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The Cola Divergent by Manabush

If you think Manabush is only about the tobacco flavours, think again. You are in for a real treat with the Cola Divergent E-liquid range

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If you have read my previous reviews, you will have already got a hint of how impressed I am by the base cola flavour when I got to try the Diablo Divergent range, a fantastic collaboration between Manabush and El Diablo who are two of the best homegrown e-liquid companies around. So, I was more than happy to take a closer look at the Cola Divergent range which what happens when you let a mad flavour obsessive foodie loose to push the boundaries of what you can do with a cola base flavour.

There are seven flavours in the Cola Divergent range which kind of blows my mind and really highlights what it takes to set apart home mixers and the pros. If it was up to me, I think I could come up with three or four things to do with cola and all of them would be quite predictable. So, to come up with seven unique ideas, as well as the extra four if you add in the Diablo Divergent collab, well I’m impressed! But it’s no good having interesting ideas if they are poorly executed, but if you know anything about Manabush, you will already know that this is never going to be a problem here!

I was sent the full range in 6mg, which means you get 20ml of super flavour boosted 0mg nic juice with space for a 10ml nicshot, so you get all the flavour at a strength that is perfect for mouth to lung vapours who appreciate flavour over massive clouds. That’s not to say they don’t produce a satisfying amount of vapour, but these are connoisseurs’ juices and are not aimed at the clouds bros. As with all the previous bottles, these come with the brilliant removable tips so adding your nicotine is a doddle. I find it is easier to remove the top from the nicshot bottle so you can just pour the lot in, it is a lot gentler on the thumbs and speeds things along nicely.

The Cola Divergent by Manabush with nicshot

2.01 : Cola Bourbon

“A clever and tasty take on the popular alcoholic beverage of Bourbon and Traditional Cola. Using our signature grown up Traditional Cola and a fab Oak Aged Bourbon - its great Jack!”

I don’t drink any more, but when I did, this was my tipple of choice, and this tastes exactly how I remember it. This isn’t shy on the measures too; you get a generous shot of bourbon which has that warming feel on the way down and strong kick to round it off. It is also very easy to vape so it’s a good job you don’t get a hangover from vaping! I could happily vape this all day long and not get bored by it which is impressive for this kind of flavour.

2.02 : Cactus Jack Fruit

“Our Jackfruit and Cactus Gin flavour has proved to be really popular - but for those of you who don’t like Gin - or take tee-total VERY seriously - try our Jackfruit and Cactus Cola - the unusual and exotic fruit flavours blend brilliantly with our realistic Traditional Cola.”

Remember when I said earlier that there were some truly unique flavours in the range? Well, this is one of them! I would never have come up with an idea like this but I’m very glad Manabush have as it is a bit of a master stroke. It has a delicate, but almost syrupy sweetness, and the cactus brings a lovely light balance to the thick cola. The exotic twist seems to almost give it a fizzy feel and it is a very pleasantly refreshing vape. If you like to think outside the box, you should definitely check this one out.

The Cola Divergent by Manabush seven flavours

2.03 : Creamy Vanilla Float

“An American Style Ice cream float - made with Creamy Madagascan Vanilla, Awesome as is or with an Ice Shot.”

We go back to the more tradition Cola flavours here with a very authentic coke float. It would have been very easy to overdo the vanilla here as they are both quite heavy flavours, but the balance is really nice. I would say the cola remains dominant but with a rich and creamy layer which lingers beautifully and leads you in to your next vape. The only thing missing is the crisp icy topping you get when you pour the cola over the ice cream.

2.04 : Orange and Kumquat Cola

“The Cola is flavoured with tangy fresh Orange and Ripe Kumquat - making this a truly orange experience”

Just as things started to look more conventional, we go off on a random tangent again, I mean who mixes kumquat in an e-liquid? Manabush, that’s who! I have to say that when you first open the bottle, there is a bit of a strange smell, and I wasn’t entirely confident that I would like this one. I am quite picky with citrus flavours though, and if you come near me with a Terrys chocolate orange, you are likely to leave with a black eye…. but I digress. Thankfully this tastes a lot better than it smells. The orange really brings out some of the more understated notes of the cola flavour and really gives it a different twist. It’s cola Jim, but not as we know it! After tasting this combination, I don’t know why the big brands haven’t brought it out as a drink as it works surprisingly well.

The Cola Divergent by Manabush range

2.05 : Cherry Liqueur Cola

“A step ahead of standard Cherry Cola .. this mixes in finest Kirsch (Cherry Liqueur) - to create a rich flavoursome Cola Liqueur.”

Cherry cola with a boozy edge…count my teetotal ass in! I thought the cherry would be a bit stronger, but I also know that Manabush have a bit of a magic formula when it comes to their cherry concoctions, and it is more important to get great flavour rather than bit flavour which would mess with the balance. That isn’t to say this is a weak flavour though and it is very much one that works on many levels with different notes coming through from inhale, exhale and beyond. I do love a nice lingering flavour that develops too, and that is what this does. It starts with the bold cola but then the cherry liqueur notes start to come in and gradually build to take over just in time for the next vape.

2.06 : Raspberry Cola

“A fresh raspberry flavoured traditional Cola, the sharp tang of the raspberry full compliments the Traditional Cola”

Out of all the flavours in the Cola Divergent range, this is probably my least favourite. It is a great cola (I think we have already established that bit!) and it is a lovely sweet but tart raspberry, but for me I found it was all a bit too much. Subtle, it is not, and I think the two strong elements are kind of fighting for first place. But if you are not so keen on the more intricate flavours in the range, this may well suit you more. You won’t know unless you try it!

2.07 : Cuba Libre

“This is the classic Cuban cocktail of Rum, Traditional Cola and Fresh Persian Lime, refreshing and delicious.”

This has that classic Manabush stamp all over it, it has all the elements that capture their signature style but without the tobacco. It is a grownup flavour, full of body and depth. The lime is sublime and cuts through so cleanly. If you love the Manabush style, you will be right at home here, they always manage to work some magic with anything rum based, and this is no exception. On paper, there are other flavours in the range that should be more my style, but I vaped more of this one than any other flavour in this selection and I didn’t even notice how often I was topping up my tank. That is when you know you are on to a winner!

The Cola Divergent by Manabush with danibox and tripod

Final Thoughts

Manabush already have a very solid and loyal fanbase, but I know some people still think they are really all about the tobaccos. The Cola Divergent range throws that theory right out of the window with a completely unique and interesting range that pushes the boundaries of what you can do with a solid base. And that base of traditional cola really is exceptionally good, none of your artificial canned rubbish, this is the real McCoy with so much depth of flavour and a deeply satisfying taste.

If you want to explore this great range of e-liquids for yourself, you can pick them up from Manabush for £6 a bottle for 6mg or £10 for 50ml (you will need to add nic shots to your basket if you don’t already have a stock out them in your vape drawer. It is also worth keeping an eye on their social media feeds or on Potv too though as there are often special deals and limited time offers to make these even better value although even at full price, these are well worth your time and money.

The Cola Divergent by Manabush vape heaven

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