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Pure Evil Divine E-Liquid

I’m sure most of us have had some juice at one time or another that we could describe as evil either because it’s incredibly tasty so you keep buying it or it’s so awful you never want to go near it again. Pure Evil hopes to be so utterly evil that it is in fact truly divine. So let’s have a look shall we!

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Pure Evil Divine E-Liquid

Pure Evil Divine E-Liquid is a maximum VG collection specially designed for summoning Un-Holy Clouds.

Concocted in the UK using only the finest of ingredients, Pure Evil Divine E-Liquid will warm your bones and tickle your soul.

7 Deadly Sins is our first collection, and we guarantee that you won't find the same quality of juice anywhere else.

I’m sure most of us have had some juice at one time or another that we could describe as evil either because it’s incredibly tasty so you keep buying it or it’s so awful you never want to go near it again. Pure Evil hopes to be so utterly evil that it is in fact truly divine. So let’s have a look shall we!

The juice comes in 20ml glass dropper bottles with childproof caps and all warning information is clearly marked. At present this juice is only available in 3mg Nicotine strength.

The manufacturer has gone for a Seven Deadly Sins theme which I’m sure Kevin Spacey’s lunatic character in the Se7en movie would certainly approve of! The labels have a suitably creepy vibe to them which are very eye catching and the bottles themselves are black which means you can’t see how much juice you’ve used which I find particularly evil.

The juice in this range is Max VG for massive cloud production. All juice was vaped in my Achilles II RDA using a 1.2ohm coil which was wicked with cotton bacon. My device of choice was the iPV4s.


A Strawberry and Custard potion to satisfy your desire.

I found Lust to be a very creamy and mellow vape. There is nothing too potent and both the strawberry and custard notes balance well with each other. Both flavours tasted very natural and the overall sweetness of the mix seemed just right to me. Cloud production was excellent as you would expect from this mix ratio. If you enjoy strawberry and custard vapes you will definitely find this a great all day vape! The throat hit was very mild and not especially noticeable.


Butterscotch Ice. This cooling butterscotch blend will result in pure gratification.

When I read the description of this juice I was thinking to myself that is would be like Murray Mints and that is exactly what you get! A creamy butterscotch nicely balanced with a hint of menthol. I always loved Murray Mints so this juice is great for me! Once again the flavours are very natural and not overly potent. For people who don’t typically enjoy menthol please note that it is in fact very mild and not the face freezing variety so this juice is still well worth trying. Due to the high VG content this juice will certainly give you plenty of clouds! In 3mg strength the throat hit is extremely mild. The only exception is if you take a very long vape which results in the mint being a little more potent.


A sweet rice and fresh mango blend to leave you hungry for more.

I found this juice to be absolutely lovely! It is a very unusual flavour and the only way I can describe it is a mix of mango and Sake without the alcohol. I happen to love mango and this juice does not disappoint! Just as the description states the mango is deliciously fresh and is exceedingly well complimented with the sweet rice. Greed is a very unique juice and I could definitely vape this one all day long! Cloud production was once more excellent and the throat hit was mild.


A raspberry blend enraged with coconut for a furiously delicious vape.

In my opinion this juice is gorgeous! A highly flavoursome and sweet raspberry is the prominent flavour balanced with a hint of coconut that tends to come through at the end of the exhale. The ingredients are very natural in taste and this juice puts out plenty of clouds! The mix is extremely well balanced and I think if you try this one you will not be disappointed! The throat hit was once again very mild in 3mg strength.


A creamy and indulgent vanilla to warm your bones.

Gluttony is a very pleasant vanilla vape. I was initially expecting it have a much stronger taste and to be honest you don’t get a great deal of flavour on the inhale, it is only when you exhale that you really notice the creamy vanilla. I would say it is more the taste of ice cream vanilla than the custard variety. Nevertheless it is most enjoyable and would make a good all day vape since it isn’t especially potent. Vapour production is excellent and the throat hit is extremely mild to the point where I didn’t really notice it.


An intensely desirable juice of spiced apples and secrets.

Envy is quite a complex juice but what you initially get when you vape is a very natural and neutral taste of apple but as you vape it varies in sweetness. At times you get a medium flavour and then every now and again you get a very sweet taste. It is quite unusual and there is definitely a hint of spice in there perhaps a subtle cinnamon. Interestingly there is also other ingredients that I can’t pick out but whatever they are they work to compliment the mix as a whole. I could happily vape this all day and I really enjoyed the variation in the juice! Cloud production was great as expected and the throat hit was slightly stronger somewhere between mild to medium.


A slowly matured, and decadent blend of 7 berries for an all-day mellow vape.

Ideally I shouldn’t draw comparisons between e-liquid from different manufacturers but this juice does remind me a lot of Red Astaire. Imagine if you were to get rid of the aniseed and menthol in that juice and just have more of a prominent berry flavour with greater variety because that is how I would describe this juice. It is highly enjoyable and the mixed berries make for subtle flavour variation when you vape! At some points you get blackberry flavour notes which serves to make this juice even tastier. This is definitely a great all day vape and well worth trying!  Cloud production like all the other juice in this range was excellent and I found this juice to have a mild to medium throat hit.


Pure Evil is an excellent range of flavoursome and highly enjoyable juice. The diverse flavours on offer ensure that there is something for everyone!

Pricing is reasonable and you can expect to pay £9.99 for a 20ml bottle. If I had one small criticism it is that the range is currently only available in 3mg which won’t suit everyone. Having said that I typically prefer 6mg strength but I really enjoyed these juices due to the excellent flavours, ad considering they are very high VG this is no mean feat!  We hope to see more from this manufacturer in the future.

Pure Evil E-Liquids can be purchased here direct from Vapouriz. If you are a vendor and are interested in stocking these juices you can check out the dedicated Evil Vapors website here.

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