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Vape-licious Eliquids: Angel Blood

Does this liquid pack the punch it deserves or is this a fallen angel?

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About the liquid

Vape-licious Eliquids describe Angel Blood as a very addictive liquid and they’re right! A fantastic blend of their own Virtual Custard liquid with a strawberry swirl. I was surprised that from a relatively plain looking bottle came such a rich and satisfying flavour, it blew my socks off! The liquid is a nice light honey colour and the smell from the bottle is amazing!


This e-liquid definitely delivers the promised flavour combinations. To me this tastes like a sweet and moreish custard with strawberry jam stirred through. This is one of the things I love about vaping: the ability to indulge your sweet tooth without munching your way through bowls of custard is quite simply, awesome! There is a nice clean flavour on this liquid which got even better after a week of sitting in a dark, cool place (a drawer) and it took every ounce of willpower to wait that long. Fortunately I bought the 30ml bottle so I just made it!
One thing I will say it that this liquid is very sweet. If you don’t have a sweet tooth it may be a deal breaker but you’ll find that most people will really enjoy the sweetness that develops in this moreish e-liquid.

Throat hit

A fairly decent throat thump from this one. With a bit of tweaking of voltage and a few different tanks I believe I have now found the perfect balance of flavour, throat hit and vapour production, running a 0.8 ohm kanthal microcoil at 18 watts in my Kayfun. A decent hit but this can obviously be toned down (or indeed up) by changing wattage/voltage to some degree.

Vapour production

Only available in 50PG/50VG, it’s a fairly solid performer and whilst you won’t be billowing super dense clouds from this liquid you will find a very satisfactory amount of vapour. Again, certain setups will allow you to intensify the vapour production but the average user should find themselves very happy.


This liquid has firmly placed itself on my top liquid list and I’ve already got another order placed. If you’re a fan of decent sweet/dessert flavours this one is definitely for you. It’s nice to see such excellent “custard with a twist” based flavours coming out in a market already saturated with some plain custard flavours (mmm saturated in custard!). The addition of strawberry to this has, in my opinion, taken the already excellent Virtual Custard to another dimension.

Where to buy

Angel Blood is currently only available from the Vape-licious online store in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. At time of writing the store is currently down for maintenance but should be back up in the new year. Don’t forget to get in there quick, an e-liquid of this calibre tends to sell out fast!


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