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Throne E-Liquid

We were sent their three e-liquids to try from Thone, a Malaysian E-liquid company. The Lady, The Mother and The Mad Queen - priced at only £7.20 for a 50ml bottle, let's see if these juices are worth checking out.

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Throne E-Liquid

The brainchild of a team of the best brewers in Malaysia, Throne gives you the closest experience to shisha-ing with their 70VG/30PG range.

Throne is a manufacturer of E-Liquid based in Malaysia. At present there are only three flavours available but I am sure the range will increase in the future. The juice is currently only sold in 50ml PET bottles which feature child proof top caps. The labels are neat and feature all of the information you would expect including warnings. As I am sure you might be able to tell the manufacturer has gone for a Game of Thrones theme with The Mad Queen being very reminiscent of Cersei and her wildfire parties.

These juices are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG and it can be purchased in one of two strengths; 3mg and 0mg. I vaped all three flavours in my CSMNT RDA which is currently fitted with a 0.6ohm dual coil wicked with Japanese cotton.

The Lady

A delicious mix of various types of mango, The Lady is an amazing all-day vape. While single-fruit flavours might seem straightforward, the best mango-flavoured e-liquids are gorgeously layered and surprisingly complex.

One flavour Malaysian E-liquid manufacturer’s do incredibly well is mango and The Lady is no exception! On the inhale you a met with a sweet and very natural mango flavour which then develops into other varieties of mango with some being more neutral and others even sweeter beautifully contrasted with the odd hint of slight sourness. As you might imagine it is extremely refreshing and highly flavoursome so if you are fan of mango E-Liquids like myself then you really need to try this!

Vapour production was extremely good and actually seemed more like an 80VG juice because you do get some very dense clouds. I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.

The Mad Queen

For those who love shisha-like vape flavours, The Mad Queen is an amazing flavour with sweet, fresh apple on the inhale. In the mouth, the flavour deepens and layers of aloe vera and lychee emerge. The flavour is finished off with the delectable aroma of apple wood.

I actually tried this juice out before I had even read the description and given the smell from the bottle I was expecting it to be an aniseed based vape but it turned out to be something altogether different. On the inhale you first get the taste of apple but I found it havesomething of a sour quality and it was not particularly sweet unlike the manufacturer’s description and in some respects it had almost a synthetic/unnatural edge which did not especially appeal to me.

Nevertheless it did balance well with the lychee which tasted very natural and just as you would expect but then I started to notice another ingredient which really unbalanced this mix for me and that was the aloe vera. Now I have no issue with aloe vera in hair care products but I can’t say I’m a fan of its inclusion in E-liquid and I found that it really spoilt this juice for me to the point where I could only vape it for short sessions. Finally on the inhale you get a subtle woody flavour which is actually the hint of apple wood in the mix.

It seems particularly apt to call this juice Mad Queen because it is a very strange flavour that is completely different to a many typical E-Liquids and as such I think it will really divide opinion as to whether you like it or not. I am certainly not a fan but I feel that stems mainly from the aloe vera which I don't like the taste of. Of course other people may absolutely love this E-Liquid so it is always worth trying something yourself to find out for sure! 

Vapour production was good but quite typical of the mix ratio used. I found the throat hit to be mild in 3mg strength.

The Mother

It's sweet, smooth and easy to vape. Throne The Mother is a unique fruity blend that blends the sweetness of passion fruit with the lush bitter sweetness of grapes. The flavour is given an edge by adding the flavour of mature cognac (does not contain alcohol) to the blend.

After reading the description you might assume this one is another oddity like The Mad Queen but I personally feel this juices works much better. On the inhale you are greeted with the sweet and natural taste of passion fruit which is then followed by a delicious taste of grape that while somewhat bitter balances really well. Finally on the exhale you get a hint of cognac which adds further variety to the mix and an ever so slight kick. The cognac ingredient contains absolutely no alcohol so you won’t get sloshed vaping this one!

Even though this mix is rather unusual I have to admit I did enjoy vaping this one so I feel it would be well worth trying out if you want something different.

Vapour production was very good and I found the throat hit to be mild to medium in 3mg strength.


With the exception of The Mad Queen which I suspect will be very divisive due to its unique flavour this is a good range of well-made E-Liquid that is well worth trying out. If you only want to get one then The Lady comes highly recommended as a superb mango vape!

One massive plus point of these juices is that they only cost £7.21 per 50ml bottle which I’m sure you’ll agree is exceptional value for money but do bear in mind that they do ship from Malaysia so you will have to pay additional shipping costs and they will take a while to arrive (express delivery can take up to ten days and airmail up to three weeks). Many thanks to vapeclubmy.com who sent these juices to Planet of the Vapes for us to review. If you would like to buy any of these juices you can get them directly from vapeclubmy.com - they kindly sent these in to us to review.  You can also check out Throne Eliquids on their website https://throneliquids.com.

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