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Vampire Vape Koncept Shortfill Range

Vampire Vape have released the fangtastic new Koncept range, a mix of some brand new flavours along with some old classics. You'd be Bats not to check them out!

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Vampire Vape Koncept Shortfill Range

Vampire Vape have been a very popular e-liquid brand for a while now, and with very good reason. Now they could have just sat back and carried on doing what they do, after all, they have a very loyal following already. But no, they have had a redesign, bringing out the new “Koncept” range which mixes old favourites with some new flavours along with a fresh, new design. But is it a case of the emperor’s new clothes, or is this a new chapter in their already successful story?

The biggest obvious change, other than dropping the “XIX” from the name, is that the PG/VG ratio has been changed from 80/20 VG/PG to 70/30. This is welcome news if you aren’t a subOhm vaper as they should now work better in a larger variety of tanks and pods. PG also carries flavour better although I am not sure how much your average vaper will notice the difference. Regular Vampire Vapes fans will be pleased to see some favourites are still there too, good news if you are a fan of Heisenberg, Pinkman, Blood Sukka or All Day Grape. Joining these classics are six brand new flavours which means even more choice. They even have a tobacco now so there really is something for everyone.

These are all 50ML shortfills with space for your nic short (which you can order with your e-liquid). I love the new branding, it is very clean and clear, and all the labelling is very easy to read. All relevant UK standards are highlighted on the label, but they have included more information under the peelable label for overseas markets. I would recommend you pick up a shortfill lid opener with your order if you don’t already have one though, as you have to take off the whole top to add your nic shot (note to self: buy a lid opener next order!)

So full marks in the packaging department, but it’s no good if it’s all mouth and no trousers! So, let’s get on with the tasting! Obviously, taste is very personal, so this is very much my opinions but hopefully it will give you an idea of what to expect from the Vampire Vapes Koncept range.

Vampire Vape Koncept Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango, is a new addition to the brand new Koncept range by Vampire Vape. The infusion of ripe mangos sends your taste buds into a tropical whirlwind, leaving you with an exotic juicy aroma on every inhale. The ideal flavour to take you back to the hot summer days, leaving you feeling refreshed!

There is no mistaking this flavour, this is an n your face, strong mango, so juicy you can almost feel it dripping down your chin. There is a slight cooling, but it isn’t strong and works well, stopping things from getting too sickly. It is very smooth, and the flavour lingers on your tastebuds for a while after, although not for too long as it is very hard to put down. Very vapable, this is a must for mango fans.


The all-new Koncept from Vampire Vape introduces Pinkman, the real MVP of the fruity flavours! Perfect if you are looking for a one of a kind taste sensation. A true mouth-watering fruit explosion that your taste buds have been waiting for!

Sweet and familiar but also new. It is a mixed fruit flavour that reminds me of childhood, jelly, um bongo, 10p mixes, that sort of thing but also not. I know this may not make much sense but if you try it, you’ll understand. It is hard to pin down but it’s good fun guessing. For such a sweet juice, it is surprisingly kind on the coils so you can just keep on vaping which is a bonus as it is very moreish.


Catapult is now available in a bigger bottle as it is introduced to the all-new Koncept range, brought to you by Vampire Vape. The same classic blend of fresh dark fruits which have been infused with a cool, menthol hit. Taste the refreshing blackcurrants notes on your inhale, leading to the cool Caribbean breeze aftertaste.

This one is a little more subtle on the initial hit, but this is deceiving as it is quite a complex juice. The dark fruits and berries are in perfect harmony, tart without being too sharp. The menthol is refreshing without taking your breath away and then the second hit of berries cuts back in leaving a lingering taste sensation. I’ve had plenty of juices that work differently on the inhale and exhale but never one that has an extra layer somewhere in the middle. It also manages to not taste like cough sweets so avoids falling in to any cliches.

Cool Watermelon

Cool Watermelon, a sweet exotic fruit which has been enhanced with a cool and fresh aftertaste, has joined the all-new Koncept range by Vampire Vape! This refreshing e-liquid has an intense flavour kick which can be tasted on the first inhale, replicating a popular summer flavour and an ideal all-day vape.”

This is no lightweight, gentle watermelon, it well and truly grabs you by the, um, melons and hits you with a blast of fresh flavour. It is a stunning watermelon, not one that hides behind delicate complexity. It has that signature cool rush, not an icy blast but a cool breeze. Once again, there is a delicious, juicy aftertaste which lingers long after you put it down.

Smooth Tobacco

Smooth tobacco is a decadent tobacco flavour that blends Virginia’s finest crops with smooth, creamy vanilla. Perfect for those who prefer a mild tobacco flavour that falls on the sweeter end of the spectrum.

A very solid tobacco and will definitely hit the spot if you are missing the smokes. The tobacco base gives you everything you need from a freshly opened pack and has just the right amount of leafy, ashiness, but layered into it is a slightly sweer, almost caramel tone which gives it a smoothness. I am not a big fan of tobacco flavours, but this is a good one.

