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The Originals Eliquid

In 2012 three companies changed the vape industry forever, pioneering the “premium e-liquid” movement:  Mr. Good Vape, Black Label, and Jameson’s (Now Jackson’s)/The Standard Vape. Some might even call them The Original premium e-liquid manufacturers...

Now in June of 2015, three pioneers from these game-changing ejuice companies are rewriting the script once again. The Originals themselves, Lonnie, Chris, and David, original founding members of Jackson Vapor Co./The Standard Vape, Mr. Good Vape, and Black Label respectively, have combined their efforts to create another game-changing eliquid line - The Originals.

The Originals boasts a level of craftsmanship and sophistication never before seen in the vape industry, combining unique, proprietary extracts, ground-breaking creativity, months of research and development, and a state of the art mixing facility to create an eliquid line that sets a new standard for the vape industry.

Every single flavour is a strong contender, with no weak link in the chain.  Each flavour in The Originals’ juice line boasts flavor so vibrant and complex, the vape experience is akin to the culinary experience one might have at a Michelin star restaurant, yet none of the flavours overwhelm the palate.  Forget ADV (All Day Vapes), The Originals are ALV (All Life Vapes)...


Named after historic musical venue landmarks, and described as being akin to a culinary experience one might have at a Michelin restaurant, these juices have been earning some big praise indeed. Available in differing PG/VG mix ratios, tailored to suit each juice, and nicotine strengths of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, let's see how their exciting flavour profiles stand up!


The Originals set out to do two things – pay tribute to some of the world’s greatest music venues, and create amazing e-liquids. Creamfields scores high on both; it’s a light and summery blend of dessert and fruit flavours that combines waffles, sweet biscuits and strawberry shortcake with ripe blueberries, maple syrup and a dash of Bavarian cream. You’d happily scoff a bowl of that as you sat in the sun at the Creamfields festival; now you can fill your tank and enjoy it wherever you are.

Creamfields is tailored for sub ohm gear and drippers, with a 70% VG base to deliver some really impressive clouds…

Creamfields is an excellent blend of fruit and dessert rounded off with maple syrup and Bavarian cream, that is also beautifully complex. Vaping it at low wattage for me tends to bring the fruit side of this juice to the fore, with a beautiful blend of sweet, juicy blueberry and strawberry shortcake carried by the waffle and biscuit, ramping up the wattage to 40w and over tends to make the waffle, cream and biscuit more prominent and the sweet aftertaste gets ramped up a notch. It manages provide an outstanding fruit, dessert and breakfast vape all in one, with the perfect sweet finish on the exhale.

The Fillmore

San Francisco has a reputation for fun, food and great music, and The Fillmore has been one of its leading venues for over a century. Now The Originals pay tribute to this legendary music hall with a gloriously fruity concoction. The Fillmore takes three distinct peach flavours to create a replica so convincing you can practically feel the fuzzy skin. Add a generous serving of mango, some vanilla for smoothness then a rich topping of sweet, rich cream – this juice is just layer upon layer of delicious luxury.

The Fillmore is a high-VG liquid that works best in drippers or sub ohm tanks, with a mix ratio of 75% VG 25% PG...

If you are fed up with artificial tasting peach juices, then The Fillmore is the answer to your prayers. The Fillmore provides a realistic interpretation of what a real peach fruit actually tastes like, rather than replicating the tinned peaches vibe that pretty much all peach juices I have tried give off. Mango is added into the mix for an exotic twist, and a creamy vanilla exhale adds a smooth exhale that provides a premium interpretation of the classic Peaches and Cream dessert. It’s a wonderful vape!

The Garden

In New York City Madison Square Garden is one of the Big Apple’s most famous music and sport venues. To commemorate almost 50 years of entertainment there, The Originals have created this fantastic tribute that was voted ‘best in show’ at the Vape Summit III in Las Vegas, 2015.

The Garden takes two varieties of fresh apples, plus some pears for variety, and tosses them in cinnamon and brown sugar. A topping of rich honey completes the mix, giving a complex and constantly shifting blend of crisp and sweet flavours.


This liquid is mixed on a 50% PG, 50% VG base, so it gives a perfect balance of crisp, vivid flavours and dense clouds…

The Garden is a juice that definitely seems to deliver something different each and every time, yet one thing stays consistent, and that is the sheer quality of this juice. I get an immensely realistic mixture of crisp green and red apples on the inhale, with a hint of pear in the background, and the cinnamon, brown sugar and honey floods in on the exhale, with the honey being the most prominent flavour on the exhale. It’s expertly blended allowing you to enjoy each flavour individually without any single flavour becoming too dominant over the others. The Garden I found to be an absolute treat on mesh, which really got the best out of the fruity notes from this juice.

I can see why The Garden is an award winning juice, as it’s complexity takes centre stage and delivers a knockout blow to the competition. There’s nothing else I’ve experienced out there quite like it!

The Shrine

The entertainment business in Los Angeles wouldn’t be the same without the Shrine Auditorium. Since 1926 it’s been a film set, a live music venue and the home of the Academy Awards. Now The Originals have issued their own tribute to this remarkable place with a sweet sensation that deserves to become a classic in its own right. Starting with buttery biscuits, it blends in cinnamon rolls and Danish pastries to create a delicious warm baked treat. Want a low-calorie option for your coffee break? Here you go!

The Shrine is a high VG liquid, with 80% VG, so it delivers awesomely dense vapour in your dripper or sub ohm tank, while 20% PG ensures you still get the full flavour from this superb juice...


It gives a nod to Mr Good Vape’s Moon Sugar, which is one of my favourite juices of all time, and it's even blended in the same ratio at 80VG 20PG, I originally used to think that Moon Sugar just needed a touch more sweetener in order to be my perfect vape. The sweetness is turned up a notch compared to Moon Sugar, and the Shrine is just an incredible juice you will want to pay homage to, with its incredible blend of cinnamon pastry and graham cracker with a butter biscuit base providing an otherworldly taste experience that even with its high VG mix ratio, works incredibly well at low or high power, and it’s one awesomely smooth, complex and cloudy vape, with the perfect hint of sweetener on the exhale. I found it a real highlight vaping it in the Aspire Cleito at 45w. It’s really gorgeous stuff and already rates as one of my all time favourites!


The Originals for me is the best American juice line I have discovered since the Element Dripper Series, this is a real landmark, showstopping juice line that just screams quality from top to bottom. Full of complexity, realism, and just simply incredible flavour, you can tell that these have been produced by eminent mixologists at the very top of the game, and this showcases their talent to perfection.

Each one of The Originals juices boasts flavour profiles of the absolute highest quality, and these juices were that good, they left me completely gobsmacked. I’ll just say that each bottle only lasted me a day each, as I simply could not stop vaping them. I’d urge you to give these a try as soon as you can!

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