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The Vape Kitchen- Doctors Orders E-liquid Range

The Vape Kitchen are a fairly new company that are striving to say a vape a day keeps the doctor away!

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Doctors orders full range

The Vape Kitchen- Doctors Orders E-liquid Range

The Vape Kitchen are a fairly new company that are striving to say a vape a day keeps the doctor away.  

Never heard of Doctors Orders? That is fine, The Vape Kitchen is a fairly new company that is growing by the minute. Starting out as a small company, they have expanded into selling online and are now building a website. Founded in 2017, they have forged a business that stretches across multiple sales platforms. So it is fair to say Doctors Orders are still very much wet behind the ears when it comes to the E-liquid market. However like many other rags to riches companies, does Doctors Orders bring quality alongside value? I have been using 7 of the flavours so let’s take a look into how they fared.  

The bottles come in 100 ml bottles 70 VG and nicotine free with room for 2 nic shots. You can pick yourself a bottle up via Ebay or through the website, linked below. There is a total of 15 flavours in the range which come in at £9.99 a bottle and buy 2 get one free deals via the website. So let’s get started shall we?  


Monster Melons

monster melons

Tropical Bonanza of carefully selected mangos, cantaloupes, honeydew and papayas

This flavour out of the pack was the one that I was looking forward to trying.  If you get a melon right then it can set the tone for the whole of a liquid range and honestly, this did not disappoint.  

Imagine if you will, vaping a tropical mix of sunshine in a bottle. The taste of the beaches, sun in the sky, not a care in the world?  Picture it?  Ok then picture a bottle of Lilt! The flavour takes the melon as a base and runs amok with the mango and papayas, flooding the profile with a lovely unique tasting tropical mix.  Starting on the inhale, the tang of the melon comes through with the little notes of the other profiles.  It is not sweetened so you get the overall natural sweet fruit come through.  Moving onto the exhale, the mango and papaya come through much more prominently and drown out the melon into a background taste with a smash of different tropical fruits at once.  

Overall this flavour is fantastic, a really clever take on the melon profile and well worth picking up.  

Fruity Loop

Fruity loop

Famous citrusy fruit loops served with a luscious blend of creams, sprinkle of vanilla and a lovely meringue crunch

Moving onto my least favourite of the range I tried, the Fruity Loop.  If you have read my reviews before then you know I am not a big fan of this profile at all. It should be one I love but I have never enjoyed it, the fruit loop style just isn't for me.  

So with that being said, imagine taking that profile and completely balancing it to get a much better overall flavour? That is exactly what Fruity Loop is and it rather surprised me. The inhale for this is the sweet citrusy style fruits that come through giving it a sharp sweet inhale to shock the senses. Moving onto the exhale and the cereal floods through more, with the lightness of the meringue and creams added to this. The citrusy fruits sit nicely, the lemon and lime still stay sharp and sweet but they blend together perfectly with the base giving a lovely exhale.  

I have finally found a fruit loop profile I can actually enjoy and I have tried a fair few.  That tells you all you need to know.  

Hawaiian Punch 

Hawaiian punch

Big Islands sweet & savoury passion fruit blended with smooth, exotic kiwi & pineapple

Moving onto the next and the one that aims to capture that sunshine in a bottle much more than the melons.  A pretty standard profile, does this one stand out?  

Honestly, this flavour for me is more of a standard flavour than a special one. That sounds harsh and it doesn't mean to be. Imagine any tropical mix you have tried since you started vaping, you will probably have had something similar. The inhale gets the notes of pineapple and kiwi come through sharp and clear with the sweet pineapple being counter balanced by the bitter kiwi. Moving onto the exhale and the rest of the fruits come through to create a sweet and enjoyable mix of tropical flavours. This certainly stands out from the melons as the pineapple and passion fruit offer very sharp notes rather than blended to give a crisp taste.

This flavour is very enjoyable but lacks the wow factor.  Very much a lovely addition as your free bottle if you ordered.  

