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NIXER Longfills

The new NIXER range is a great introduction to longfills, so many options to experiment with

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We’ve got something a bit fun to finish off the week for you, courtesy of VapeClub. As a native 6mg vaper, I get quite annoyed at the lack of decent options available when it comes to e-liquid choice. If I am buying for myself, I feel hard done by being stuck with 10ml premixed, and shortfills are really designed for 3mg max which is fine if you are a subohmer, but I’m an old fashioned girl who likes their MTL vaping. Thankfully there is one alternative, the longfill, but you just don’t see enough of them around. So, as you can imagine, I was very excited when VapeClub reached out and asked if we would take a look at the new NIXER longfills range.

Because they don’t tend to be stocked in most high street stores, you may be wondering what a longfill even is. Well, it is quite simple, longfills are highly concentrated e-liquids which are designed to work with more nic shots to make up a final juice which is a higher strength than you get with a shortfill. It is a similar principle, but the ratios mean you get a much more concentrated base, so you still get full flavour when diluted with three (or more) nic shots. They are a great concept as it takes all the complicated maths out of the equation, something I am all for.

The NIXER range really opens up the options when it comes to customising your e-liquid. The basic idea is that you choose your e-liquid, then you can pick your strength, and finally you can pick whether you’d like to add a bit of ice. This means you can really tailor your juice. Fancy something fruity and strong? There’s a NIXER pack for that! Prefer salts based juice? Yep, there’s a NIXER pack for that too. How about an iced tobacco? No, me neither, but if you wanted to experiment, you have the options here.

The full range of options here is:

  • 5mg Nic Salt N5 NIXER Mixer Kit
  • 10mg Nic Salt N10 NIXER Mixer Kit 
  • 5mg Ice Nic Salt N5 NIXER Mixer Kit
  • 10mg Ice Nic Salt N10 NIXER Mixer Kit
  • 3mg Freebase N3 NIXER Mixer Kit
  • 6mg Freebase N3 NIXER Mixer Kit

Each kit comes with three 10ml bottles that you need to add to your base, so if you go for the 5mg nic salts ice pack, you’ll get three 10ml 10mg nic shots with the ice already added. The 6mg freebase comes with two 10ml bottles of 18mg nic and one bottle of VG. But you don’t need to worry about any of that, just order the pack you need to make up the strength, pick the flavour you fancy, and mix it all together. It is really easy.

The Flavours

There are seventeen flavours in the NIXER range at the moment, and there are three more coming soon. They cover a good variety of styles too, from deserts, to fruits, to menthols, and even a tobacco, so you should be able to find something that tickles your fancy. I picked five that I liked the sound of, but it was a really tough choice as they all sound lush. I was also sent a mix of NIXER packs so I could see how the different versions worked.

Blue Sour Raspberry (5mg Nic Salt Iced)

Blue Sour Raspberry longfill by Nixer features sharp notes from start to finish. Every puff of this juicy-tasting vape will provide the tangy flavour of blue raspberry with a sour twist”

This is a lovely mix of sweet blueberry with a tart, tangy raspberry. It literally bursts with juiciness which coats your mouth with a natural sweetness, but then the sharp notes cut through and is quite a surprise. It is big and bold, but with none of that overblown sweetener that you get with bar juice types. This is much more layered, you can really taste the component fruits, and together they really work some magic. Then we get to the ice from the NIXER shots, and wow, that’s fresh. This is proper “take your breath away” territory here, it will make ice fans very happy.

Vanilla Tobacco (5mg Nic Salt)

Vanilla Tobacco longfill by Nixer adds sweet vanilla notes to an earthy tobacco base, for a woody vape with a floral twist”

I get the sweet vanilla, and there is definitely a woody, organic note, but the actual tobacco is very light, and you really have to concentrate to find it. It tastes more like the elements that are added to tobacco to make it taste good. This may sound like I’m being down on the flavour, I’m not, I actually really like it as it is warm, comforting, and a bit different, I just wouldn’t class it as a straight tobacco flavour. The regular nic salt shots add to the smoothness, and it is a good combination.

Lemon Tart (6mg Freebase)

Lemon Tart longfill by Nixer takes inspiration from the popular dessert. Sweet, buttery pastry notes recreate the taste of pie crust before zesty lemon adds a distinct sharp twist”

Now I need to come clean here, I had spotted who makes the NIXER range and it turns out it is one of my all-time favourite juice manufacturers, Dispergo Vapes. If you read back some of my older reviews, you will also see that I have reviewed their own Lemon Tart and I know just how good that was, so I was pretty confident that this new NIXER version would be at least as good. It is a wonderful blend of a creamy yet tangy lemon which manages to be sweet but sharp at the same time, a true lemon curd. It is layered on top of a crumbly, fresh baked, homemade pastry crust. I love this flavour so much.

Fruit Salad (6mg Freebase)

Fruit Salad longfill by Nixer is ideal if you like tangy fruit blends. Sharp pineapple meets tart raspberry in this juicy-tasting vape”

As soon as you pop the lid on this to add your nic shots, you will instantly be transported back to simple childhood pleasures. I am a sucker for sweets, because, you know, adults like candy too, and fruit salad chews are top tier. This tastes as accurate as it smells too, it is just a great representation of that 50p mix classic.

Pineapple Passionfruit (6mg Freebase)

Pineapple Passionfruit longfill by Nixer plays between sweet and sour. Tangy pineapple is balanced by the juicy taste of passionfruit in this tropical fruit duo”

Now I love my desserts, and I love my candy, but if I had to stick with just one flavour profile, it would be fruits, especially tropical ones, so picking Pineapple Passionfruit was a no-brainer. This is not a complicated or challenging flavour, it is just a pure and honest pineapple and passionfruit blend, and to me, it really doesn’t get any better. What makes this so nice is just how natural it tastes, the fruit flavours are very authentic, and the sweetness comes straight from the fruit. If you like natural fruit flavours, you are going to love this flavour.

Final Thoughts

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed playing with the new NIXER range of longfills. For far too long, longfills have been considered a niche product that only hobby vapers really know about. I really hope this changes as they offer so much more versatility and there are some incredible juices out there. I really like the control they give you, and having the option to pick and choose between salts and freebase, along with the greater strength options makes these such a great option. Whilst I personally don’t choose to vape iced flavours when I’m not reviewing, that extra option is a nice touch. The range of flavours is also fantastic, with plenty of variety to keep most people happy. I am also very excited by the new flavours that are coming soon, if they nail the cherry ones, these will be right up there with the best of the best.

If you would like to dip your toes in the crazy world of longfills and everything that brings, the NIXER range is a great place to start. You can buy them from Vape Club. The NIXER mix packs on their own are £2.99 a pop, and the e-liquids separately are £9.99 each, but you can also buy them bundled with the options that you want which makes things much simpler. The best value though is going to be the 2 for £20 deal which will give you everything you need in which ever configuration you choose. 

Many thanks to Vape Club for sending the NIXER range in for review.

  • Great flavours
  • Option to customise your vape
  • Simple to use
  • None
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