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Frumist have released three new eliquid ranges recently and Vape Infuse is a new fruit based range now available from these guys. It features Space Jam, Fusion, Pink Magic, Blueberg, Dream Berry and Red Star, priced very competitively at £9.99 for 30ml and POTV readers can get 20% off these prices. 

Frumist have been around now since 2012, and over time they have grown into one of the largest wholesale brands within the industry. Frumist’s own eliquid ranges were carefully developed in house, involving a lot of market research alongside extensive research and development, to create a wide range of eliquids that catered to all tastes across the market. The highest quality ingredients and manufacturing standards are used throughout their eliquid brands. 

Vape Infuse is available in 30ml bottle sizes with nicotine strengths available in zero, 3mg and 6mg. The Vape Infuse range comes in childproof glass dropper bottles with clear labeling and the relevant safety information printed clearly. Junglist has previously reviewed the Indulge range from Frumist, which you can read here, and I was sent the full range of Vape Infuse, here are my thoughts..

Space Jam

Premier Ecigs

A perfect blend of a succulent sweet grape followed by a subtle hint of mint.

Space Jam gives off a tasty scent of grapes and fresh mint, which sets the overall tone for this eliquid. There's very fresh tasting mint present from start to finish, a pretty strong taste of actual mint itself, underpinned with a hint of grape. It's extremely smooth, and the two flavours mix together to provide quite a unique tasting vape that had me coming back for more!


Mouth watering mango mixed with fresh bursts of ripe watermelon.

Fusion possesses a quite delicious and mouthwatering scent, a tasty and inviting mixture of mango and watermelon which really got me excited about trying out this juice. I wasn't disappointed either, with a sweet mango and watermelon fusion providing a smooth vape I quite happily returned to time and time again. It has a real exotic feel to it, and plenty of vapour to boot as well!


Pink Magic

An explosive mouth watering infusion of citrus fruits mixed with a tangy grapefruit twist.

Now I went into Pink Magic without looking at the description, and I expected a pink lemonade vape. The scent was giving off a strong grapefruit vibe, and that was the overriding flavour note that I got with a hint of lemon underpinning the grapefruit. It almost reminds me of a grapefruit/citrus blended mixture, and its both tangy and sweet with a slight dry finish to it. I couldn't detect any throat hit, flavour delivery was very smooth, and there was a lot of thick and dense vapour produced by Pink Magic. 


A dramatic mixture of fruity flavours finished with a cooling after tone leaving you refreshed.

Upon opening the bottle of Blueberg I get a very strong scent of candied blueberry, which I actually found pretty pleasant. I immediately dripped some into my Goon RDA and was met with candied blueberry as I first expected on the inhale, intertwined with a touch of grape in the background. There's a cooling exhale present as well, which blends in very nicely with the blueberry and grape, and I found Blueberg to be very smooth indeed, with the fruit flavours mixed perfectly and not too overwhelming, like many blueberry based vapes can be.

Dream Berry

A juicy flavour blending those super rich berries to create a magical delicious flavour. A subtle hint of gooseberries mixed with a touch of cranberries, blackberries, blackcurrant and oxidised blueberries.

Dream Berry features a heavy scent of blackcurrant, that smells just like a bottle of blackcurrant squash! Blackcurrant takes centre stage here and it's a mouthwatering taste of blackcurrant fruit itself, rather than an artificial blackcurrant for instance. I can individually pick up gooseberry, cranberry and an undertone of blueberry in the background, and these berries combine together to provide a really smooth, cloudy and most importantly tasty fruit vape!

Red Star


A tasty mix of black grapes and red berries mixed with subtle undertones of aniseed and menthol topped with hints of sweet eucalyptus.

There's a real strong smell of aniseed and eucalyptus given off by Red Star, and there is plenty of aniseed and eucalyptus present within! Red Star had the strongest throat hit out of the Vape Infuse eliquids that I tried, as that aniseed, menthol and eucalyptus really does hit the the back of your throat, the black grape and berry mix gives the overall flavour a throat sweet vibe to it. As a palate refresher, this is excellent, I'm not sure about subtle undertones of aniseed, menthol and eucalyptus, as this has a strong cooling flavour to it, certainly so in my Goon RDA at 50w!


Vape Infuse features a tasty range of fruit based blends that offer strong fruity flavours and plenty of vapour production. I was impressed with just how smooth and tasty these liquids were, nice and sweet without being too overpowering either. They have been mixed very well, with a lot of thought and attention to detail put into their blends, with the resultant liquids definitely appealing to the sweet toothed fruit lover out there!

Frumist had one of the busiest stands we witnessed at Vaper Expo recently which is testament to the quality of the juices they provide, and as junglist previously mentioned in his Indulge review Frumist have been carefully preparing for the impending TPD regulations and their juices have been prepared with this in mind, which was reiterated in the brief chat I had with the owner of Frumist at Vaper Expo. 

Many thanks to Frumist for sending the Vape Infuse range in for review, these can be purchased from alongside the other ranges they currently have available, and they are priced extremely reasonably at £9.99 for 30ml, with a 20% off discount code for POTV readers taking the price down to a superb £7.99 for 30ml!


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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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