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Primal E-Liquid Shortfills

Primal E-Liquid Shortfills are a range of three juices inspired by the mean streets of Malaysia, and manufactured here in the UK by Absolute E-Juice. Vaporized have kindly sent us the full range in for review, here's what we thought!

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Primal E-Liquid Shortfills are a range of three juices inspired by the mean streets of Malaysia, and manufactured here in the UK by Absolute E-Juice.

They follow the 'Low Mint' style of many popular Malaysian E-Liquids, which feature very sweet flavour profiles with a refreshing ice-cool effect. Whereas the sweetness of a lot of Malaysian E-Liquids tends to be harsh on your coils, Primal E-Liquid Shortfills have been formulated to preserve coil lifespan! 

Primal E-Liquid Shortfills are currently available in zero nicotine 50ml nic shot compatible shortfill bottles, and are mixed to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Let's see what they have to offer...

Mango Maniac

A Mean Malay Mangler: brutalising crisp mangos, ravaging tangerines and taking succulent oranges prisoner in his sub zero basement...

On the inhale I get a deliciously fresh and authentic mango flavour, very ripe and sweet with a chill in the background, followed up with a very chilled citrus orange on the exhale. The flavours here are absolutely fantastic, I can quite happily vape this all day long, and I love the strong chilly finish. Delicious stuff!

Gangland Grape

A frozen wave of crime washes over Malaysia. Smashed kneecaps, broken skulls, gooey grapes gasping for air and drowning in lemonade...

I half expected this to be a straight up grape soda flavour, but it's actually a little different! A fresh black grape flavour is present on the inhale, authentic tasting and true to the fruit itself, and a crisp lemonade flavour comes in on the exhale bringing plenty of chill with it. It's very sharp and sweet, best vaped as an occasional treat!

Tropical Terror

The Kuala Lumpur Killer. Potent passion fruit and syrupy slashed up nectarines, mashed up in an ice cold pool of guava.

This is a real sweet and exotic e-liquid, featuring a full on punch of passion fruit and nectarine, with a chilly guava in the background. It's blended together really well for a deliciously sweet and refreshing, summery vape!


If you are a fan of sweet Malaysian style E-Liquids then the Primal E-Liquid Shortfills range will be right up your street! These are three sweet, tasty and refreshing juices that are vapable all day long, and kind on your coils too!

Many thanks to Vaporized for sending Primal E-Liquid Shortfills in for review, you can purchase them from Vaporized here!

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