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Stonewall by Cotswold Vapour

Stonewall is the latest E-Liquid range from UK juice maestro's Cotswold Vapour, and they have kindly sent us the full range to review. Check out what we thought!

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Since Cotswold Vapour launched their first three eliquids back in 2016, their brand has gone from strength to strength and they now offer a large range of different E-Liquids, in both TPD compliant 10ml bottle and shortfill 50ml bottle formats, catering to all tastes!

One of the key reasons behind the success that Cotswold Vapour have enjoyed is that they offer top quality e-liquid at highly competitive prices, and they are able to do so as every part of their business is done in house- from website design, to marketing, right down to sales support.

No expense is spared however when it comes to the ingredients used in their E-Liquids, their entire supply chain is accounted for and only the finest quality ingredients are used. All of their liquids are free of Diacetyl, with flavourings sourced from trusted, world-renowned suppliers, and as a rule of thumb- if the Cotswold Vapour team won't vape it themselves, they won't sell it. Every batch is steeped in house and extensively tested on a range of devices before it is released to market.

I recently reviewed three of their latest E-Liquids, which you can read here, and I've also been sent the Stonewall range to review. The Stonewall range features seven 50ml zero nicotine shortfill e-liquids mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. I'll be reviewing five of the range today, as I previously reviewed Super Bowl and The Big Slice, here's what I thought...

Melon Crush

Succulent cantaloupe and honeydew melons blended with a handful of ripe berries and crisp citrus fruits...

Melon Crush features a mouthwatering sweet melon flavour, with a very light fruity and tangy finish to it. I love melons, and Melon Crush appealed to my tastes perfectly! The mix is absolutely spot on here, tasting exactly how I expected it to, and Melon Crush is a hell of a refreshing vape!

Key Lime Crunch

Devilishly sweet home-made cookie with a zesty key lime glaze. A rich and satisfying vape.

Key Lime Crunch has to be one of my all time favourite lime cookie e-liquids, with the perfect amount of lime flavouring alongside a deliciously sweet and authentic tasting cookie undertone. I really enjoyed the fact that the lime was tart and zesty enough to make my mouth water, but not too strong at the same time, and the cookie undertone didn't overshadow the lime. Outstanding stuff!

The Strawberry Doughnut

Authentic fluffy ring Doughnut coated with a sweet and vibrant strawberry glaze. A delicious all day vape..

Doughnut inspired E-Liquids are amongst my absolute favourites to vape, and The Strawberry Doughnut has pretty much instantly become one of my all time favourite E-Liquids! A rich and authentic doughnut background is blended with a sweet glazed strawberry flavour, and it tastes absolutely spot on. The Strawberry Doughnut has been a permanent fixture in my Billet Box, and is easily an all day vape!

Polar Night

A sweet assortment of freshly harvested berries are brought to life by a refreshingly minty finish..

On the inhale I get a lovely, fruity blast of mixed berries that tastes extremely refreshing and authentic, and this is followed up with a very crisp mint on the exhale. The mint exhale features a nice chill to it, but it's not too harsh or overbearing!

Midnight Sun

Sweet limes with fresh oranges and a hint of forest berries, featuring a refreshing icy kick...

Midnight Sun has a sweet and zingy citrus kick on the inhale, mainly thanks to the orange flavour note, with a small hint of berry in the background, and this is followed up with a delightfully chilled smooth exhale. It kind of reminds me of a cold fizzy citrus drink, and it's just as refreshing!


The Stonewall range features even more absolutely stunning E-Liquids from the supremely talented Cotswold Vapour team, and I must say that I enjoyed these liquids immensely. 

The quality is absolutely superb, and as with the other Cotswold Vapour E-Liquids I have tried they are all mixed to absolute perfection, with tons of flavour!

Many thanks to Stu at Cotswold Vapour for sending the Stonewall range in for review, if you like the sound of these you can purchase them here - POTV readers can get 20% off using the code POTV20! 

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