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Pro Vaperz Premium Range

Founded in 2016 by Tony and based in Letchworth, Pro Vaperz are focused on providing industry leading products backed up with knowledgeable customer service. They also have their own in house range of liquids, which we will look at in this review!

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Founded in 2016 by Tony and based in Letchworth, Pro Vaperz are focused on providing industry leading products backed up with knowledgeable customer service. They offer a wide range of products both in store and online, including the excellent Dripworx range!

They first started out with a small retail unit, and thanks to their hard work, passion for vaping, they have an extremely busy retail store as well as an online one that serves customers all over the UK!

Pro Vaperz also have their own brand E-Liquid range, with Standard, Shortfill and Premium options. I'll be looking at the Premium range in this review, which consists of three E-Liquids- Azure, Coral and Onyx. All three are available in zero nicotine 25ml shortfill bottles, which are compatible with nicotine shots.


Reminiscent of a childhood drink, this Blue Raspberry and Bubblegum mix gives a classic, sweet and tangy slushie drink flavour- without the menthol!

With Azure, on the inhale I get a delicious blue raspberry flavour, that is neither too sweet or overpowering, and it blends in really nicely with a smooth bubblegum undertone. There's a little sweet twist at the end to round off Azure, and all in all I found this a superbly refreshing E-Liquid!


A blend of tropical fruits that will light up your taste buds and take you to paradise. A lasting juicy taste that will leave you wanting more!

Coral is a definite summery all day vape, I get a delicious blend of mango, citrus and what tastes like pineapple on the exhale, with the flavours delivered very smoothly indeed. It's a really moreish vape that definitely had me coming back for more, my 25ml bottle was gone in a matter of three days!


A sweet, juicy blackcurrant with a winter chill to wow your taste buds...

Real credit to Pro Vaperz with this one- they have got the taste of blackcurrant absolutely spot on, with a fresh and fruity taste, and the chill is just a smooth cooling sensation that doesn't overpower me at all! It's just a very flavoursome and easy going vape that offers really good flavour!


I'm really impressed with the three E-Liquids that make up the Premium range from Pro Vaperz, I can tell that a lot of hard work and effort has been put into developing these juices, ensuring that they taste exactly how their flavour descriptions intend them to be.

These liquids feel like they have been designed for use at high wattage with sub ohm builds in an RDA or RTA, and they really shine when you put some wattage through them. These are absolutely perfect for a tasty, cloud chasing session!

Many thanks to Tony and Stu at Pro Vaperz for sending the Pro Vaperz Premium range in for review, if you like the sound of these they can be purchased here!

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