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Shark Gummies E-Liquid

Shark Gummies E-Liquid is a range of 70/30 VG/PG candy based e-liquids modelled on the popular gummy shark sweets, and these juices are produced by Orange County, California based Tailored Vapors.

Tailored Vapors were founded in 2015 by a team of highly experienced vapers who had a singular goal in mind, which was to produce unique premium e-liquid flavours that are quite unlike anything else on the market. Since 2015, the Tailored Vapors stable has grown constantly, and they now offer a wide selection of different e-iquid brands.

Shark Gummies E-Liquid has proven to be extremely popular stateside, and is now available in the UK having gone through testing and notification to ensure that they are TPD compliant. The Shark Gummies range is available in the UK via Electronic Cigarette Co, and you have the choice of purchasing a 10ml bottle or a multipack of four 10ml bottles for the competitive price of £15.99! Nicotine strengths available are 3mg and 6mg. Let's see what Shark Gummies has to offer...

Blue Raspberry

The Electronic Cigarette Company

Blue raspberry shark shaped gummy candies paired with the most subtle hint of sweet cream...

The inhale delivers a smooth and very sweet blue raspberry flavour, with a thick and slightly creamy candied background which lingers around in my mouth, and it has the uncanny texture and mouth feel of a gummy sweet itself! I love a blue raspberry flavoured e-liquid, and this one from Shark Gummies definitely hit the spot.


Peach shark shaped gummy candies paired with the most subtle hint of sweet cream...

Peach I felt was the smoothest flavour out of the Shark Gummies range, although it is still a sweet candied vape I found it pretty easy going enough to vape all day long and at no point did I feel that it got too sickly for me. The peach flavouring isn't overly heavy, and it mixes well with the slightly creamy candied undertones to provide a very tasty vape indeed. 

Vape Club

Sweet Watermelon

Watermelon shark shaped gummy candies paired with the most subtle hint of sweet cream...

The watermelon flavouring present here is a pretty heavy candied watermelon, rather than watermelon fruit flavouring itself. It's very true to form, and tastes just like a watermelon gummy sweet does. I could vape this for short periods of time, but if I vaped it pretty heavily I found it to get a little on the sickly side for my tastes!

Strawberry Punch

A strawberry punch vape with a light and smooth sweet cream gummy taste...

Premier Ecigs

I found that Strawberry Punch seemed to me to be the sweetest flavour in the Shark Gummies range, and it tastes like the heart shaped strawberry gummy sweets found in bags of Haribo! The strawberry flavouring has been mixed very well, it has a tangy sweetness to it but doesn't taste artificial at the same time, or leave a horrible aftertaste in your mouth. This was my favourite flavour from the Shark Gummies range, and it will be one I'll definitely be indulging in again!  


I've got a sweet tooth myself, and I can absolutely see fans of sweet flavoured e-liquids going nuts for the Shark Gummies range! Tailored Vapors have definitely nailed down the texture and mouth feel of these gummy sweets in e-liquid form, and they are so sweet and moreish that I couldn't help but come back for more and more.

The 70/30 VG/PG ratio produces thick volumes of vapour, with plenty of flavour, and these e-liquids suit atomisers with a sub ohm build perfectly- I found the more wattage I put through these e-liquids the more I got out of them. If you like your sweet e-liquids, the Shark Gummies range is well worth you having a look at!

Many thanks to Electronic Cigarette Co for sending the Shark Gummies range over to review, if you like the sound of these they can be purchased here.

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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