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Vanilla Vapes Signature collection

Here we have the Signature Collection from the team over at Vanilla Vapes, something which is new to the liquid ranges in the UK where they wanted to try something a bit different.

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Here we have the Signature Collection from the team over at Vanilla Vapes, something which is new to the e-liquid ranges in the UK where they wanted to try something a bit different. To acheive this, they have used flavours which are are often underused in the vaping world. Some of the flavours have been done before but they have tried to give them their own unique touch which makes them special. They can be purchased either in shortfill bottles or concentrates…fantastic!

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection The Juicy One

The Juicy One

The Juicy One is a tropical blend of sunshine fruits in a short fill e-liquid. A complex, layered tropical e-liquid with twists and turns as you pick up different notes with every vape. A long drink, blended from 7 different tropical fruits, bringing the Caribbean sunshine to your vape.

For me, this is a well-balanced liquid, very tasty and perfect for squonking.
It goes down a treat in an RDA which worked really well in terms of vape quality and taste.
​I vaped it all day and there were no changes in flavour.  
I did prefer to vape it at 80W on a RDA set up at 0.18 Ohm, which clouded like a beast and still gave me huge amounts of flavour.
You can tell straight away that it has tropical hints and it brings all the citrus flavours mixed with passionfruit and mango, and then tops them off on a pineapple roller-coaster ride.
This flavour has really been thought about and at first I thought it was going to be a mix concocted with no balance…I was wrong.
​If this sounds like your flavour, be sure to try it out! I’m giving this 8 out of 10

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection The Frosty One

The Frosty One

The Frosty One is a icy blend of forest fruits all rounded into a short fill e-liquid. The Signature Collection offers something for all tastes and we know some like it cold. It's not a full brain freeze e-liquid but it does have a healthy serving of cooling.

I started my vaping journey on ice and menthol flavours so this for me was a big contender but it had to have the right amount of freshness without being too much, quite a tricky balance! To my relief, they have pulled it off. Using this in a subohm tank, I was nervous it wouldn’t be right but was and it didn’t kill the coil!
​I vaped this over a whole day and decided it was very much my kind of flavour mix which was great in all honesty.
I prefered to vape it at 55W with a 0.2 Ohm coil and it was lovely. Some may say it’s not enough, but it worked for me.

The mixed flavours of raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrants certainly go together really well. This is a forest splash all in one! The coolness it brings is nice and not over powering.
I’d recommend you add this to your stash of liquids if you’re into your icy touch. This combination of flavours deserves 9 out of 10.

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection The Posh One

The Posh One

The Posh One is an elderflower, forest berry jelly crafted into a short fill e-liquid. We couldn't make a UK made Signature collection without including an elderflower e-liquid. The perfect floral vape for an after dinner treat on a summer evening as well as a perfect refresher for the long winter months.

So I couldn’t get this at first. I tried to understand what the flavours were…at times I felt it was flowery and not my cup of tea but as I got used to it, I was in heaven! Bang on!
When I first tried elderflower in a liquid, it blew me away and I was totally into it so this makes it a key addition to the range.
​I found that vaping this all day was a treat and I never got bored of it, which was a real bonus.
I used an RDA to get this beauty fired up at 0.15 Ohm with some nice fused claptons.

The flavour combination of summer berries is beautifully blended and there is also a hint of champagne jelly…very posh!
This e-liquid is one of a kind…this flavour deserves 7 out of 10.

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection The Coffee One

The Coffee One

The Coffee One is a caramel cafè latte e-liquid in a short fill bottle. When we made this e-liquid we wanted to make a clean, complex flavour which coffee lovers can enjoy day after day. The espresso and caramel pair together perfectly with freshly steamed milk adding a beautiful creamy depth to the flavour.

Now get this, I’m a big coffee fan and I love what the flavour can bring it to an e-liquid, but I tend to stay clear from them. But I went for it and gave it a go, dripping it in an RDA because I didn’t want to waste a coil! I know coffee flavours can be real coil killers.
I prefered to vape it at 70W on a RDA set up at 0.2 Ohm, pretty nice and subtle for coffee. Maybe I should I have tweaked it with a drop down in ohms, more 0.4 Ohm. Oh well, it is done now.

