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Pastry Boy Juice Co comes from the makers of Juice Roll Upz, an extremely popular line of eliquid in the USA. Comprised of Crumbs, a crumb cake and berry eliquid, and Strudel, a blueberry and vanilla strudel, Pastry Boy has been making waves and earning very positive feedback since it was released. Pastry Boy liquids are mixed in an ISO7 clean room to a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, and are available in strengths of zero, 3mg and 6mg nicotine.

Let’s have a look at Crumbs and Strudel from the Pastry Boy team...


Get your cake flavour going on the regular by easily grabbing your vape and clouding up the room. Crumbs helps you do it in an appetizing style with a crumb cake taste blended with berries to normally sweeten it up and give both fruit and cake flavours.

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Crumbs boasts an undertone of sweet cake flavour, and a juicy strawberry and blueberry fruit filling, that is very prominent in the juice. Upping the wattage and vaping this in the Goon RDA really brings out the cake and fruits perfectly, which combine to provide a very tasty fruit cake liquid, that is very sweet too. The strawberry and blueberry present in this liquid are reminiscent of the fruits themselves, and provide a very tasty sweetness from start to finish! Crumbs is a very enjoyable vape that I could happily vape all day long, I found the flavour balance to be perfect in this juice and it was neither too heavy nor too overpowering.


A delightful prepared baked good including a scrumptious 70/30 mix of blueberry filling and a vanilla bean icing. The perfect start to the day in your tank. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this strudel pounds the flavor seriously.

With Strudel I got a very realistic dusted pastry style undertone, reminiscent of the strudels at my local favourite coffee shop, a deliciously rich blueberry overtone and a smooth vanilla bean on the exhale, with the vanilla bean aftertaste hanging around on my tongue long after I had finished vaping this particular juice. Like Crumbs, Strudel boasts a flavour profile that has been mixed to perfection, providing a realistic taste of strudel with a blueberry filling. Really scrumptious stuff, best enjoyed with your morning coffee!


What an epic couple of pastry vapes! Crumbs and Strudel without a doubt are two of the very best pastry styled eliquids I have ever had the pleasure of trying, and I enjoyed these so much I had to instantly re-order even more. I really enjoyed the realistic pastry texture, and the succulent fruit flavourings that go into Pastry Boy eliquids. Both Crumbs and Strudel I didn’t find to be heavy going either, unlike some other pastry liquids out there, and I happily vaped through both liquids continuously without tiring out my tastebuds. You really get the best from these juices in an RDA at 30w upwards in my opinion, the warmer it is the better I found the flavour to be!


If pastry or dessert style eliquids are your thing, I can highly recommend Pastry Boy liquids, both these juices offer a very tasty vape indeed!

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 Dan Willis
Article by Dan Willis
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