Spiritwalker Reborn by Manabush Review by Michelle (Purplefowler)

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Spiritwalker Reborn by Manabush

Spiritwalker Reborn by Manabush

Manabush are probably most well known for their stellar tobacco e-liquids, anyone who has tried them will know just how good they are. But not everyone likes tobacco flavours, I myself am not the biggest fan although the original ranges and the new Leaf range have made me revaluate my tastes. But for those among us who really don’t like any tobacco juices but love complex interesting flavours, help is at hand because you can get all the taste without the tobacco with the fantastic Spiritwalker Reborn range.

If you are already a fan of the classic Manabush ranges, you will already recognise most of the names here, these are basically a greatest hits range with a twist. Even if you love the tobacco-based ranges, Spiritwalker Reborn still has much to offer, they will be welcomely familiar and yet interestingly different enough to offer a greater variety to your regular juice rotations.

Once again, Manabush are also looking after us 6mg vapers and I was sent the full range of 30ml bottles. Just to recap on my previous Manabush reviews, the 6mg range consists of bottles containing 20ml of flavour boosted 0mg e-liquid with enough space for your nic shot which will take it up to 30ml of full flavoured juice. Without meaning to sound like a broken record, this really is a godsend for those of us who like a bit more of a hit than 3mg shortfills provide and I really wish more juice makers would go down this route. Not all of us are cloud lovers, I personally am a mouth to lung vaper who holds flavour above everything else, and I know I am not alone here.

Now it’s time to crack on with the review. This could be interesting as some are such unique flavours so I can only try to describe how they taste to me. We all have different tastebuds, the old chestnut “taste is subjective” really does apply here as these are complex and unlike anything anyone else makes so just take this as my personal experience, you will need to try the Spiritwalker Reborn range for yourself to really find out what these are all about!


The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush range

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range – Spiritwalker

“As in the original range this is Spiritwalker - the base of the range - based on our popular tobacco range Nokomis ... but with the tobacco replaced with biscuit/bakery background”

As soon as you crack open the bottle, you get wrapped up in the warm, rich aroma. It is the vaping equivalent of a comfort blanket. You can instantly tell it is a Manabush creation though, it has their signature taste all over it, just without the tobacco. You may think that might mean it feels like something is missing, but nothing could be further away, this absolutely stands as its own thing. It is also very easy to vape, and I found the bottle was empty far quicker than I anticipated. It has a sweet edge but don’t be expecting a sugar hit here, it is just one element of the overall flavour. I did warn you that this range might be tricky to describe!

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush - Spiritwalker

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range – Chiri

“This update and slight re-brand retains the original caramel and nutty fabness of the original blended with the new base”


Chiricahua was one of my favourite Manabush original e-liquids, so I was sad when it seemed like it was no longer around, but it is back with a bang and with an easier to pronounce name to boot! Building from the Spiritwalker base, this takes all the depth of flavour and turns it up to eleven. The caramel is true, rich and decadent, and the nutty notes are incredibly addictive. I could mainline this stuff if it was possible, it is that good!

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush Chiri

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range - Powwow

“Our Tobacco free mix of the Legendary Nokomis Range Powwow Sauce!”

This is the Daddy of the range based on what is probably the most famous of all Manabush creations. I am at a bit of a loss here when it comes to trying to describe it though as Powwow has always been its own thing, completely unique and annoyingly indescribable! It has sweet notes, slightly custardly notes, and erm…nope, that’s all I’ve got! Really if you want a completely unique vaping experience, just grab a bottle and give it a try.

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush Powwow


The Spiritwalker Reborn Range - Coyote

“This is our long awaited and previously unseen Coconut version of the Spiritwalker range, borrowing heavily from our original Nokomis "Coyote Coconut" the coconut compliments the biscuity Spiritwalker base perfectly”

I am back on safer ground here, Coyote is much easier to deal with. It still has the mystical base flavour but with a sweet, smooth coconut layer which is strong but without being overpowering. You can almost feel shreds of the stuff stuck between your teeth, it is that realistic a flavour. It also makes it one of the lighter flavours in the range, but don’t mistake that for meaning it lacks something, it is just a complex as the others but just goes in a slightly different direction.

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush Coyote

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range - Mash

“This is Spiritwalker with Coffee Liqueur, a hint of Espresso Coffee and a wisp of cream and caramel creating a great coffee liqueur e-liquid”

Mash is completely new to me, and it certainly had me intrigued. I know it was something that had been on the back burner for a very long time, but I also know that Martyn (Mr Manabush) is a perfectionist and wouldn’t release a product that he didn’t feel was the very best it could be. So I was really pleased to see that he felt he had finally cracked it. Even better, when I tasted it, I also knew that he has totally nailed it. The combination of the base flavour with a shot of freshly brewed espresso is a master stroke. The natural sweetness from the OG spiritwalker really blends well with the coffee, and the creamy layer just tops things off to perfection. This has to be a contender for the best coffee based e-liquid of all time.


The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush Mash

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range - Musa

“Our Dark Rum, Toffee and Vanilla gets twisted up in this tobacco-free Spiritwalker based cocktail. It may have lost an "S" ... but none of the flavour”

Omusa was another big favourite from the original Nokomis range and the first e-liquid which showed me how good boozy juices could be, so I was really pleased to see it has had a rebirth. It has retained all the flavour I loved in the original but without the tobacco. This ain’t no cheap nasty rum, this is the good stuff that you’d save for a special occasion. The toffee and vanilla add further layers of richness to make this a really wonderful cocktail and a surprisingly easy all day vape.

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush Musa

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range - Bozho

“Spiritwalker, Custard and Banana - it’s all there... except the word "Nana"”


As I said at the start of this review, taste is subjective. I’m just not that big a fan of banana e-liquids and this is very much a banana flavour. I was never that big a fan of the original Nanabozho and this is very similar in strength and style. So to balance out my personal preference here, I will also point out that when my other half vaped, he loved Nanabozho and all things banana, so I think it is safe to say that if you are like him, you will love this too.

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush Bozho

Final Thoughts

Sometimes when I get a larger range in for review, it can be a bit of a slog getting through several e-liquids that are different and yet the same. You can tell they have started with an idea and then just changed up one flavour and that is the extent of the imagination. With Spiritwalker Reborn, Manabush have completely sidestepped that issue by creating a lovingly crafted range which has obviously been a true labour of love. Yes, they all have an underlying theme connecting them all, but each flavour still manages to retain its own unique profile. If you have always been intrigued by Manabush flavours but have been put off by the tobacco, this is your chance to try some of the most innovative e-liquids on the market to date.

If this has tickled your tastebuds, you can pick these up from Manabush. 6mg bottles are £7.49 (excluding nic shots which can be bought separately), 3mg 50ml shortfills are £12.99, and you can also pick up the full range bundles for £40.99 or £69.99 (3mg or 6mg).

The Spiritwalker Reborn Range by Manabush with nic shot

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