Vape Limeade by Vapetasia Review by Dan Willis

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Vape Limeade is an e-liquid range from the team at Las Vegas based Vapetasia, who have brought a couple of great ranges over to the UK recently, such as Vape Lemonade and Vape Parfait, and we will be having a look at a couple more from these guys shortly in upcoming reviews, such as the Fruit N Custard and Vapetasia e-liquid lines. Like the other Vapetasia e-liquids, only the finest ingredients have been sourced and used in the Vape Limeade range, and Vape Limeade is mixed and packaged in a sterile lab environment.

Vape Limeade offers two e-liquids at present, Blue Raspberry Limeade and Cherry Limeade, both of which are mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, are presently available in 15ml, 30ml and 60ml bottle sizes and in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. Like the other e-liquids Vapetasia produce, the bottle labelling and packaging design is excellent, sporting funky and cool designs!

I reviewed Vape Lemonade from Vapetasia recently and really enjoyed that, so I’m hoping for more of the same from Vape Limeade!

Blue Raspberry Limeade

The perfect melody of lime with a touch of ripe blue raspberries creating a flawless sweet and tangy flavour profile. A vape that was made to quench your thirst!

I must say that I really enjoyed the blue raspberry inhale here, it is a bit of a different taste compared to what my tastebuds usually experience! It’s a really sweet raspberry flavour, that when combined with the limeade base offers one of the sweetest and zingiest e-liquids I have tried to date. This one really got my mouth watering!

Cherry Limeade

Freshly squeezed lime with a kiss of cherry sweetness. Creating the right balance of sweet and tart to provide a refreshing vape any time of the day…

I’ve been averse to e-liquids containing cherry flavouring in the past, as the majority of the ones I have tried have had a harsh artificial taste to them. Cherry Limeade contains a refreshing fresh red cherry taste to it, that actually does a great job of replicating the taste of the actual fruit itself. Combined with the Limeade base, this makes for a very sweet e-liquid, that is also delivered smoothly to your palate as well.


Vape Limeade offers two e-liquids that are lip smackingly sweet takes on limeade blends. The limeade base kind of reminded me of the green fruit pastille sweets, and offered me a delicious, sweet and zingy aftertaste that I really enjoyed. Both the blue raspberry and cherry flavours blend perfectly well with this tasty limeade base and make for two e-liquids that appeal directly to lovers of fruit e-liquids.

Many thanks to E-Liquids UK for sending in the Vape Limeade e-liquids to review. You can purchase them from their website here, alongside many other great e-liquid ranges including the rest of the Vapetasia range!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
Dan was an early adopter of vaping as a way to quit smoking and has seen and done pretty much all there is to see and do in the vaping world! From Ego batteries to mechs and from rebuildables to pods there isn't much that Dan hasn't tried.