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Nexus Salts and Shortfills

DeeDee rallied a team to check out some shortfills and nic salts from Nexus, courtesy of Podsalt and Myvapery

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A Massive thank you to PodSalt and MyVapery for sending these over to me to review. They were very generous, and I was able to do a few giveaways with the extras! As some of you may know, they already have some excellent juices on the market, one of my all-time favourites was Pod Salts Blueberry Jam Tart Nic Salts.

The description, as stated by the manufacture, is as follows:

  1. Citrus mix - Lime, Raspberry & Grapefruit
  2. Pro Green - White Grape, Cucumber & Apple
  3. Super Loe - Pomegranate, Açai & Aloe
  4. Coco Sun – Tangerine and coconut
  5. Fuji blend - Fuji Apples & Peach

This review will be done in three sections. I will cover off the Salts, and Craig will cover off the Shortfills, and I also have some feedback from Amnesiac on shortfills – thank you both!

Nexus salts and shortfills

Nic Salts Range – Dee Dee

Firstly, I have to say how impressed I was by the communications from Pod Salts, along with their generosity and packaging.

All the Nic Salts come in a choice of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. For the review I was given them all in 5mg.

To be clear, this is my opinion only and is subjective. You will see quickly how Craig and I have very different tastes! Also, I do wonder if there was a difference in opinion due to the fact I tried the salts and he had the freebase, but I am not sure.

I used a variety of different devices to test out the juices, the Uwell Koko, the GeekVape Wenax, the Fireluke 22 and the Vaporesso Barr. I won’t go into detail about what was used for each one, I’m just going to get straight to my thoughts on each juice, but all were used MTL with 1.2-1.5Ohm coils/pods.

No. 1. Citrus Mix – When I read the description, I wasn’t sure if this would be for me as I am not a grapefruit fan, but I actually didn’t mind this one, a nice fruity zesty juice. This was a bit like a tropical J20. Not a juice I will use personally, but I can appreciate the blend of flavours all the same. It is what it says on the bottle, bitter but sweet!! My Rating: 3/5

No. 2. Pro Green – This one is my favourite from the range, really refreshing without any cooling or mint! Nice crisp apple, sweet grape and the cucumber to just level it all out. I love the combination. The apple is definitely more prominent with this one, and I have used this near enough every day since! If you enjoy a decent apple e-liquid then I highly recommend this one. My Rating 4.5/5

No.3. Super Loe – Not a fan of this one at all, I had gone through about 3mls and then gave it away to a work colleague, she loves it! I cannot really explain the flavour. I did get a slight hint of mint, but I could not tell you what the other flavours were. It wasn’t horrible, it just isn’t for me. My Rating 2.5/5

No. 4. Coco Sun - This one blew me away, I absolutely love this. The Tangerine was very prominent with a smooth subtle coconut flavour. The two flavours work so well together, and I think they have the balance just right (I sound like a judge of the GBBO). If you like an orange/tangerine type juices and don’t mind a bit of coconut, then this juice is for you. It's sweet without being sickly. I think the slight creaminess of the coconut just settles the sweetness of the tangerine. My rating 4/5

No. 5. Fuji Blend – I like peach and I like apple, so I was excited to try this one. It's is a very well-balanced juice. I got the sharpness of the apple and the sweetness of the peach, and I liked the combination. My Rating 3.5/5

Pod Salts have done a very good job with these juices, they are very good quality and there are some superb flavour combinations. I am just waiting for them to bring out a nice strawberry mix now!

Nexus Medley

Nexus E-juice shortfill range – Reviewed by Craig

Dee kindly sent the full range of shortfills from Podsalts for my review take on these new flavours. As always, taste is subjective and these are my own thoughts. Your experience may differ.

There are five flavours in the Nexus range, in both nic salts (as covered by DeeDee) and 50ml shortfills. A 50ml shortfill will require a nic shot adding to provide the correct flavour dilution, resulting in 3mg nic 60ml. VG/PG ratio is 70/30 so adding a 70/30 nic shot maintains the ratio. For reviewing, I used a Drop Solo, 0.3oHm single coil flat Ni80 on a regulated mod for consistency, and I tried them at various power settings. 

Nexus goodies

Right, that’s the techy stuff out of the way let’s find out how they are.

