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Unreal Raspberry

Unreal Raspberry by Dispergo Vaping

I don’t think it is any secret that I am a massive fan of Dispergo Vaping, they really are one of the best UK e-liquid companies around at the moment and they show no sign of slowing down any time soon. So when they messaged me to say they had a new range out and would I like to review it, well that was a no brainer. But when they said they thought Unreal Raspberry was their best range yet, that was when I really started to get excited!

Not only do they make amazing tasting juices, what I really love about Dispergo is their real passion for their craft. I was lucky enough to meet the team and the positive vibes were totally infectious. You can really feel the love for what they do when you talk to them, and this really does come over in their products. Anyone can make nice flavoured e-liquid, but it really does take dedication and passion to make it exceptional.

But I have to say I did have some reservations when I saw this new line are based on blue raspberry. Whilst I have had some amazing blue raspberry juices in the past, I have also found that they can be overly sweet, and I have had more than a few which have been real coil killers. There is nothing worse than a bottle of e-liquid which smells amazing but burns the moment you hit the fire button. So I started out with a sense of mild trepidation. But I shouldn’t have worried, Dispergo know what they are doing, and this wasn’t an issue here, it is a sweet range but not to the detriment of your coils!

This is a more straightforward range, blue raspberry and another fruit, and the branding reflects that beautifully. The logos are clean and bold and are very eye-catching. These will look great on any vape shop shelf. Once again it shows that being uncomplicated doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality, like the juice inside, this is pure class. They are 70VG\30PG and come in 100ml bottles ready to add your nic shots.


Unreal Raspberry range


Blue eLiquid from Unreal Raspberry is a straight up, no-nonsense Blue Raspberry; the bluest of the blue - a sweet and fragrant blend of Blueberries and Raspberries”

In the words of the great Julie Andrews, let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. Blue is the base flavour that the range is built on, and it is a very strong base indeed. It is sweet, smooth, and juicy with a perfect marriage of tangy raspberry and fat full-bodied blueberries. It has a wonderfully syrupy feel but still manages to be fresh and clean. This is a very good start and set me up nicely for the variety to come.

Unreal Raspberry Blue


Black eLiquid from Unreal Raspberry is a carefully blended concoction of tart Blackcurrants along with Unreal’s Blue Raspberry basis.”

Pure Eliquids

I love blackcurrant in e-liquids, it is such a deep, rich flavour and it just fits my personal tastes so it was a no brainer that I would love this one. It is a very good blackcurrant too, think Ribena on steroids and you are getting close. It also brings out more of the raspberry tang. This is definitely big on flavour and not for the feint hearted. There is nothing subtle at all, it is full on and all the better for it.

Unreal Raspberry Black


Purple from Unreal Raspberry is a smashing combination of fragrant Grape on top of a sweet Blue Raspberry basis, like the rest of the flavours in the Unreal Raspberry range.”

I know there are a lot of purple grape fans, we quite often get requests for recommendations for a good purple grape juice on the forums so this will be a real crowd pleaser. It isn’t as rich as the Black, but it has a wonderful sweetness which pairs more with the blueberry. That is one of the clever bits of this range, each additional fruit interacts differently with the elements of the base flavour, and you really notice different notes with each one. Purple grape can also be a bit too sweet sometimes too but the raspberry counteracts that here making it very easy to vape.

Unreal Raspberry Purple

We Vape


Red eLiquid by Unreal Raspberry is a carefully concocted blend of tart Cherries along with the Unreal Blue Raspberry basis. “

This was where I started to get really excited as my vaping mission for many years was hunting down good cherry flavours. There are very few successful ones, sadly most have a hideous chemical taste and bear little resemblance to the fruit. Whilst Red manages to avoid that pitfall, I felt the cherry was a little too laid back and whilst it does add a bit of variety to the range, it wasn’t the gamechanger I was hoping it would be. The cherry is there but I possibly wouldn’t be able to point to it in a flavour line up. It is still a great juice, but don’t go in expecting it to be a hard-hitting cherry.

Unreal Raspberry Red


Yellow eLiquid from Unreal Raspberry contains a tropical fruit combination of tart Pineapple along with the base flavour of this range from Unreal - a thoroughly Blue Raspberry”

Here come the big guns! This is magic in a bottle. As often happens, this was probably the one that least stood out to me on paper, but I was in for a big surprise as this is one of those perfect juices (obviously taste is subjective so this is just my opinion, take it as you will). The combination of strong, tropical pineapple and blue raspberry is a match made in heaven. It tastes like Fruit Salad chews for grownups. The balance is absolutely perfect and if I was stuck on a desert island with only one bottle of juice from the Unreal Raspberry range, this would be it. In case you had missed the subtle point here, I absolutely love this juice!


Unreal Raspberry Yellow

Final Thoughts

The Unreal Raspberry range had a lot to live up to, my expectations of Dispergo Vaping juices is set very high as they produce so many amazing flavours. So, is this the best one yet? Hmmm that’s tricky, it is definitely up there with the best but choosing one favourite range is like choosing my favourite child. It is an impossible task. So rather than going out on a limb, I will just say that if you love strong, intense flavours which are blended to perfection, you will be more than happy with any of the Unreal Raspberry range.

But don’t take my word for it, just go and treat yourself. They are just £14.99 a bottle or are part of the 2 for £25 deal, and as always, they are covered by the Dispergo Satisfaction Guarantee so if you are not completely satisfied, you can swap them out for something else completely free of charge. I really can’t see many people needing to take them up on that though!

Unreal Raspberry by Dispergo

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 Michelle (Purplefowler)
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