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Norse Premium E-liquids New Flavours

We may be coming out of winter but we are still feeling the chill with three new flavours from Norse Vape!

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A few months ago Tim got to try out some fresh new e-liquids from Norse Vape and he was very impressed, so when they reached out with three new flavours that they are looking to bring out for the UK market, I was more than happy to give them a try.

You may well have noticed Norse Vape E-liquids in many of your favourite vape shops, a quick google shows just how popular they are with the online stockists, but they seem to have come out of nowhere. Well this isn’t the case at all as they are the UK arm of the Norse AS Group, one of the big players in the Scandinavian vape scene. They may be relative newcomers to the UK market, but they are built on a very strong business foundation.

This Scandinavian background really intrigued me. Obviously I get to try a lot of UK made e-liquids and I have been a big fan of American juices, I’ve also really enjoyed some of the flavours from Poland and France, but I have yet to try anything Nordic before. Norse Vape have several ranges to choose from, Forest covers the tobacco flavours, Mountain is all about the fresher mints and menthols, City includes more urban styles, and Fjord is for the fruit lovers. The new flavours I have been sent are from the Fjord and Mountain lines.

Norse Premium E-liquids Three New Flavours

Fjord Fruity Apple

“Norway is known for its apples, especially the green ones. This liquid is perfect for your cravings of something fresh, fruity and sour”

I had a bit of a sense of foreboding when I saw apple was one of the flavours, when good it can be wonderful, but sadly I’ve had more bad apples than I care to remember. So I was braced for disappointment. My fears were completely unfounded though as this is a fantastic flavour. It is very realistic, deliciously crisp and juicy with a delicate sweetness that just tastes like a fresh apple picked straight from a tree. There is nothing artificial here, just a perfect natural flavour. Being 70VG/30PG, it also produces a nice amount of clouds if you are that way inclined. This has gone straight to the top of the best apple vapes I’ve had to date.

Norse Premium E-liquids Fjord Fruity Apple

Mountain Minted Berries

“A blend of mild mint, along with fresh Norwegian blueberries and wild raspberries”

I’ve seen plenty of iced berry and menthol berry flavours, but I don’t think I’ve come across minted berries before. I wasn’t too sure how well it would work either, it would all come down to what style of mint it would be. The sniff test wasn’t giving any clues away either as I wasn’t getting much coming through. So I loaded my dripper and dived in. What a great combination, a real surprise. What we seem to have here is a really balanced blend of blueberries and raspberries, once again it really stands out how fresh and authentic both flavours are. Pulling them together is a lush, sweet spearmint. On paper, I would never have thought this would work, but it is so good. Being 60VG/40PG, this also works really well for MTL which is my preference when I’m not reviewing e-liquid. I can see this joining my regular rotation.

Norse Premium E-liquids Mountain Minted Berries

Mountain Menthol Raspberry

“Menthol Raspberry e-juice from Norse’s Mountain series is the feeling of a fresh cool mountain top and the wild raspberries taste will make your senses run”

I am not really a fan of menthol, usually it is too strong and just ruins whatever other flavour it has been mixed with, so I was pretty much resigned to not really enjoy this one. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and you know what? I actually really like this. I’ve always enjoyed raspberry e-liquids, and I would say this is on the sweeter side, not quite a jam but not far off. The menthol is most definitely there, you get a pleasant fresh blast, but it isn’t overpowering at all and still allows the sweetness to shine. I guess this could be good news or bad news depending on where you sit on menthol juices, but for me I’d say it is just right. Again this one is 60VG/40PG although it still manages a healthy amount of vapour production.

Norse Premium E-liquids Mountain Menthol Raspberry

Final Thoughts

After trying these three flavours, I can definitely see why Tim was so impressed when he got to try some of the other fantastic flavours from Norse Vape. I genuinely really enjoyed all three of these even though I wouldn’t usually vape menthol out of choice. Whilst they were all quite sweet, they were all very natural tasting and the fruits are all really authentic. I will be keeping a very close eye on Norse E-liquids as I can see them easily becoming a bit of a personal favourite.

As well as being stocked in most of the big online vape stores, you can just cut to the chase and pick them up direct from Norse Vape. The standard 50ml bottles are £11.99 each but you can save a few quid if you buy more and take advantage of the multibuy offer which brings the price down to £10 a bottle. If you prefer a more personal touch, you can also pop in to their bricks and mortar shop in Milton Keynes.

Many thanks to Norse Vape for sending these over for us to check out!

Norse Premium E-liquids new range

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