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Udderly Amazing by Dispergo

Pugs is back with his unique view of the world. This time he is checking out the Udderly Amazing range from Dispergo Vaping!

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Welcome back once again my fluffy little steam monkeys. Tis I, back with another juice review for your ever wanting, and eternally expectant…pleasure…I mean…it’s not like you’ve got anything else to do right about now…am I right?.....strange and…bored times indeed, SO….what’s in store for your perusal today then?...you may inquisitively ask…

Creamy milk dairy goodness

That’s what.

Intrigued?....you should be. Actually…I should be, because believe me when I tell you that my flavour profile for what I vape personally is as fussy as a fussy thing on fussy day in the middle of fussy season (?) …..

Look, it’s my review, I don’t have to make sense…Ok…good…let’s crack on then, and ‘milk’ this thing for all that it’s worth, because it promises to be closer to my personal flavour profile than is seen as acceptable during today’s social distancing rules and regs, and is yet another range of e-liquids from camp ‘Dispergo’…or Jack Rabbit….or any number of names that appear on their site. Information on the actual people that came up with these ranges is as sparse as a sparse thing on sparse day in the middle of….oh whatever…the fact is, Dispergo are throwing out these things as thick and as fast…as a fast food thick shake….see what I did there…genius really… 

So, without further ado….May I present to you a range of creamy milkshake based e-liquids from Dispergo, Under the name ‘Udderly Amazing’…..love the name by the way.

Udderly Amazing by Dispergo

Now, like I said before, I know literally nothing about the guys and gals behind this range. All I can really tell you is that they are all 70/30 tipped in VG’s favour, are 50ml shortfills, and are four flavours all based around a basic milkshake profile…as you probably guessed, that much was udderly obvious, so let’s focus on the here and the cow, before I start throwing in more unnecessary and vaguely related puns, leaving you thinking…”How dairy” …(ahem)…..


The staple flavour for any milkshake collection, and probably the one that will outsell all the others by a country mile, but trust me, anything strawberry milk flavoured can go from sickly sweets to ‘vomit/feet’ very quickly depending on what combination of strawberry and cream concentrates were used in the recipe. Thankfully this one kinda sits bang in the middle. 

On the inhale it’s all strawberry, but quite a dry strawberry, not ‘candy’, and definitely not too sweet, just a smooth authentic strawberry, and on the exhale you get the dairy which blankets the whole thing in a warm, full bodied mouth-feel, very well balanced, but not one for the sweet-toothed amongst you. More of a ‘Strawberry cream’ than a strawberry milkshake, very nice though, needs a bit more ‘milk’ to pull off a ‘milkshake’ base in my opinion.

Udderly Amazing by Dispergo Strawberry


Now….I probably mix more vanilla flavours than any other, I have quite the collection of vanilla concentrates to choose from, but even in my vast selection, I cannot pin this one down. It’s certainly nothing I have, but it had me really wanting to know what it was. It’s really hard to describe but I have tasted it before, funnily enough, in a another range from Dispargo. Back then, I described it as ‘grilled dairy’, which sounds odd AF, but again, it has me lost for words that make any sense. It’s nice, I like it, but it’s not what I would call a traditional ‘vanilla’.

On the inhale, it’s all whichever vanilla profile this is, a warm, almost roasted, sweet flavour, and the dairy comes in alongside it and stays there for the exhale. It’s sweeter than the strawberry but not oversweet, and is also just as well balanced and full bodied. it’s an ADV for me, and one that I would be tempted to buy in the future, it’s good…..whatever it is.

Udderly Amazing by Dispergo Vanilla


Obviously we all know by now that taste is ‘udderly’ subjective, and I’m really not a banana vaper, they’re just always so ‘hit and miss’ with me, and truth be told, I’ve never actually found one that accurately represents a real, dairy, banana thick shake, and for me personally, the same is apparent here too. The banana is just a bit too artificial for me, tastes too much like those little banana foam sweets I used to eat as a kid, way too candy. It’s not unpleasant, and I’m guessing by just how popular banana cream liquids are, that people really dig that candy banana flavour, it’s just not for me and my fussy palate. 

On the inhale, it’s all banana, a little too overpowering though. It’s also really sweet, which might be the reason it tastes so ‘candy’. I also felt that it overpowered the milk and dairy aspect on the exhale.

Udderly Amazing by Dispergo Banana


I don’t think I’ve ever actually ordered a ‘hazelnut milkshake’ in my entire life, and I do love a milkshake. This one has me pondering whether that’s a mistake though, because I really dig this liquid….and oddly…not for the right reasons, because once again…Dispergo have me lost for a description. This doesn’t taste like hazelnut….in a nutshell (ahem) not any hazelnut I’ve tried before anyway, and to be honest, it’s probably a good thing because if you’ve ever mixed a nut juice yourself…..wait….that just sounds all kinds of wrong….but you know what I mean, usually nut concentrates can really overpower a mix, and I honestly don’t think you’d want that in a milkshake profile. It’s nutty, for sure, but only just. It’s more of a roasted back note, along with a sweet and mild nut flavour.

On the inhale, it’s a sweet, nutty taste which really smooths out on the exhale with the dairy notes. I really like this flavour and it’s not something I’ve ever tasted before, not a clue which concentrates they used, and to be honest I don’t really care! It gives a lovely, warm, roasted milk flavour, and this was probably my favourite one from the range, which is something I absolutely was not expecting.

Udderly Amazing by Dispergo Hazelnut

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the Udderly Amazing range of liquids from Dispargo would be thus….not ‘massively’ milkshake in flavour, but very well balanced and put together using high quality ingredients. I like them, there’s no chemical after-taste which is something I come across quite a lot with store bought liquids, and it is extremely difficult to get a milky liquid balanced. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can overdo the dairy and mute everything else, leaving you with a little less dairy magic….and a lot more exploding cow pat…

Thankfully, this is not the case with these. I dig em…what can I say, by the time I wrote this review, I’d pretty much tanked three of them already….just…not the banana.

Price-wise, you’re looking at anything between £12 and £15 a throw, which is bang average for a good quality liquid these days, so a good price point for an above average quality e-liquid….what’s not to like about that.

Until next time.

Stay safe, Stay well, and Stay TF indoors.


Udderly Amazing by Dispergo Full line up


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