I would describe this as a creamy vanilla latte, with a caramel shot of syrup which is dying to hammer your coils. However, the blend works well so if you’re into coffee, go for it, but for me…this flavour is a 6 out of 10.

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection The Fizzy One

The Fizzy One

The Fizzy One is a deliciously retro cherry cola bottles vape. At first you'll taste the sweet cola flavour with a delicate cherry, then the twist kicks in on the exhale and you'll meet the fizz and sour coating. In the aftertaste, all the elements combine into a refreshing palate cleanser like an artisan cherry cola beverage.  

Rola Cola was what I was thinking of when I heard this. Why? Because I don’t know anyone who has managed to pull of cola perfectly…it's hard as it has secret ingredients. 

So, I decided to have this in a subohm tank so it would benefit from mesh coils and it is really good! It’s not ‘Coca Cola’ but it is a nice, traditional cola. The flavour that was produced from my tank was really enjoyable.
I did prefer to vape it at 45-55W with the understanding that it would change but it didn’t, and the sweetness came in nicely. The fizziness was decent and not too much for me. The sugary and sour notes in the cola worked well with hints of cherry and it was a very enjoyable vape.
​If you’re into pop flavours then this is one to try and deserves a 7-8 out of 10.

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection The Pink One

The Pink One

The Pink One is a sparkling pink lemonade e-liquid in its purest form. Starting with a base of home-made Sicilian-style cloudy lemonade, adding a touch of sweetness to balance out the bitter lemon and a light fizz for that authentic lemonade tang. It would be a great vape if we left it there, but we lifted it to the next level with the addition of sharp, juicy raspberry to turn it pink and squeeze every last drop of refreshment out of our signature collection. 

For me, this is a great all day e-liquid, very tasty and perfect on a RTA.
I managed to try this on the Kylin Mesh and boy, it worked a treat. The flavour was great, so authentic, it was one I couldn’t put down. In fact I only have half a bottle left in terms of overall usage. 
I vaped it on a lower power at around 45W, which is just right for me.
This flavour is a classic twist on the original pink lemonade which everyone is using at the moment. It has a good bite to it and it has a slight fizziness, not overly strong but plenty enough for the mix to work. The raspberries are subtle and work a treat so all in all a nice combo here. 

This e-liquid is one of a kind and I find it a go to choice daily. I don't get bored of the flavour and it is never muted.
​I would recommend this without any hesitation, this flavour deserves a 9 out of 10…awesome!

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection The Prickly One

The Prickly One

The Prickly One is a unique blend of cactus and melon in a short fill e-liquid. When we developed our Signature Collection, we wanted to make complex flavours that dare to be different. The Prickly One certainly delivers in this area!

The very first time I heard of a cactus flavour was back in the ZAP! range, and I was couldn't imagine how it would work! But in this e-liquid, it’s so good, very smooth, and I could see it being a great addition to any flavour mix.

I dropped this into an RDA tank and so far it’s been very kind to it, and by that I mean it lasts well and flavour profile is stong and bang on point.
I vaped this at 65W through a period of two days as it became extremely addictive to my taste buds!
This bizarre but amazing combination of watermelon, cucumber and cactus brings a refreshing bang to the taste…it's great!
​If you want refreshing flavour with no awkwardness then this is the one to get. I’m giving this an 8 out of 10 but only because it is a more subtle flavour. I do really like a bang in the mouth!


Overall, I think they have mastered these unique recipes really well here and I cannot fault them. I tend to like strong flavours, leaning towards fruits and desserts. I like coffee a lot but in a mug rather than a vape so it wasn't for me but I tried to be subjective in my overall thoughts on this one. Be sure to try it though as everyone has a different tastes.

The question is would I buy them? Of course! You can see by my ratings, and I’m not one for lying, I appreciate good flavours when I taste them so well done and good luck in the venture!

You can pick up the shortfills for £14.99 or if you prefer to DIY, the concentrates are priced at £8.99.

Many thanks again to the guys at Vanilla vapes for providing these for review!

Vanilla Vapes Signature collection full range

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