Vampire Vape Koncept Heisenberg

All Day Grape

All Day Grape is easily an All Day Vape contender as the juicy flavours rush in giving an intense fruit hit that is propelled by the ice-cold undertone. You’ll be reconsidering your all day vape after tasting the sweet grape juice with our signature cooling blast.

I do love a good pun based juice name! If you like purple grape juice, you are in for a treat. This is a warm, sweet, slightly syrupy, rich purple candy grape and is, as is standard across the whole range, not shy in the flavour department. Whilst the grape flavour is warm tasting, this is countered by a slight cool hit which keeps your tastebuds on their toes and also means it never gets too sickly. This is a great combination which works really well.


The Daddy of All Day Vapes, a prominent flavour in the all-new Koncept range brought to you by Vampire Vape! Heisenberg is a notorious flavour that has dominated the e-liquid industry with its unique and long-lasting flavours. It is both fruity and icy which gives the e-liquid a sweet, cool hit that makes for a perfect all-day-vape."

I was really looking forward to trying this legendary flavour, but sadly I found it doesn’t like me very much. Something in it irritated my throat causing a slight tickly cough. I think it is just a little too strong in the menthol department. It is a shame as the flavour and sensation is superb, an in your face menthol/fruit mix which really gets every part of your tastebuds stimulated. If you were already a fan, you will know what to expect. If you haven’t already tried it but love seriously fresh E-liquids, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.

Simply Blackcurrant

Simply Blackcurrant, a simple but sweet addition to the all-new Koncept range by Vampire Vape. The ripe and rich Blackcurrant flavourings can be tasted throughout every vape, leaving you wanting more. This sweet and fruity e-liquid is an ideal all-day vape which leaves you with a refreshing blast of this rich summer berry.

There is something reassuring about blackcurrant flavours as the days get shorter. I think it stems back to when I was knee high to a grasshopper and my Mum would give me a mug of hot Ribena to warm up after school. Most blackcurrants are nowhere near as strong as the classic squash but once again, Vampire Vape have knocked it out of the park with a lush, deep, flavoursome take on the berry, sweet but with just the right amount of a tart kick so you cannot mistake the flavour. If you are the kind of person who sorts starbursts in to colours and always eat the purple ones first, you definitely need to try this.

Sweet Lemon Pie

Sweet Lemon Pie the award-winning Best Dessert, is now available in the all-new Koncept range! The same ultimate flavour in a bigger bottle. The rich lemon flavour is the greatest dessert which has been blended with a buttery pastry base. This mouth-watering e-liquid is an intense flavour which is a luscious citrus vape which is packed full of flavours

Wow, this is good! For some reason, I wasn’t in that much of a hurry to try this one but man, it blew me away! From the first inhale, I knew this was an absolutely top juice. It has a strong, sweet lemon, like a lemon curd but the kind you buy from a farmer’s market and not the rubbish they sell in the supermarket. This is topped by a sweet top layer and underneath is a fresh baked crust. So basically, it is a really good, like your granny baked it, lemon meringue pie. The flavours are strong, and the combination of the sweet topping and the tangy lemon is fantastic. This has shot to the top tier of my all-time favourite juices.

Blood Sukka

Blood Sukka in the all-new Koncept range is a fantastic smooth vape packed with flavour. The sweet blend of red cherries and berries is perfectly balanced giving an invigorating vape. One which is further enhanced with a eucalyptus and aniseed kick which gives it one hell of a bite.

From the description, I though this might be too similar to some of the other Vampire Vapes Signature flavours, but I was wrong. The cherry is unmistakable and has the authentic depth of ripe black cherries. I didn’t get many other berry flavours but that is fine as the cherry is so good. Anyone who knows me knows of my never-ending search for the perfect cherry juice, and if this was the only flavour in the bottle, I would be more than happy. But there’s more! Coming up from behind is a sweet, smooth eucalyptus and a stunning aniseed which brings everything together and leaves a really pleasant sensation on your tongue. I was worried the eucalyptus would overpower things but, although it is strong, it still manages to have its own place in the blend.

Vampire Vape Koncept Blood Sukka

Final thoughts

This is one hell of a strong line up. Usually when we get a full range in for review, there will be a few weaker flavours that you feel were just added to bulk things up, but every single flavour is worthy of its place in the line-up. Somehow, with all this strong flavour, they are very clean and you won’t be needing to change your wicks after each tank too. These are all strong tasting, there is nothing bland or wishy-washy here. This is a killer range which manages to cover so many bases. If you already love Vampire Vape, you will be very at home here, and if you haven’t had the pleasure before, do yourself a favour and grab some of these as you won’t be disappointed.

If all this wasn’t good enough already, they are also very reasonably priced at just £11.99 a bottle. You just can’t go wrong really.

Many thanks to Vampire Vape for sending these in for review, I will definitely be back for more soon!

Vampire Vape Koncept Pinkman

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