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TRIX E-Liquid

TRIX E-Liquid is the new range from Smoke Kitchen, an award winning Russian Eliquid company. Smoke Kitchen manufacture E-Liquids, flavourings and nicotine bases, and their products are currently best sellers in the Russian vaping market!

Smoke Kitchen adhere to careful production standards, and they have their own certified testing laboratory. All Smoke Kitchen liquids undergo a three stage testing procedure, which involves laboratory analysis of all ingredients, organoleptic examination and a finished product test. They use the highest quality ingredients too- including BP/USP 99.8% glycerin, USP/EP 99.9% Propylene Glycol and the highest quality flavourings they can source. Smoke Kitchen’s commitment to quality has resulted in award winning E-Liquid, and they have picked up awards such as ‘Innovation of the Year’ at Vapexpo Moscow 2016 and ‘Best original E-Liquid taste’ at Vapexpo Moscow 2017.

TRIX is a new and original line from Smoke Kitchen which is now available in the UK, consisting of three unique flavours- Mulled Wine, Russian Bear and TRIX.WORLD. These come in unique 100ml shortfill bottles, featuring 80ml of zero nicotine E-Liquid that you can add your own nicotine to if you wish, with the bottles designed to fit comfortably in hand and block out light. The bottles themselves have been manufactured from PET, which does not react with the flavours or liquid itself. An embossed Smoke Kitchen logo is found on each bottle, so you can guarantee you have an original product!

Smoke Kitchen even have their own YouTube channel, which features some of the top Russian and British vape trickers teaching you how to perform vape tricks on TRIX.LESSONS!


Mulled Wine

With cinnamon, clove, ginger and a pleasant sourness, Mulled Wine gives you warmth, wakes you up and ignites your love for life. Approved by mountain rescuers...

I first thought there’s absolutely no way that this E-Liquid could actually taste like mulled wine, but it’s actually uncanny how well Smoke Kitchen have done this, from the spice notes right down to the texture and mouth feel you get from drinking mulled wine. It even smells like mulled wine when you open the bottle up! 

As weird as vaping mulled wine sounds, this actually translates into a very nice and easy to vape E-Liquid, full of bold, robust flavour and boasting plenty of depth to it. This is perfect for a winter or even a Christmas vape!

Russian Bear

With hazelnuts, a pinch of tobacco, fruit notes and a light, fresh aftertaste represents the strong will of a lumberjacks spirit and the tender sorrow of his loved one...

I get the smell of hazelnut and a slight hint of earthy tobacco when I open up the bottle of Russian Bear, which is right up my street! This is definitely one of the most delicious smelling E-Liquids I have come across recently.

It’s also one of the most unique and delicious tasting ones I’ve come across too, certainly for my tastes! It’s packed with hazelnut flavour featuring a creamy edge, has an undertone of light tobacco and winter berries, and is finished off with a cooling effect. It’s mixed so fantastically well making for a truly out of this world E-Liquid!



This cool, tender sorbet with berries and juicy citrus pulp will fill you with ice-cold freshness in any season...

I must say that TRIX.WORLD smells absolutely delightful, when I open the bottle up I am greeted with a delightful summer fruits scent, which is very pleasing to the senses indeed!

I get a mix of blackcurrant, cranberry and raspberry with a chilled citrus undertone, with the fruit notes tasting very fresh and vibrant. There’s just the right amount of cooling agent used, meaning that it isn’t too overpowering or sharp on the back of my throat, and it gives me the feel of a fruity ice lolly!


Smoke Kitchen have produced three of the most unique tasting E-Liquids that I have tried with the TRIX E-Liquid range, and the quality of these is absolutely outstanding. All three of them deliver a true representation of their respective flavour profiles, and deliver a top quality vape.

I would go as far as saying that TRIX E-Liquid could possibly be one of the breakout E-Liquid ranges of 2018, such is the quality that is on offer here. This is a unique and fresh range of E-Liquids that I would highly recommend you try out! You can check out more info on their site here - for wholesale enquiries call 0800 098 8282 or email [email protected].


Many thanks to Smoke Kitchen for sending TRIX E-Liquid in for review! For wholesale enquiries call +448000988282 or email [email protected] - they are providing a TRIX shelf with a LED lights to their wholesale partners, as well as branded hoodies and an example of their liquids.  We have 10 sets of this range plus 10 hoodies to give away - check out the competition here.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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