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Based out of Rochford, Essex, The Demon Vaper is the brainchild of Jay, the man responsible for creating and mixing The Demon Vaper liquids. The two liquids that currently make up The Demon Vaper range, Lemon Lush and Strawberries and Cream, have been borne out of Jay’s frustration with finding liquids that were suited to his own palate and of a sufficient quality, so he began a DIY quest in March this year, that has eventually resulted in The Demon Vaper juices becoming available for public sale.

Each batch is handmade from the finest concentrates to an authentic recipe, and by hand mixing a great level of care and attention is imparted into every batch of the Demon Vaper liquids. Jay prides himself on having studied each flavouring and combination to create two juices that have his own unique spin, and two juices that he personally takes great pride in having produced, which both have social media abuzz with positive feedback at the moment.  

Lemon Lush and Strawberries and Cream are mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, available in nicotine strengths of zero, 3mg and 6mg, and in 30ml or 100ml bottle sizes at very reasonable pricing. There is also currently an offer on at present whereby you can pick up 15ml of both Lemon Lush and Strawberries and Creme for £10 delivered to try out, which for the reasons below, I would highly recommend... 

Lemon Lush

Pure Eliquids

Some lemon vapes can be either overpowering with a sharp citrus bite or be very dull with just a hint of lemon to them. The 'Lemon Lush' I have created is based on an authentic vanilla sponge cake with a lemon cream filling followed by a glazed lemon icing on top, it really is a case of 'what you see is what you get' and if what you want is a delicious sweet lemon cake taste then this is the one for you...

Upon opening the bottle of Lemon Lush, my nostrils were filled with the delicious scent of zingy lemon, that reminded me of the zesty lemon found on top of a Lemon Drizzle cake. Upon smelling this juice I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it, and reached for my Frankenskull squonker with Hobo Drifter RDA built with a 0.3ohm Nichrome 80 build, eagerly filled up the 8.5ml bottle in my Frankenskull and got to work…

This is definitely Lemon Drizzle cake, that was evident from the scent and first inhale, but Lemon Lush possesses one of the single most realistic cake bases I’ve ever tasted in an eliquid. It almost crumbles in your mouth and is absolutely like having a slice of the real thing. It is present from start to finish, paired with an incredible Lemon flavouring that just makes your mouth water. The Lemon is balanced perfectly, neither too harsh or too smooth, and there is the right balance of sweetness present, with a slight throat hit. This is as good as it gets for Lemon Drizzle cake flavours, The Demon Vaper has captured this flavour to perfection.

Lemon Lush has become an instant favourite of mine, I just can’t find anything wrong with this juice at all, it is so incredibly tasty and boasts a flavour profile my tastebuds still are yet to tire of. It has performed incredibly no matter what atomiser I have used it in, from RDA to tank, and provides not only one of the most spectacular Lemon liquids I have tried but one of the most spectacular juices I have ever tried, full stop.


We Vape

Strawberries and Cream

Who doesn't enjoy a strawberry treat? My succulent fresh strawberries in a thick Madagascan vanilla cream with a crumbled sugar biscuit base is a mouth-watering authentic cheesecake taken from an old recipe that I turned into an e-liquid. With a creamy exhale you get the feeling that you've just eaten a slice of a real delicious dessert, one for all you cake lovers out there...

After ploughing through 8.5ml worth of Lemon Lush in record time, I eagerly reached for the bottle of Strawberries and Cream I had also been sent. Cracking open the bottle and having a quick inhale gave me the enticing scent of fresh strawberries and thick cream, a favourite of mine, so after washing out my squonk bottle and rewicking my Hobo Drifter, I filled up a bottle with this stuff…

Fresh strawberries are in abundance on the inhale with a delicious biscuit undertone, and a wave of fresh cream rolls in on the exhale with plenty of sweetness that hangs around on your tongue. This is just like a bowl of that quintessential British treat, fresh strawberries and cream sprinkled generously with sugar, and a crumbled biscuit thrown in for good measure. There’s also a surprising nip of throat hit too, which I definitely didn’t expect! It’s not uncomfortable however, this is still a smooth vape, and it fits right in with the profile of this juice.

One thing I will say is that Strawberries and Cream vapes are ten a penny out there, and I have tried hundreds in my three years of vaping as it’s my second favourite flavour profile behind tobacco, but this effort from The Demon Vaper for me personally rates as one of the absolute best out there, a perfectly mixed Strawberries and Cream juice with authentic strawberry, luscious cream and the perfect amount of sweetness out there. Truly delectable.



Top, top marks go to The Demon Vaper for two perfectly mixed, finely balanced liquids that have well and truly blown me away. Both Strawberries and Creme and Lemon Lush couldn’t have been done any better, and both of these I could happily have as all day vapes. The price point is superb as well, currently you can pick up two 15ml bottles for £10 delivered, or 100ml for a fantastic £25. I know I’ll personally be diving in for at least 100ml more, that is for sure! These two juices truly are special and I definitely agree with the statement on their website that states they are two of the sweetest and tastiest juices around.

One thing that amazes me is that Jay from The Demon Vaper has only been mixing since March of this year, and in that short space of time to produce two juices that possess this level of quality I find pretty staggering! He has a great attention to detail as well, with a fantastic website, stand out bottle labels and a note included with each order too which just gives it that extra personal touch. The guy truly does possess some serious talent, and this is evident in these two exceptional juices, that I would happily say that I rate as two of the best juices I have ever sampled. They have definitely made it onto my own personal list of juices that I can’t be without!

Lemon Lush and Strawberries and Cream are available from with free mainland UK delivery on all orders!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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