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Vape Simple Solts

SOLT are a UK based e-Liquid range from Vape Simple, consisting of straightforward, high-quality juice flavours. They kindly sent us the full range to try so here's what we thought

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Thank you to Vape Simple for sending these in to us for review!

SOLT is a UK based e-Liquid range made by Vape Simple, Which consists of simple, high-quality juice flavours. Their products come in 10ml, TPD compliant bottles with childproof and tamper evident caps, and are available in 10 or 20mg nicotine salt strengths with a 50/50 Pg/Vg ratio.

I asked Rob, aka 'BigCloud', to lend a hand with this review as I didn’t realise until I received the juices that most have either mint, menthol, tobacco or aniseed, none of which I am a fan of, so I thought it only fair to get someone who enjoys these flavours to share some feedback.

Here is what BigCloud had to say about six of the flavours (THANK YOU Rob x).


(Tank used siren mtl tank with a 1.2Ω coil 12 watts)

This one has a nice, rich, authentic classic tobacco taste whilst giving good vapour production. On the inhale, it is not overpowering but coats your mouth with a pleasant, creamy undertone on the exhale leading to a smooth throat hit. I was pleasantly surprised by this as it's not one I would have gone out and bought for myself. Now having tried it, I would definitely give it another go.

Sweet Tobacco

(Tank used siren mtl tank with a 1.2Ω coil 12 watts)

Similar to the tobacco but with a few added extras thrown into the mix. It has good vapour production. Again, this one surprised me. A  lightly spiced, sweet tobacco on the inhale with a good throat hit, giving dessert and sweet, buttery notes on the exhale which makes this a great sweet vape . A really good, original tobacco flavour base layered with mild notes of sweet and spicy caramel, cinnamon and cloves. They have got this blended just right, everything mixes together well and it is not overpowering. I think this would be great for tobacco lovers with a soft spot for rich desserts. I really liked this one and have made sure to keep some back for later use.


(Tank used siren mtl tank with a 1.2Ω coil 12 watts)

This one should have been called peppermint chill. It's a nice, icy fresh, subtle, sweet peppermint vape, not too strong like vaping a Halls cough sweet, giving you a fresh, frosty vape with good vapour production. It really refreshes your mouth. If you like menthol, this one is worth checking out and it could be your new all day vape.

Super Fruits

(Tank used siren mtl tank with a 1.2Ω coil 13 watts)

A really good Heisenberg style eliquid that is bursting with juicy, sweet red berries and aniseed on the inhale. The aniseed is not overpowering but you know it is there, in fact it is blended really well, a great combination of flavours. On the exhale comes the icy menthol, not too strong just about perfect. SOLT have done a great job with this one, a really flavourful juice that I will definitely buy again.

Black Ice

(Tank used siren mtl tank with a 1.2Ω coil 13 watts)

An outstanding sweet, juicy, succulent blackcurrant vape. It just soaks your mouth with rich blackcurrants that cut through with tart notes on the inhale. On the exhale, there is an icy menthol which leaves your mouth feeling nicely chilled and full of blackcurrants. A perfect balance between sweet, sharp and minty goodness. This, for me, would be an ideal summer all day vape, I really enjoyed this juice and it is in my "to buy again" list.


(Device used ZQ Xtal Pod with a 1.0Ω mesh coil)

This one has a simple name but is not just a one note flavour. It's a tropical cocktail with good vapour production. First impressions are a good, authentic mango, but as you progress, you get a hint of mandarin on the back end giving it a nice citrus kick. This one is absolutely delightful, really refreshing. Out of all the range, this has to be my favourite one of the bunch, I just couldn’t put it down.

Vape simple solts fill range Deedee's delight

I personally reviewed the following:


(Device used the Uwell KoKo 1.2Ω pods and Vaporesso Xros 0.8)

I do enjoy melon but have struggled to find a decent juice until now. This flavour is wonderful, not overpowering, just a nice, sweet melon flavour. The quality of the juice for me is perfect, and I will be putting in an order for more very soon as I have just finished the bottle! There is no ice or cooling in this and it is easy on the coils. It's pure melon goodness, I loved it.


(Device used the Uwell KoKo 1.2Ω pods)

I don’t normally vape vanilla but I rather enjoyed this one. It tasted full and creamy, a true vanilla flavour, not too sweet. It is a very dense flavour. I personally didn’t enjoy vaping it on its own so I tried adding 1 ml to my pods with some fruit flavoured juice and it actually makes a nice smoothie base flavour. If you love vanilla, I think you will really enjoy this juice.


(Joyetech eGo Pod – 1.2Ω pods)

As I have said, I am not really into mint juices but I have tried two or three spearmint juices in the past. I prefer them to any other mint varieties. This Solt Spearmint is stronger than I thought it would be. It gave a slight cooling effect on the inhale, with a typical slightly sweet spearmint flavour, and on the exhale the cooling really kicks in. I have done around half the bottle, but as I said, I am not a mint fan. If you enjoy a Spearmint e-juice with a nice cooling sensation, then I suggest you pick yourself up a bottle!

Wild Berries

(GTX18 Tank using 1.2Ω round wire coil)

Initially this juice had a nice, sweet taste with an icy/cooling sensation on the inhale. The flavour of dark berries and aniseed works well together. Whilst I personally am not a fan of this juice, purely due to the aniseed and ice, I can appreciate the depth and quality of the flavours here. It may not suit my personal tastes, but I can definitely see it appealing to a lot of vapers who like these kinds of flavour profiles.

Vape simple solts fill range with the caliburn Koko

In Summary

SOLT are a quality nic salt range. Vape Simple have done a great job with these, and it's fair to say the descriptions really do match the taste of each juice, you'd be amazed how often this doesn't happen!

I am looking forward to seeing what they do next with this range as they are obviously really good quality flavours, but I found there could have been a little more variation. I would suggest that Vape Simple look at creating some fruit and candy juices as they would then cater to a wider audience. Many of their juices contain strong menthol, mint or aniseed and, whilst they do those flavours well, the Mango and Melon were favourites. You can never have too much choice after all!

You can purchase these from https://www.vape-simple.com/collections/solt for £4.99 each

Again, thank you to vape simple for sending these in for review

Vape simple solts fill range

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