No. 1. Citrus Mix - First impressions were of a fizz effect on the tongue with the lime offsetting the sweeter raspberry and grapefruit. Quite refreshing due to not being oversweet. Flavour on inhale and exhale was even with that fizz effect prominent on the exhale. Overall a nice pleasant vape that would sit well with a cool drink. Rating 3.5/5

No. 2. Pro Green - Initial smell and lick test hinted at fresh apple and grape. Vaping though gave a distinct taste of apple skin and cut grass. This is unfortunate and I struggled as it left me with a nasty bitter after taste. I'm not sure if it’s the Cucumber giving this effect as I vape a grapple lemonade with no issue. Rating 2/5

No.3. Super Loe - This was an unusual but pleasant vape. Pomegranate is quite prominent, but there was a bubble-gum hint on both inhale and exhale. This was one I could happily vape and enjoy, but that bubble-gum needed investigating. Açai is a palm that bears berry fruit and apparently has tones of chocolate and dark berries, and I guess is what gives it, to me, that subtle hint. My favourite. Rating 4/5

No. 4. Coco Sun - Blending sweet tangerine and coconut. Now coconut rings alarms with my taste buds as it’s a flavour I try to avoid as most taste like a bounty bar. Not this one though. Initial lick test gave those sweet tangerines balanced with a light cream to offset the sweetness. This was the surprise of the bunch as the coconut is really well done. The tangerine was more prominent on the inhale with a creamy undertone on the exhale. Rating 3/5

No. 5. Fuji Blend - Fortunately for me, this didn’t have that peel/grass after taste that Pro Green had. There’s a bitter/sweet apple and a smooth sweetness from the peach. It’s a blend that works well together to give a rounded flavour both on the inhale and exhale. Rating 3.5/5

This a very promising range of flavours for those who like a subtle vape. As another juice maker said about their brand “what’s on the bottle is what’s in the bottle” and the descriptions are accurate, so deciding on which to choose is easy. There is no over sweetening that can ruin many a juice, and all came through as clean tasting and as described. The standout for me was Super Loe, and there’s a couple more I will likely revisit.

Nexus Shortfills

Shortfills – Feedback from Amnesiac

Using a pulse 24 rda with dual fralien coils at 0.17 oHms running at 85W on a Vaporesso Luxe.

Pro green - I was expecting to not like this, not really a fan of apple flavours, and cucumber just sounded wrong, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Sweetness from the grape and a fresh green taste from the cucumber on the inhale, with a nice juicy flavour from the apple on the exhale. The cucumber, I think, was an underlying flavour that helped to tie everything together. A very fresh and pleasant liquid that I would definitely buy and vape again.

Super loe - These were three flavours that I have never personally vaped, so I found it difficult to ascertain which was doing what within the liquid. What I can say is that it was a nice overall flavour, not overly sweet but left a nice fruity feeling in my mouth. There is a small amount of coolness at the back of the throat which I assume was the aloe. A nice liquid, and one that I would probably purchase again as I did enjoy vaping it.

Coco sun - This liquid was another surprise to me, I really expected to like this one but it just didn't hit the spot for me. Quite a sweet liquid with a slightly creamy coconut on the inhale, but it was overpowered by the tangerine. The tangerine is very authentic, so I think orange lovers will really like this, but for me, the blend just tasted a little strange, not unpleasant at all, just not my cup of tea.

Fuji blend - This was another pairing that just didn't land for me personally. I found the peach quite overpowering on the inhale and the apple an underlying oddness within the blend on the exhale. It is not a sweet liquid at all, my least favourite of the line.

Citrus mix - I really like this one, the tartness of the grapefruit with sweetness from the raspberry on the inhale, blended together with the distinct lime on the exhale. There is a nice amount of sweetness but not too much, this one left my mouth watering. A nice, crisp citrus mix that I will definitely order in future.

This is a nice range of liquids that I think will cater for most people depending on their tastes. I think they have done a good job, all the flavours are clean and authentic even if I didn't personally like some of them.

Nexus Shortfills wicked and ready

Thank you again to Pod Salts for allowing us to review these E-liquids and for being very generous, they were more than happy to send extras so I could do some great giveaways!

Nexus with extras

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