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American Desire E-Juice by Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape who I am sure need no introduction are based in Lancashire and sell a large variety of products including their own e-juices as well as concentrates and supplies for DIY enthusiasts. Their latest range is called American Desire and offers five new flavours based on American themed recipes.

The mix ratio is very different to a typical Vampire Vape juice. After a great deal of feedback from people who commented on their favourite ratio the decision was made to make this range 65VG/35PG.

The juice comes in 30ml darkened glass dropper bottles marked with clear warning labels. It is available in three strengths, 5mg, 2.5mg and zero nicotine.

All juices were tested in a Freakshow Mini RDA using a 1.0 Ohm single coil. I wicked the coil with Cotton Bacon and I vaped my dripper on the IPV 4S using wattages between 25-35 Watts.

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Creamy custard and juicy strawberry

This is a really delicious creamy custard blended with a juicy and natural tasting strawberry flavour. It is a extremely smooth vape and the custard is truly excellent. There is no hint of that cheap powdery taste you sometimes get with custards, this one tastes very milky like a traditional home made one. The strawberry is lovely and enhances a already lush vape. 

Vapour production is excellent and I found the juice to have a mild throat hit. I could vape this one all day long.

Home Run 

Fruit loop style cereal flavour

Like the previous juice this one is very smooth. In terms of flavour this one is most definitely fruit loops cereal as a vape. Sadly I am not really a fan of the fruit in this vape but then again I never liked the cereal either. Don't misunderstand me the actual fruit flavours used are excellent and very natural tasting, it's just that I don't like them used together in such a variety.

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Personal feelings aside this clearly is a very well made juice so if you love fruit loops then this will certainly please you. Even though I don't particularly enjoy the mixed fruits that is in this juice I really do like the cereal taste but my preference would be a single fruit rather than a combination of several. This is entirely subjective of course.

On the other hand if this had been milk and cereal and had a Weetabix taste I would buy it by the truckload. As it stands it is still a good juice but not really for me but it may be ideal for you.

Vapour production is once again extremely good and it has a mild throat hit.


Lemon style cheesecake

This is a really amazing and very tasty lemon cheesecake vape. It is extremely smooth to vape. The lemon is very natural and adds a lovely sweetness without ever becoming overpowering. The cheesecake base flavour is fantastic and the entire mix is blended really well. A highly enjoyable and impressive juice that I could vape all day long.


Once more vapour production is very good and the throat hit is mild.

Sure Shot

American candy and sherbet twist

This one has that very sweet taste of American candy. For me it's simply far too sweet when combined with the sherbet. However I really do like the sherbet that is used which gives a nice tingling sensation in the mouth but the candy is not for me.

However it does taste exactly like what it is supposed to be, have no doubt about that. I cannot fault the mixing or the flavours it's just a case of this one being a bit too sweet for my own personal taste. This is another subjective juice but if you really do love very sweet flavours then this will definitely be of interest to you. Like the others this is also a extremely smooth vape.

Throat hit is once again quite mild and vapour production is excellent.


Sweet strawberry and red liquorice

I have never liked liquorice to eat or to vape but this juice has made me reconsider that point of view. The liquorice when combined like this with a delicious strawberry becomes much better balanced and I find it far more enjoyable than I thought I would. I wouldn't vape it all day but I think it would make a good juice for when I fancy something different. 

This juice works very well and neither flavour is too prominent and overpowering. If you like either liquorice or strawberry then I think you will really enjoy this.

Vapour production like all the others in this range is great and the throat hit is mild.


This range is very different to the flavours Vampire Vape normally sell. They are very smooth vapes with both good flavour and excellent vapour production. While a couple of the juices weren't for me (entirely subjective) there were some real highlights in this range, the Liberty and Caddy in particular are really quite special and I would certainly vape those again.


A good range of juices that are well worth checking out. The American Desire range will be availabe to try and purchase at Vapefest, so if you are going then do head over to Vampire Vape.  If you are reading this post-Vapefest then check out the Vampire Vape site.

Many thanks to Vampire Vape for submitting this juice to Planet of the Vape's for us to review.

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