Three New Juices from South Coast Vapes Review by Dan Willis

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Three New Juices from South Coast Vapes

South Coast Vapes have become somewhat of a tour de force within the burgeoning UK juice industry, starting off with humble origins on Planet of the Vapes then exploding onto the scene in the middle of last year with juices such as Nipple Juice and Callicustard that became overnight classics, rightly so earning rave reviews from all corners and became staple juices of many a vaper everywhere.

Expertly mixed by Tom Buckley, South Coast Vapes may have raised the bar with their juices but Tom is never one to rest on his laurels, working hard over the past few months to expand his stellar range further. He's come up with three new juices, God Yog, $5 Shake and Cookie Monster, that he is now ready to release and given his previous track record, we are surely all in for a treat.

God Yog, $5 Shake and Cookie Monster are available in a 70vg 30pg mix ratio. Let's see what the new additions have on offer!

God Yog

A sumptuous dairy dessert that gives an incredibly rich, indulgent taste and authentic feel on your tastebuds. Mixed with mouthwatering peaches and apricots, topped off with cream, this blends into a perfect experience that will leave you wanting more. A silky smooth experience that will transform your all day vape.

Now I wasn't convinced by the latest trend of yoghurt based vapes, there hasn't been one I've tried yet that has really stood out, that is until I tried God Yog. A thick gooey gorgeous creamy yoghurt undertone carries a blend of gorgeous peach and apricot that really stands out from the crowd, offering authenticity and a vape to truly delight your tastebuds. It's indulgent, thick and delicious and will definitely have you coming back for more!

$5 Shake

Right before Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega dance their way to cult status in Pulp Fiction, they enjoyed a $5 Shake, or as the man himself Vincent Vega described it, a pretty f***ing good milkshake.

Here at South Coast Vapes we love a f***ing good milkshake so we decided to create our own. We take some freshly made strawberry coulis, vanilla dairy ice cream, milk and a drizzle of strawberry sauce topped off with double cream. Put it all in a blender and mix into a delectable thick froth to create a shake even Vincent would be happy to pay for.

Lashings of thick cream and vanilla collide with deliciously fresh strawberry to create a milkshake vape so thick and juicy, Vincent Vega wouldn't just pay for, but kill for. It's a gorgeously thick and hugely flavoursome vape that may draw comparison to the seminal Nipple Juice, but trust me, it's a whole different ball game. As with Tom’s other masterpieces the flavour is just absolutely nailed on and the blend absolutely perfect. It's so smooth, you’d think you were sipping the real thing through a straw at a fifties diner.

"I don't know if that shake's worth five dollars but it's pretty damn good” Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction


It ain't worth five dollars, it's worth a hell of a lot more than that. This may well be the best milkshake you have ever tried, it certainly is mine. It will definitely get you tearing up the dance floor in joy at Jack Rabbit Slims, or anywhere else for that matter!

And finally, coming very soon...

Cookie Monster

And who doesn't love cookies. At South Coast Vapes we love a freshly baked, double chocolate chip cookie with a generous helping of chunky hazelnuts to finish it off.

Perfect as an after dinner vape or treat during the day, this juice satisfies even the most indulgent of vapers, and without a hint of a calorie you can indulge without having to worry about your waist size.

Imagine the crumbliest, nuttiest, most chocolatey cookie you have ever eaten, now distill that in juice form and you are about halfway to replicating Cookie Monster. A truly delectable dessert vape good enough to vape any time of day, all day in fact and a juice that is just monstrously full on flavour. A real cookie biscuit edge rounds off thick chocolate and a mouthful of hazelnut that just provides a truly monumental vape. Cookie Monster really raises the bar with biscuit vapes, and again the mix is just perfect here, with not one flavour outshining the other. 



2015 was a massive year for South Coast Vapes with the release of the five original juices that made up his critically acclaimed juice line, now 2016 is shaping up to be an even bigger year with three incredible new additions, that just ooze quality, at the start of the year to an already stellar line up. $5 shake may well be the best milkshake you have ever tried, God Yog is apricot yoghurt done to perfection and Cookie Monster is a biscuit good enough to eat. I know that months and months of testing and hard work went into these juices, and it really does pay off. Simply outstanding stuff.

Tom, the master mixologist behind the South Coast Vapes range, has come out with three new outstanding juices that not only show how he is right at the top of the game, but demonstrate just how talented he is and how he is one of the most promising and highly regarded mixologists emerging from the United Kingdom at the moment. He's an incredibly hard worker who provides top level customer service, and deserves all the plaudits he receives. Tom really does understand how to blend flavours and his talent shines through here!

Tom at South Coast Vapes has kindly donated a 30ml bottle of both the delicious $5 Shake and God Yog in a nicotine strength of the winners choosing. Click here to enter the competition!

Don't forget you can purchase these three juices, and the rest of the outstanding South Coast Vapes range, at with POTV10 for 10% off!

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