Tropical Pears

Doctor's Orders

Mouthwatering organic pears fortified with a blend of velvety creams & tropical coconut shavings.

Moving onto one of the more simpler profiles now, the tropical pears does bring that T word to the table but this one for me is more akin to a lovely spring day in the countryside.  

The profile for this is pear dominant and it certainly does come through, it is a strong sweet pear that is very strong throughout this flavour.  The inhale as you would imagine is completely pear driven, with a touch of added sweetener in there to give a crisp sharp and strong pear flavour that really comes through as enjoyable. Moving onto the exhale and the creams and coconut for me didn’t come through as much. There are hints of different profiles coming through but in my experience this is completely pear dominant.  

A very strong pear, perhaps a dripper may bring out the full potential of this profile.  Enjoyable but quite standard.  

Bakers Delight

Bakers delight

Complex blend of gooey cookie dough, rich cream and Vanilla.

Now onto one of the more complex flavours and cookie dough is always a fan favourite with me. Get it spot on and you have yourself a winner. Who doesn’t like cookies?  

So this one for for me was a mixed bag in the sense that my experience was enjoyable but varied. Wondering what I mean? Well let me explain.

The profile for this one suggests a very light flavour but instead, I got quite a pleasant heavy one. The inhale for Bakers delight is rather light with the notes of bakery style and vanilla coming though sharply and quite enjoyably. Moving onto the exhale though and it really comes alive. The exhale is akin to a custard style flavour with a deep vanilla based custard experience. The cookie dough style doesn’t seem to hit hard but it does leave a lasting impression. After the exhale I found a nice buttery cookie dough flavour on my tongue which was fantastic after a nice rich custard style vape.  

One of the best of the range, that after alone is well worth picking this one up.  

Doctors Milk

Doctors milkSweet strawberry extract blended with a mix of luscious thick creams and vanilla bean ice cream.

Ahh, the strawberry milkshake flavour, staple to any great range of Eliquid. Always popular and very hard to get wrong, so let’s see what their take on milkshake is.  

There are many variations of strawberry milkshake on the market today and chances are you have had one before. So let’s start this one off by describing it not as a ice cream milkshake but a milk one. The inhale for this is a nice soft sweet strawberry that is light and creamy on the tongue. The flavour is strong and very much enjoyable much like you would hope it to be. Moving onto the exhale and this is where the milk style comes through more. The flavour isn’t quite fluffy and thick but it thins out somewhat. The strawberry is still prominent throughout the liquid but the flavour in my experience comes through as a little dry on the exhale.  

The overall flavour is really nice but very much a dry style milk rather than a thick luscious milkshake.  

Strawberry Kiwi

strawberry and kiwi

Refreshing combination of sweet, juicy strawberries and exotic, tangy Kiwis.

Finally we will end on a fruity note and this one is simple yet oh so effective.  

So this flavour for me is, as they say on the bottle, only two real fruits throughout. However it is how they deliver it that makes it stand out quite a bit.  On the inhale you get the strawberry come through extremely strong and overpowering. However this strawberry is nothing like the previous, this one is strong, sweet and touches of a authentic strawberry rather than an artificial one. Moving on to the exhale and what you get is the Kiwi coming through a lot more which offers a very distinctive counter balance flavour. The bitterness of the kiwi and the sweet strawberry balance perfect, moving between the two on each exhale to vary your experience.  

A simply but strong flavour this one, ideal if you want to be blown away by strawberry.  


Given The Vape Kitchen don’t have the biggest name in vaping as of right now, what I found is that for the price and quality, they are absolutely fantastic.  The flavours are strong, varied and offer a different experience each time. Offering a big range, each one comes through in its own unique way, with probably only the Doctors Milk coming up short by the very end. The fruit mixes are really enjoyable, the baked are heavy and full of flavour and the Fruity Loop made a fan out of even me.  

The Doctors Orders may not aim to be complex and premium, what they deliver is fantastic flavours at an even better price.  I highly recommend giving them a try. 

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