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Skwezed Short Fill Eliquids

Produced in Southern California, famed for its fresh fruit produce, Skwezed is a new range of four 70/30 VG/PG fruit based E-Liquids available in 100ml zero nicotine shortfill bottles from E-Liquids UK!

Skwezed introduces four fresh fruit flavours, with popular flavours such as Green Apple and Peach, with the Skwezed range produced in one of the largest, state of the art E-Liquid production facilities in the USA.

Green Apple

This is what an award winning ejuice tastes like, literally. The Skwezed Green Apple eliquid is a sweet-crisp granny apple freshly picked from an apple tree captured into a 100ml bottle.

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Skwezed Green Apple is one of the most realistic tasting apple based E-Liquids that I have ever tried! It has captured the delicious taste of a green apple perfectly, right down to the slightly sour and crisp taste, it’s uncanny! Apple is one of my favourite flavours so this suited me down to a T, this is an E-Liquid I could definitely vape all day!


Whether you have had lychee or not, you will definitely enjoy this ejuice.  Our Skwezed Lychee eliquid replicates the fruit that offers a translucent and glossy texture under its peel, similar to a grape. It offers a refreshing and sub tarty sweet taste that is deliciously hard to describe, vape it yourself to see how much you will enjoy it.

Lychee from Skwezed offers the fresh and exotic taste of a Lychee fruit, which isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, but it keeps me coming back for more and more. I normally find that Lychee is used as an undertone in E-Liquids, however it really does shine on its own!


Vape Club

Imagine a grapefruit where all the bitterness was taken out.  Sounds delicious right?  Now imagine vaping it.  Many vapers are describing our Skwezed Grapefruit ejuice as a sweet and tangy grapefruit without the bitterness.

Grapefruit from Skwezed is a bit of a strange one, I’ve tried a few grapefruit flavoured E-Liquids in the past which have all had a bitter aftertaste to them, much like the fruit itself, but this one does away with that bitter edge and has a rather crisp sourness to it instead! It’s ideal for those who have found grapefruit e-liquids to be a little too bitter in the past!


Love peach and you will love our Skwezed Peach ejuice.  This peach eliquid is not over powering to resemble a peach ring, but gives off just the right amount of flavour to resemble the fuzzy, sweet and aromatic fruit with every vape.

Over time I have sampled hundreds of different peach based E-Liquids, but Peach from Skwezed has got to be my pick of the bunch. Many peach E-Liquids do a great job of capturing the taste of tinned peaches, but Peach from Skwezed actually replicates the taste of the fruit itself - just without the peach skin! It’s very tasty stuff, and after opening my bottle of Peach from Skwezed I found that I couldn’t put it down!

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If you are a fan of fruit E-Liquids, then the Skwezed range absolutely should be on your to try list as I’ve got no doubt at least one of these would turn into an all day vape for you! These four E-Liquids capture the essence of fruit flavours perfectly, without even a hint of an artificial taste, offering a deliciously sweet vape!

Many thanks to E-Liquids UK for sending the tasty Skwezed range in for review, these can be purchased from - you can get 35% off these juices using the code SKWEZED35 for a limited time only - this brings them down to just under £15 for a 100ml short fill!

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