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The Coffee House E-Liquids by Vapouriz

Brand new from UK manufacturer Vapouriz, The Coffee House is a range of four coffee E-Liquids. These juices are fully compliant with the TPD legislation and can be purchased in a 3x 10ml multipack for £9.99 and are also available as short fills.

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The Coffee House E-Liquids by Vapouriz

The Coffee House e-liquids are designed and manufactured in the UK by industry-leading experts Vapouriz Labs. Made to deliver rich, full-bodied flavour and seriously impressive cloud production, Coffee House liquids are a deliciously aromatic accompaniment to your sub-ohm setup.

Brand new from UK manufacturer Vapouriz, The Coffee House is a range of four coffee E-Liquids. These juices are fully compliant with the TPD legislation and can be purchased in a 3x 10ml multipack for £9.99 and are also available as short fills.

The juice is really well presented and the labels are both informative and stylishly designed. All of the typical warnings are clearly shown. The juice comes in 10ml PET bottles with child proof caps. In addition they are packaged in a cardboard box for additional protection.

This range is offered in two nicotine strengths, either 6mg or 3mg. The juice is mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG so you can expect good cloud production.

I vaped all of these E-Liquids in my CSMNT RDA fitted with a 0.5ohm dual coil and also in my Taifun GT III RTA which is fitted with a 0.9ohm single coil.

Vanilla Latte E-Liquid

Fragrant vanilla meets aromatic coffee in this delicate yet warming vanilla latte e-liquid.

This was a very pleasant E-Liquid and offers a very natural tasting latte that would make a good all day vape. The coffee is mild and the creamy milk is really delicious. I thought the vanilla was lovely and the amount used in the mix was just right. For those of you that just want a great coffee E-Liquid to vape, this one delivers the goods!

I found the throat hit was mild in 3mg nicotine strength and the vapour production was very good.

Coconut Cappuccino

Milky cappuccino with a refreshing burst of tropical coconut.

This juice offers a truly superb cappuccino flavour. In fact it is so good you might even be convinced you are actually drinking a cup of the real thing!

The coffee is distinct but not overpowering and has a delightful creamy quality. I found that coconut was always present as a background note rounding off the coffee a little but it tended to mainly come through on the exhale and leaves a lovely lingering sweetness on the lips.

If you love cappuccino then you will need to try this because it’s a really wonderful E-Liquid! Throat hit was medium in 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was great.

Tobacco Coffee E-Liquid

A satisfying spectrum of deep, intensely-aromatic flavours with base notes of spicy tobacco leaf and rich coffee.

This juice was certainly an interesting combination to vape. The tobacco is highly distinct and to an extent some folks might find it a little overpowering. It is not harsh, but in fact wonderfully refined. However because it is distinct and very aromatic I found the coffee taste which is still present became a little lost. In many ways the tobacco reminded me a lot of French pipe tobacco, and as such it does tend to leave a lingering smell in the air which I quite liked. This is something to keep in mind, especially if you live with other people who don’t vape.

As someone who enjoys tobacco juices I personally highly enjoyed it and it was superb to vape in my Taifun GT III. However if you approach it thinking you will get a coffee vape you might be disappointed because the tobacco dominates proceedings. Nevertheless if you enjoy great tobacco flavours this one is definitely worth a try.

Due to the nature of the tobacco this juice offers a medium to strong throat hit in 3mg nicotine strength. Vapour production was seriously good but quite typical of the mix ratio.

Caramel Macchiato

Deliciously indulgent Caramel Macchiato with notes of espresso, vanilla syrup and caramel sauce.

I’ve saved covering what I consider to be my personal favourite in this range till last. I do love strong coffee and I will always gravitate to espresso if I have a choice and what an espresso this is! On the inhale you get that distinct and potent espresso coffee which is just the thing when you find you’re only half awake. This then melts into a wonderful vanilla flavour before fading away and being replaced with a beautifully rich caramel. As coffee flavours go this is one I would certainly heavily stock up on because I thought it was awesome!

The throat hit was medium to strong in 3mg nicotine strength and the vapour production was on par with the other flavours and cannot be faulted.


In my opinion this is a truly superb range of E-Liquid that caters to coffee lovers like myself! Quite often I have found coffee to be one of the most overlooked flavours by E-Liquid manufacturers and while there are many latte coffee flavours out there, you seldom see as many espresso or more exotic coffee combinations available. So it’s great that there is finally some real variety coming to the market.

I would say that if you are a coffee fan then you really need to try these. Keep in mind as mentioned I feel the Tobacco Coffee while enjoyable in its own right caters more to tobacco fans.

Many thanks to Vape Store who kindly sent these E-Liquids to Planet of the Vapes for us to review!

You can purchase any of these E-Liquids from Vape Store here https://www.vapestore.co.uk/e-liquids/the-coffee-house/.  POTV readers can get 15% off purchases using the code POTV15 - this discount code is not to be used for the purchase of unlicensed nicotine containing products or their components.

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