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Tea Time Travels Eliquids

Tea Time Travels is a UK based range of E-Liquids, and they recently launched their first five flavours into the market!

All five of the Tea Time Travels range are inspired by tea traditions from around the world, with Australian Lemon Pavlova, Great British Summer Pudding, Parisian Creme Brulee, Sicilian Pistachio Semifreddo and Vienna Apple and Spice Strudel comprising the range. All of the Tea Time Travels range are mixed in 10ml bottles to an 80/20 VG/PG ratio and come in 0, 3 or 6mg strength.  They are also available in zero nicotine shortfill bottles where the ratio is 75/25 VG/PG.  As these juices are available in a nicotine containing variant then you know that these shortfills have been through testing and have been submitted to the MHRA which is great from a consumer point of view.

Australian Lemon Pavlova

An indulgence of meringue and fresh whipped cream, perfectly balanced against hints of sharp lemon curd.


After personally living in Australia for a good few years, and trying many a Pavlova whilst I was there, I was dead keen to give this one a go! It features a very strong and sharp lemon, which dominated the overall flavour of the e-liquid, and a thick, sweet creamy background gives the feel of meringue and cream combination that makes up the pavlova base. This juice is really well done - gives the feel of a Lemon Pavlova and brought back memories of my time over there.  A superb flavour!

Great British Summer Pudding

Fresh berries, sweet currants, and rich dough blend together for a mouth-watering summery treat.

If sweet E-Liquids are your thing, chances are you will love Great British Summer Pudding from Tea Time Travels! It has a very sweet and authentic tasting berry inhale, with an undertone of dough that almost tastes like a doughnut. I love the berry mix on this recipe, it's just as a summer pudding in the UK should be.  Thick and tasty berry juice mixes with the sugar infused bread - a real treat for pudding lover.  This is a perfect vape for not just for summer but for any time of the year!

Parisian Creme Brûlée 


A succulent combination of smooth vanilla custard and luscious caramel, culminating with a crisp, sugary dessert finish.

There was a time, not all that long ago, whilst I was on holiday in France and fuelled by cheap Kronenbourg, I ventured into an all you can eat restaurant and after consuming my bodyweight in food, I proceeded to eat nine Creme Brulees and since then, I've not looked at a Creme Brulee in the same way since! Nevertheless, Tea Time Travels do a great job of replicating a Creme Brulee, right down to the thick vanilla custard and sugary caramel. I actually enjoyed vaping this one immensely - I'm still not interested in eating the real thing however!  A few years ago there was a juice by Nicoticket that was extremely popular and I remember going through many bottles of this - this juice is just as tasty so if you were a fan of that one this is well worth checking out.

Sicilian Pistachio Semifreddo

Crushed pistachios and whipped cream come together for a savory, nutty blend, giving way to a creamy dessert finish.

Sicilian Pistachio Semifreddo - oh my word!  The traditional Semifreddo is usually a chilled dessert, but for those of you who aren't keen on mixing menthol with your puddings then don't worry, this juice has no ice element.  The flavour on this recipe kicks off with a very dry, nutty pistachio that is balanced off well with a thick cream undertone. The balance of dry nuts and a creamy finish works very well together indeed, this is a classic dessert flavour - the nuts, cream and sweetness combine to give a very tasty and satisfying vape.  I need more of this!


Vienna Apple & Spice Strudel

A zesty apple overtone which gives way to a sweet honey finish, delicately blended with cinnamon spice and rich pastry.

Strudel is one of my favourite desserts, whether it be an apple one or mixed fruit, and I always look forward to trying strudel inspired E-Liquids! I get a sharp apple on the inhale of this juice, followed up with a thick cinnamon and pastry background. I didn't pick up on much honey in the overall flavour but with some playing around with different set ups it may well come to the fore.  My only disappointment with this juice, if not the whole range, is that there was no custard finish to it off, if there has been then this would be the perfect Strudel vape for me!


I love the branding of these juices, and the interesting backstory behind them, of course marketing is nothing without a great product though! Thankfully these liquids from Tea Time Travels are of real high quality, and offer a really tasty experience!

Many thanks to Sab at Tea Time Travels for sending these e-liquids in for review, these can be purchased from https://teatimetravels.com/. Tea Time Travels have also kindly provided us with the full range to give away, if you would like to be in with a chance of winning them you can enter the competition here!

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