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Simply Delicious by Van Dyke Vapes

Van Dyke Vapes have created the new Simply Delicious range, a variety of seven sweet and fruit flavoured short fills that are sure to satisfy your inner fruit junkie.

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Simply Delicious by Van Dyke Vapes

Van Dyke Vapes has been a big part of the vaping scene for a long time and have somehow always managed to stay in-line with the latest vaping trends. A family run business based in Skipton, Yorkshire, Van Dyke has a fantastic online shop that stocks a range of vaping goodies as well as a bricks-and-mortar store based in Skipton itself.

One of their latest creations is the new Simply Delicious range, a variety of seven sweet and fruit flavoured short fills that are sure to satisfy your inner fruit junkie. They kindly sent the complete new range to us for review.


Blapple is a beautifully balanced blend of blackcurrant and apple. Depending on the wattage you put through your coil you seem to be able to tweak the flavour around a bit! Higher wattages bring a quality tasting apple and blackcurrant juice that reminds me of hot summer days as a child, an ice cold drink your mum had brought you to cool down in hand. It’s homely and tasty but the flavour goes beyond a glass of squash into something you would expect from an organic farm shop blended juice. At lower temperatures it transforms slightly into a lovely apple and blackcurrant pie, the natural sweetness comes through to give you a flavour you just can’t get enough of.

Jammy Berry

This liquid is a blend of various berries that have been blended down into a sumptuous jam. Not as sweet as some other jam flavours, Jammy Berry manages to retain the natural sweetness of the fruit while giving you a bite of tartness reminiscent of a good quality homemade jam. Don’t be put off by the toned-down sweetness, if anything is makes the fruit more luscious and realistic and doesn’t hide behind a sweet facade. This ranks as one of my favourites in the range and the tasty hit of strawberry and raspberry on the exhale keeps me going back for more again and again. Definitely one for the jam lovers!

Creamy Blues

Ahoy cheesecake lovers! Van Dyke Vapes have a treat for you. If you like your cheesecakes not too heavy on the base, full of creamy centre and able to retain the natural bite of fruit without veering into over sweetness, this is the liquid for you. You can almost feel the blueberries bursting in your mouth as you vape this one. In fact, it is one of the best blueberry liquids I have tried to date. Many eliquid manufacturers seem to struggle with blueberry vapes, often leaving the resulting liquids feeling over processed and fake. Van Dyke have (somehow!) managed to make this taste of fresh blueberries with a creamy cheesecake finish. It’s fair to say that this one was in close contention for my favourite flavour in the range.


A blend of fizzy apples with slices of pear layered through bring this liquid waltzing onto your tastebuds. Similar to pear drops mixed with apple sours, the flavour is unexpectedly amazing and personally, I love it! You can almost taste the fizzy sweets, but less sour and artificial-tasting. The fizz is an interesting addition and I wasn’t sure at first whether it would appeal to me, but as I ever, I was wrong. The fizz adds a refreshing pop to this liquid and it almost cools the vapour down as it hits your tongue. An intriguing and tasty vape, I can tell why it is one of their bestsellers!

Fresh OJ

Fresh OJ delivers on the promise of its name. Freshly squeezed orange juice on a level I haven’t tried before. You can even taste the slight bitterness you get from drinking fresh orange juice! This is so true to life that you could sit there with a full english breakfast and a newspaper and vape this and it wouldn’t feel remotely out of place. Except of course, if you were in a cafe and blowing your orangey goodness at the poor people around you! There is something that needs to be noted here though. Fresh orangey goodness of this calibre does come with a drawback. The juice has been shown in some instances to crack polycarbonate tanks so this should be reserved for glass tanks and drippers. With a flavour this good though I really can’t see it being a problem. I’d buy ten new tanks just to vape this every morning. Top marks Van Dyke Vapes!

Oh Minty

The flavour that feels like it needs an exclamation mark! Or two!! This blend of different mints is underlaid with a touch of melon on the exhale that really helps to bring the different variety of mints together. This isn’t a mentholated peppermint or an extra strong mint but more of a blend of fresh mint leaves. It’s refreshing and not overly sweet with a pleasant aftertaste. For the mint lovers out there it’s a cracker but if you’re not much into the taste of melon, which I know is contentious in some vapers, it is worth noting that the melon is noticeable, albeit well blended into the overall flavour profile and not overly powerful.

Oh The Melody

Also lacking an exclamation mark is Oh(!) The Melody(!). A true to life blend of melon with a touch of strawberry and a dash of kiwi. Not normally a fan of melon flavours, I hesitantly loaded this into a dripper and was surprised to find that I really liked it! The addition of the kiwi is a great idea and really helps to bring a decent punch to the flavour. The strawberry adds to this effect bringing a grown-up and well-developed flavour profile to this juice. The melon is sweet but not overly so and will have melon fans salivating at just the smell when they open the bottle. The other fruits are blended with care to compliment and not overpower the melon and the mixes seem to be bang on the money.


Van Dyke Vapes have done it again! Introducing another range of unique and genuine flavours that push the boundaries of what fruit flavour eliquid blends are all about. The depth of fruit flavour and cleverness of the mix are well defined and compare extremely favourably to their real-life counterparts. No cheap flavourings here!

The short fills can be purchased from the Van Dyke Vapes website here.

You can expect a 50ml short fill (making 60ml of liquid once blended) to set you back only £13.99 without a nicotine shot, however, nic shots are available from Van Dyke at £2 per bottle and with the discount code POTV10 you . can grab an additional 10% off at checkout.

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