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Prepare to vape Yoghurt...

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The Schwartz are an E Liquid company based out of Long Beach, California and are pretty much responsible for starting off the craze of Yoghurt flavoured e liquids. They grew into a huge brand in the States almost overnight, receiving rave reviews and high praise online, and word of mouth spread like wildfire. The Schwartz pride themselves in putting months of painstaking research and development into their juices, as well as using only the very best ingredients available, to provide a unique handcrafted line of Yoghurt based e-liquids.

The Schwartz liquids are now available in the UK to purchase, available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg and bottle sizes of 15ml, 30ml and a whopping 120ml. The Schwartz is mixed to a ratio of 60 VG 40 PG.

Last year saw a huge increase in the availability of Yoghurt flavoured E liquid, new ranges springing to market almost overnight, and I’m excited to take a look at the range that started it all. I’ve heard Yoghurt eliquid described as ‘the new Custard’, and I must was a complete novice to Yoghurt liquid having never tried it before therefore I’ll be looking at these juices with no preconceptions or expectations at all, so let's see if The Schwartz can make me a convert.

Comb the Desert

The perfect blend of peanut butter flavoured frozen yoghurt and crushed hazelnuts, neither of which are overpowering and will keep you coming back for more.

I can safely say I’ve never tried a peanut butter flavoured yogurt before but from now on I’ll be combining the two together on a regular basis after dinner thanks to The Schwartz and Comb the Desert. This is good. REALLY GOOD. As a peanut butter fanatic Comb the Desert appeals to me that much and makes my tastebuds that happy that fully describing what I felt when first vaping this juice would involve a hell of a lot of swear words. A gorgeously smooth nutty blend of peanut butter with hazelnut hits my tastebuds on the inhale, exhaling brings in a cold frozen yogurt that really gave me a surprise - this being the first Yogurt based juice I have tried stunned me with how authentic it was. I could see myself vaping more of this, in fact I could see this as an all day vape.

Man oh man I’m just going to throw it out there now - Comb the Desert is one of the absolute best juices I’ve tried recently. I’ve been lucky enough to try a lot of fresh, different tasting juices recently but Comb the Desert stands not only above those but many, many other juices I have vaped full stop. I just cannot get enough of the stuff, it’s really that good. My 15ml bottle was done in a day and I’m already ordering more...

The Downside

A tart Greek yoghurt flavor topped with fresh blueberries that will leave you wanting a second serving. There is no other “all day vape“ like it…

Never have I tried Greek yoghurt in a vape, after trying The Downside I want to experience even more of it! The fresh blueberries are carried to your palate on a luscious bed of creamy Greek yoghurt, with a tartness that combines with the blueberries just perfectly. No artificial blueberry here either- this is true to form juicy ripe fresh blueberries you experience here. The smoothness is true to Greek yoghurt and just accentuates the blueberry flavouring perfectly well.

There’s no downside to The Downside, certainly none I’ve experienced, just a huge yoghurty upside of creamy dreamy Greek yoghurt and authentic blueberries. Anyone who enjoyed the frozen blueberry popsicle delight that was Charlie’s Chalk Dust Head Banging Boogie is going to love The Downside. If you prefer your blueberry vapes to be stronger, just steep The Downside, and removing the cap whilst steeping will intensify the blueberry even more...

The Upside

A light yogurt flavour blended with sweet strawberries reminiscent of your favourite tubed dessert that when inhaled makes you feel like a kid again…

I loved Frubes, I still love Frubes and the Upside to me nails in vape form just what a Frube yoghurt tastes like. Strawberry yoghurt par excellence, it’s sweet ripe strawberry on the inhale with a lovely cold creamy base ever present throughout the vape, and the cold creamy yoghurt just intensifies on the exhale. An absolutely gorgeous vape, and it’s all upside here...

The Upside is a strawberry cream lovers dream. Strawberry topped with lashings of deliciously smooth and creamy yoghurt topped with a little sugar combine to make one of the best vapes you will ever try, truly excellent stuff...


I didn’t know what to expect when vaping Yoghurt based juice but there is well and truly nothing else out there I have tried quite like it. The texture of the juice is quite unlike any other I’ve experienced, and I found them most enjoyable at 30 watts and under so that they remain ‘cold’ just like how you would expect a real yoghurt to be. Definitely a dish best served cold!

Vapour production is excellent with all three juices and the flavours linger on your tongue long after you exhale. The flavours offered by The Schwartz are really magical and these juices are going to become a permanent fixture of my regular juice rotation, especially Comb the Desert. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews any brand that is willing to take a risk and offer something different is always going to pique my interest!

I can definitely say I’m a convert to this rapidly evolving subgenre thanks to the brilliance of The Schwartz E liquids and I’ll really look forward to trying more Yoghurt based liquids over the coming weeks. It’s definitely not the ‘new custard’, the only thing it has in common with custard is that it’s creamy, it to me is a subgenre well worthy of standing alone itself, however with how good these liquids are it certainly could have a good attempt at catching up with custard based liquids in terms of popularity.

We were sent these juices from Central Vape to try.  Thanks guys!

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