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The Jam Vape Co

Based out of Lincolnshire, UK, Juice Sauz are a large distributor of TPD compliant e-liquids, they manufacture e-liquids within their graded clean laboratory environment using the finest ingredients they can source, and they also distribute a large range of different UK manufactured e-liquids as well. Their e-liquids are produced to strict manufacturing processes, and are only released to market when the Juice Sauz team are 100% satisfied with them. They also aim to provide their customers with the highest levels of customer service, as well as stock that can meet supply on demand, so they can fulfil any order within a reasonable time frame.

One of the e-liquid ranges that are produced in house by Juice Sauz is The Jam Vape Co. A range of five different Jam and Marmalade themed e-liquids which are available in 90ml zero nicotine short fill bottles or 10ml TPD compliant bottles which are sold in packs of three.

Blackcurrant Jam

Blackcurrant Jam on Toast....with Butter!

I'm very partial to a slice or ten of blackcurrant jam on toast, as we actually grow our own blackcurrants at home which my lovely wife then turns into delicious homemade blackcurrant jam! Needless to say, this was an eliquid I was really looking forward to trying. Thankfully it didn't disappoint, and I got a very smooth, sweet and fruity blackcurrant flavour, a very light note of toast, and a deliciously buttery exhale. Many blackcurrant e-liquids I have tried in the past have been overly sharp or artificial, but this one is absolutely spot on!

Lime Marmalade

Zesty and buttery Lime Marmalade that is sure to satisfy lovers of everything dessert...

Lime Marmalade by The Jam Vape Co gave me a very sharp and sweet lime flavour, which was by far the most dominant flavour note, and this was rounded off with a thick and creamy butter exhale. I got the same texture and gooey mouth feel as what I get from actual lime marmalade, making for a very realistic and tasty vape!

Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade on Toast...with Butter!

Orange Marmalade is packed full of zesty orange peel flavour, much like shop bought marmalade, and it is thick and full on flavour! I didn't really pick up on much of the toast flavouring, there was the merest hint in the background but it seemed like the orange marmalade flavour was over-riding this, and it is finished off with a gloriously buttery exhale!

Raspberry Jam

Fresh Raspberry Jam coupled with a gloriously buttery base, you won't be able to put this one down!

The Jam Vape Co absolutely nail the raspberry jam flavour here, I couldn't believe just how authentic the raspberry jam flavour was here. There's plenty of raspberry jam flavour present here too, there's nothing subtle about it, and it is topped off with a thick butter exhale to finish. Delicious stuff!

Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam on Toast...with Butter!

Strawberry Jam was my joint favourite along with Blackcurrant Jam, this is an e-liquid I would quite happily have as an all day vape! I get plenty of sweet strawberry flavour, with a thick texture and mouth feel, rounded off with toast in the background and a tasty, buttery exhale. It is so moreish, my 90ml bottle barely lasted me the week!


I've been searching for some decent jam flavoured eliquids for a while now, and after trying The Jam Vape Co that search has now come to an end. I've thoroughly enjoyed sampling all five of these excellent eliquids, all five of them offering an authentic representation of jam and marmalade, right down to the texture and mouth feel. There's plenty of delicious jam and marmalade flavours on offer here, mixed to a high VG ratio which provides plenty of thick vapour too!

Many thanks to Juice Sauz for sending The Jam Vape Co eliquids over to review, if you like the sound of these then be sure to grab some or visit for wholes enquiries!