break out of the shackles of this system. What's that? A third party? They have ideals that are in line with your needs: Green Party has come to save us all.

This juice is a mix of fresh, juicy apple mixed with sweet kiwi. I found the apple doesn’t come through right away and it’s a little bit more like an apple tart rather than the fruit on its own. The sweetness is just right and not overwhelming but I did feel that it would have been better with the apple flavour being a little stronger but that is probably due to personal preference.

Vapour production is very good and the juice has a mild throat hit.


Funky Monkey

Banana, Strawberry, and Kiwi, as the sun rises in the misty jungle a monkey travels from tree to tree in search of the perfect fruit combination. Through his travels he finds his favourite flavours: bananas, kiwis and strawberries. As he proceeds to mash them together, he drinks the ambrosia of his labour. Becoming manic, he flies off again into the jungle, in search for more. This may very well be the perfect fruit blend.

It seems that Junglist previously covered this juice in an earlier review but if by any chance you missed that then I have added his thoughts here:

On opening the bottle you can tell this is a fruity one.  The vision of a monkey mashing up the fruit has freaked me out a bit but having had a good sniff I am calm once more.  I can pick out the Kiwi, tangy and refreshing and making my taste buds sit up to attention.  I get the sweetness of a ripe banana but not the full on heavy banana taste I was expecting.  The overly sweet and lush taste of strawberries is there as an aftertaste on the exhale. This is a really nice and refreshing fruit e-liquid and I would definitely go for this one again. 

I also really enjoyed this juice and I didn’t really expect to since I’m not a massive fan of banana vapes. As a tropical mix it works very well with the banana being quite sweet as you inhale and then you get the kiwi and strawberry coming through later. I thought the kiwi was possibly a little subtle but it does serve to mellow the strawberry.

I got the impression that there is some other fruit in the mix possibly pineapple but I am not 100% certain. This is a very pleasant fruity vape that is quite refreshing. It has good vapour production with a mild throat hit.



Considering how much I enjoy tobacco vapes I am amazed that I somehow missed the Apollo juices. Now that I have had the chance to try them and discovered how much I liked the flavours I will certainly be getting some more.

I think that if you are someone who likes tobacco flavoured e-liquids then you will get a lot of enjoyment out of these.

If you are someone who currently smokes and is looking to get into vaping but has had difficulty in the past finding juices that taste similar to tobacco then you can’t go wrong giving Apollo a try.

As far as the Fa-Q juices are concerned I did enjoy them and they are very nice fruity flavours that should appeal to most people but my personal preference would be to purchase more of Apollo’s tobacco range because I really loved those.  

Do note that Apollo’s main range covers more than just tobacco since there also drinks flavours, fruit, mint and desserts. Prices are very reasonable, for the main range 10ml bottles were originally £6.95 but are currently just £4.95. 30ml bottles are £12.95 and 5ml sample bottles are £2.95. The Fa-Q juices are £9.50 for a 16ml bottle and £16.99 for a 30ml bottle - and POTV readers can also get 20% off these prices with the discount code FUTURE.  You can check out the range here http://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/eliquid-s/55.htm.


Many thanks to Apollo E-Cigs UK for submitting this juice to Planet of the Vapes for review.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or vendor and have an item that you would like reviewed by our team please contact us here.

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